Budding Porn Stars

I had been curious about the advert for amateur film stars placed on a postcard in the local paper shop. I had previously called the number and spoke with a foreign male who said it was for a new DVD he was marketing. He didn’t make any excuses and came to the point that it involved getting naked. He had a young woman visiting him that same day and asked if I could pop round. Naturally I was getting paid, more if the DVD sold so I accepted.

The venue was an ordinary house in town. The man answered the door and showed me to a living room with wine on a coffee table. My ‘partner’ was also there and had started on the alcohol, pretty with shapely figure and dyed blonde hair. There were to be no names though he said stage names could be used if this trial run was a success. We learned that he was from Poland and there was a big market for new types of porn. He asked if we would do fetish or gay. We said anything if the money was right!

Once the wine was consumed, we were shown into a bare room save for its carpet and a mattress on the floor. The curtains were pulled together giving a dim light from the window. Two lamps were in adjacent corners at which the man switched them on. He also had a camcorder in his hand so I knew he wanted that porn film I had been told about.

He wasn’t going to talk, that we were to follow his lead through nods or gestures and to ride it naturally! Since we were loosened with the wine, I guess we were up for anything. I know I was as looking at the woman was making me horny!

He looked at the woman and indicated to her dress so she knew he wanted it off. She slipped the straps off her shoulders, pulled it down over her breasts and let it fall in a crumpled heap about her ankles. She had smooth, pale skin and her more sensitive parts were still covered by her non matching bra and panties. Her bra was white with a lace trim and her dark nipples were visible through it.

She had a shapely figure now that we could see it properly. Her blonde hair hung just above her shoulders, her slightly rounded stomach protruding just above her patterned panties, not too fat but not skinny either. Her legs were shapely too, her firm thighs rising to the sort of hips that were designed for c***d bearing. Her panties hugged her figure about the waist concealing her rounded backside within. Now stripped of virtually everything, the only other things she still wore were her black heels on her feet.

He got us to embrace and moved in close with the camera. He held it up at us, taking a shot then gestured at me by pursing his lips. I looked at the girl and without a word we kissed full on whilst still holding each other close, our arms wrapped around each other’s backs, her pale skin silky to the touch. She thrust her tongue into my mouth and I greeted her back with mine. Our embrace tightened and our kissing got more passionate. I ran my hands down her back to her bottom, neither of us felt shy or humiliated in any way especially as the Pole continued to film us.

My erection was pressing into her stomach, the arousal was too much. He got us to remove each others pants, my bulge quite obvious to him. She took hold of my boxers, sliding them down to release me in full glory as I pulled hers over her shaven cunny and down her thighs. Her gusset momentarily stuck to her groin and I knew she was wet down there.

We stepped out of our pants and he moved in to collect them, gesturing to her bra as he did. I reached behind her and unclasped the garment, sliding the straps off her bare shoulders and allowing her well rounded breasts to fall out. I had to admire her now in her nakedness as did our camera man. Her breasts hung to the left and right of her chest, again, like the rest of her, not too big or small and her nipples pointed directly outwards without the support of her bra. She too gazed at me in my nakedness. I had a full erection for her as she took in my size and the way my testicles had tightened. My foreskin had rolled back, the helmet swollen and purple as it protruded from my pubes.

The man gestured again, this time to the mattress on the floor. We both knew what he wanted instinctively and the girl lay down and opened her legs. Her labia was exposed as a dark, pink, fleshy hole, glistening round the edges with her clitoris budding above it. Her cute little anus was also inviting and I was so aroused at her sight that I was getting light headed.

I looked to the man who was kneeling down now with the camera. He made a waggling movement with his tongue. I knelt down between the girl’s legs and pressed my face through her thighs. I could smell her wetness as I put my tongue to her vagina. Pressing my lips into her, my tongue moved around her hole. She gave a sigh and lifted her body slightly. My lips made purchase on her clit and I sucked at it, flicking it with my tongue as I did. Her hips were moving in a rhythm now as she got more and more aroused. Her sigh became a moan as her hands grabbed the back of my head. I continued to suck on her clit, occasionally teasing the pea-like hardness between my teeth. Her moans got louder and then she tensed momentarily before releasing her orgasm with a shudder, her love juice running into my mouth as well as down my chin.

Our voyeur got the girl to kneel down on hands and knees in front of me with her knees apart. With her curvy bum sticking up to me and her breasts swinging beneath her like udders with their nipples erect, the man pointed to her anus.

As he moved round behind me with the camera, I put the tip of my penis to her arsehole. It was tight as I pushed into it and she gave a moan but then, she must have relaxed as I rammed my cock home. I took hold of her hips and gently began to move my pelvis back and forth, my cock sliding out part way and back in again. I had never taken someone anally and though she was tight on me, it was more arousing as I worked at her. I ran my hands up her waist, leaning forward and cupped each breast. I kissed her neck and smelt a faint whiff of perfume.

I had to pull out of her for I felt ready to climax. She turned over so that I straddled her and we kissed properly again. This was strange as we were strangers a moment ago, both spoken for and yet here we were going at it like lovers and oblivious to our cameraman!
She parted her thighs for me, her wet vagina quite inviting. I leaned forward and entered her, the wetness making it smooth. As I began to thrust in and out of her, she hooked her legs around my back, pulling me down onto her bare breasts. I could feel her nipples brushing against my chest as I worked at her. It didn’t take long before I got a tingling sensation in the end of my penis. She too was gasping as she worked herself to orgasm, wanting every inch of me inside her. I pulled out suddenly and sprayed her belly with my hot semen. There was hardly any warning; my arousal had reached its peak.

We sat up and held each other as the silent cameraman finished up his filming and put it away. Wipes were provided so I was able to clean my own mess off her! Our clothes lay s**ttered on the floor and we were invited to get dressed. He paid us in cash and suggested that we call by in a month or so for more work. And that was that, my start of starring in porn with more work to come!

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very good hope you got her phone number