Jerk off wank fantasy from a boob man

More of a fantasy than a story but what the heck. I’m really into jerk off encouragement clips and this is my ultimate wank fantasy

The girl is tall and blonde with gigantic breasts. She is dressed in fishnet stockings, high heels and black lacy lingerie. She looks to the camera and says

“Hello Mr Masturbator. I’m Kate. I know you are here to get really excited and masturbate like a perv. Its OK! That’s what I want you to do. I want to watch as you drool over my boobs and indulge you addiction to masturbation and pornography. Just get your cock in your hand and do what you know best. What you do secretly every available chance at your computer.”

She circle slowly whilst squeezing her massive tits and wiggles them so the jiggle tantalisingly.

“that’s what you want to see isn’t it?” she purrs “Well keep watching whatever gives you the biggest thrill whilst I arrange a little extra excitement for you to make you wank even more”

She turns to the wall behind her and pulls down a projector screen. A flick of a switch and a scene begins to play on the screen showing a series a giant breasted girls with her face stuffed with a giant cock as her mouth overflows with cum. Kate stands in front of the screen and the scene if project partly across her beautiful body. The scene being projected changes to another giant breasted beauty having her face fucked and pumped full of cum until she is replace by yet another and another.

“Now you the best of all worlds for you to indulge your addictions so fall down to your knees whilst I watch you pump your cock. I want this to be the best most exciting session of masturbation that you have ever had. You can look at my body and my big boobies jiggling whilst watching naughty girl sucking cumming cocks. I know how excited you are masturbator. Just forget everything and indulge your addiction, let it grow and fill your whole being. That’s it. That’s a good good little porn addicted jerkaholic. Your cock is all that matters and your porn. God how you love your porn.”

She pulls up stool on which a Sybian vibrating machine is perched and climbs aboard seductively. Soon the vibrations are visibly making little waves across her pussing and setting up a sympathetic jiggling in her enormous breasts. The noise is deep and throbbing and all the while a succession of mega breasted beauties having the mouths pumped with cum is project across this heavenly apparition as she grinds he pussy on the Sybian.

“Can’t believe it can you? You never knew you could be this turned on did you masturbator. You’ve been wanking over the internet on computer ever since the internet started but you’ve never had it this good so go with it and masturbate like the joyful little addict you are. That’s it wanker go for it now cos I’m about to cum” and she pulls back as squirt a stream towards the camera screaming “wank it masturbator ! cum for me now” and of course I shoot giant fountains of creamy jizz and continue to masturbate until every last drop is gone.

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1 year ago
Brilliant fantasy--especially love it when she screams, "wank it masturbator"! That's what I love to hear, too!!!