It's raining out and I am huddled under a street ledge trying to stay dry. My fur is now mated to my neck which I keep dr****g my scarf around. My legs are like jello and I know in my mind that soon I will not feel them at all. The upcoming adventure is starting to take over all the sensation's in my body I can't believe I am standing here in this odd place waiting for the unexpected. I take a deep breath as I put my lipstick back into my purse. As I look up I see a black jag. pull around the corner and stop at my side.
I walk out into the wet night weather, the cement of the sidewalk crumbles under my high black platform heels. The door is opened for me and I get into the back seat of the car which smells like leather and expensive cologne. I'm a bit nervous but I enter the car and cross my legs, bend over and Kissed the gentleman's Hand. He had the driver of the car put the divider up and then he made his move. One by one he unbuttoned my blouse and slowly slipped it down my arm's to my shoulder's and then to my breast.
I a second before I even was aware he had me tied up and pinned to the black leather seat. Legs spread open, my pussy moist as moss. His head lowered and he kissed my pelvis and then again lower, kissed my pussy. Licking and licking until I could not hold it any longer. I fought! but my body was so aroused and awakened I was ready to explode all over!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to let go and a breath, scream and a silence....... OHHHHHHHHHH Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And My Pussy Burst with a Flood of cum all over that Fucking Fancie Leather!!!!UMPH~!~~~~~ Now it's your turn want to cum and chat with me???????????:)lol Antonia
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