Stranger Sex!

It began as a few messages online and then we agreed to meet in secluded woodland a few miles out of town. The guise was running/jogging and we would play it from there.
It was in a clearing which save for some grass was sparse other than a large fallen tree trunk. I’ve got quite a sex drive and will try anything for a sexual kick!
We sat down on the trunk and he sided up to me. He reached in and kissed my neck, moving up to my ear. It felt tingly as he licked it and I gasped, parting my legs at the same time. He leaned back and I raised my arms, allowing him to peel my top off and feel my chest. Yet again, he did it for me as he sucked each of my nipples. The air was warm as the breeze blew gently across my fair skin. His hand stroked my thigh, slipping under the leg of my shorts and brushing against my balls. I wondered what he thought, my not wearing any underwear but who cared. I made no attempt to hide my arousal and my penis protruded inside my shorts, making them appear tight.
“You’re gorgeous”, he said and got up. “I want a picture of you if that’s ok”?
“Sure”, I said. “Like this or side on”?
“Just face me”, he had produced his mobile phone and I heard the electronic shutter sound of his camera. “Now sideways”, another click as he captured the profile of my erection, “that’s lovely”!
I stood up and I let him pull my shorts down, my penis springing up and outwards, my blonde pubes on show for him. My foreskin had rolled itself back and a drop of pre-cum glistened in the sunlight. The air breezing around my naked body only heightened the pleasure and he was enjoying my body in full glory.
He took another picture then closed in for one of my cock. “You truly are magnificent, that’s one nice dick”!
He got me to lean over the trunk and stick my arse out as he took one at that angle then another with my hands spreading my arse cheeks to expose my tight anus, my hairy ball sack dangling in between.
“Just hold it there”, he said as he peeled his vest top off and removed his tracksuit bottoms. I glanced at his bare body, slightly podgy round the waist with shaven cock that, like mine was hard. He was shorter down there but fatter in girth, a good three inches, I guessed.
He bent down to my arse and put his tongue to my hole. I took a sharp intake of breath as he licked me, rough in texture but wet. He pressed his lips into me and sucked on my anus, I actually thought he was going to give me a hickey there!
He pulled out. “Move over to the end”, he gestured. “Lie on your back”.
I did as I was told and lay back on the trunk’s rough bark. I lifted my legs for him as he knelt down and licked me from my arse to my balls, actually fitting my sack in his mouth as he gently sucked on each ball in turn. Finally, he got to my cock which was throbbing and buzzing by now. He flicked my pre-cum off with his tongue then went straight down on me. He sucked and ran his lips up and down my length, it was amazing! He gripped me with his hand and wanked me whilst sucking on my helmet. I just lay there groaning; spread naked over a tree trunk in the sunshine, this was brilliant!
I didn’t cum though it hard was getting hard to stop the sensation as he let go of me. As he stood up, I got onto my knees. Gasping his arse I pulled him to me and his cock went straight into my mouth. Now it was my turn as I sucked on him, tickling the tip with my tongue. He was prickly against my nose where he shaved as I moved my lips back up his length, sucking as I did and back again, his balls slapping my chin. He held my head as I blew him off, his cock fleshy and soft in texture. A salty taste spread in my mouth, his pre-cum I guessed. I released myself from him and licked at his balls, caressing them with my lips.
I sat back after a while and looked up at him. “Fuck me…please”! I’d never felt this horny so thought we should go all the way.
I lay back on the trunk and opened my legs. Holding his erection, he came in between me and put his penis to my arsehole. He entered me gently and began to fuck me slowly. I managed to wrap my legs round him, pulling him into me and allowing his cock to go further into my hungry arse. He thrust in and out of me, my penis flopping wildly about. Eventually he pulled out and as he did, his semen sprayed up my chest. He wanked himself and more of his juice squirted out onto me as I started playing with myself.
He was breathless as he reached for his phone. “I want this on video”, he said. “Come on, do yourself for me”!
I wanked myself off whilst I put my other hand to his spunk. I put my fingers to my lips, tasting the still warm fluid. As I played with his love juice, my penis started to feel tingly, a wave of raw sexual emotion swept over me and I groaned as I came everywhere for him. It shot up my chest, dripped into my fingers and ran down my sides. I literally was caked in cum!
I got up off the trunk, sperm trickling down into my pubes. We had no wipes but instead collapsed on a nearby patch of grass and just lay there, my head on his chest watching his cock go limp whilst he held me.
That was it! I can recommend outdoor sex to anyone, the thrill of being naked in nature; it’s a big turn on! We got dressed, we talked and we parted company though we have agreed to more meet ups for the future. And the funny thing is, I don’t know his real name!
100% (9/0)
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3 years ago
VERY hot
3 years ago
OMG that was hot i'm going to wash up now i came all over my belly thanks