Panties, jacking off and the pool shower

As a k** growing up, my mom would take me and my s****r with her all the time to visit several of her lady friends. I use to jack off at night thinking about some of these much older, but super hot ladies my mom was friends with.

When I became a teenager, I was with her one time at a ladies house for a visit and I went in to use her bathroom. I had sniffed my s****rs panties a few times growing up (my first smell of pussy) and the smell of pussy would make me hard as a rock and I would shoot some pretty big loads of cum. So, I find several dirty pairs of this ladies panties and I sniffed and licked on them until my cock got rock hard. I ended up with at least three of the panties stuck in my mouth and shot a load all over the place.

This became a major little hobby of mine and I can’t even begin to think how many pairs of these ladies panties I have had in my mouth or how many loads of cum I have shot in the bathrooms of moms friends.
All of the pictures posted in the group “moms friends” are some of the many older ladies I have jacked off to with their dirty panties stuck in my mouth. There are many others, but we don’t have pictures of all of them.

One time just a couple of years ago, we were at one her friends house and there were like ten women there and they were all at the pool swimming and sitting around bull shitting. She so I could go if I wanted even though it was during the week and the men were all working. I knew it would be fun and there would be several of her hot friends there, so I jumped at the chance to go.

This f****y had a little shower/restroom just off the pool. The ladies had all gone in there and changed, so I knew there would be lots of panties to sniff. Most of the other k**s were playing baseball I think, and I slipped back to the pool to see what was going on. The ladies were sitting around talking, just laying in the sun, so after getting my eyes filled with ass’s in the air and tits everywhere, I slipped into the room.

I was in panty heaven for sure. It didn’t take me long to get a cock as hard as a rock, so there I was, jacking off as hard as I could, mouth full of panties, when one of the ladies walked in on me (blond in black dress in the pictures). I’m sure it was her panties in my mouth, when she walked in. I was naked from the tee shirt down, cock in hand about to shoot my load when in she comes. She didn’t act totally surprised or anything and she didn’t quickly run, she just looked at me, looked at my hard cock and told me I had better get out of there. She then closed the door and walked out. I figured I was roasted for sure, but she just went back to the group and didn’t say anything to my mom. I ended up shooting off a monster load and put everything back. Every time after that when I would see this lady, she just always sort of looks at me in a funny way but she never told on me. I still holdout the hope that she will just tell me someday that she wants me to fuck her, but so far no luck. She may be forty something, but I know I’d lick every hole in her body….lol

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1 year ago
love it very hot
2 years ago
love it. i NEVER wasted a chance to feel, lick, or sniff panties...
2 years ago
Bet this story is actually true. Hot!
2 years ago
And of course i get double post lol xD
2 years ago
The gallery doesnt show up! :(
2 years ago
Awesome tale, sadly the gallery cant be seen. Put it up again? :)
2 years ago
Don't think you're tapping that pussy!
2 years ago
very horny story
2 years ago
What a shame, vhy did'n she let fuck her, poor boy