First Time Shower

I met Steve the night before round a mate’s house and we had got chatting. He said he was bi-sexual and through my own curiosity had questioned him more about it. He had suggested I popped round to his the next day and so that’s what I did.
We relaxed with couple of beers when Steve had suggested we shower together. I wasn’t apprehensive at all; in fact, I was more excited so I had said “why not”!
We went into his bathroom that had a bath with a power shower fitted. He set the controls and allowed the water to pour out.
We stripped our clothes. Steve’s body was nice to look at, not exactly athletic but not unfit either. I noticed his cock was a tad bigger than mine but then again, he was semi hard. He had a bare chest; the only visible hair was the dark brown pubes between his legs.
He gazed at my own body with my slim frame, bare chest save for a few hairs round my nipples and my blonde pubes around my three inch cock that, like his, was starting to grow at the anticipation of what was to come.
We stepped into the bath tub and got under the shower head. The warm water splashed our bodies as we both washed our hair with some shower gel. We brushed against each other, warm, wet and smooth. My cock was poking out at a right angle as was Steve’s and occasionally they would swipe at each other like fleshy swords!
“Here, move back a bit and I’ll soap you down”, Steve said lathering his hands with the gel.
I stepped out of the water stream and allowed him to wash me. He ran his hands over my back first and down to my backside, making me gasp as a hand ran into my crack. He moved over my chest, brushing my nipples and down over my stomach, through my pubes and worked around my cock whilst the other hand massaged my testicles. He rolled my foreskin back and the head of my cock swelled dark red above it. He let go of my balls and returned to my arse. I gasped again as a finger deftly felt my anus and he teased the entrance by brushing the hole.
At this point I was with my back to him, his own cock poking me in the back. I reached an arm round behind him and brushed his lips with mine. I shifted my body, yearning for him to pleasure me some more. He moved his head back and spread my arse cheeks apart. The water combined with the shower gel allowed him easy access as his penis slid into me. He was gentle, pushing a little bit at a time with each thrust. It was a strange sensation at first but I got used to it. My stomach, arse and balls were tingling, I felt like I was buzzing, something I’d never felt before with a woman. I was naked, exposed and erect with another male! He continued fucking me whilst keeping a firm hold on my cock, wanking me off. I didn’t want to climax yet and focused on him, moving my own pelvis in motion to his.
He started to groan and pulled out of me. I turned around and dropped to my knees as he wanked himself and sprayed me with his cum, it was that quick! I stuck my tongue out and lapped at the tip of his cock, tasting his saltiness as the remainder dripped down my nose and cheeks.
Steve was panting as I stood up. He kissed me again, no doubt tasting his own juices as his finger hit that tingly spot on my anus.
I won’t even touch your cock”, he said as his finger massaged at what was obviously a G-spot. Muscles in my cock started to tighten and with no control at all, I lost my own semen up the tiled wall.
Now I was panting, drained and my arse was starting to feel sore (funny how sex can numb certain feelings). We cleaned ourselves off properly and got dried.
We went into Steve’s front room and sat down with a beer. He was in his boxer shorts and I remained naked, I needed fresh air around my arse!
He told me there was more ways to have sex and that he’d show me if I was up for it and I did sl**p over that night. He was right though, it was better than being with a woman so never knock it till you’ve tried it!
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3 years ago
Great Story. Is there a sequel?
3 years ago
wow, really hot stuff, made me hard
3 years ago
That made me hard!!
3 years ago
perfect storry
3 years ago
perfect sex
3 years ago
Boy would i like a shower like that
3 years ago
mmm really hot and sexy
3 years ago
Thank you for posting this HOT story. Very sexy encounter.
3 years ago
Shower sex is so fucking hot - soaping up & washing ur partners body, it just feels so fucking different & hot all slippery - and then a shower fuck is beyond imagination....thanks for ur story dude ;)