Sidewalk Catfight

It started with my temper versus some local trash a couple of nights ago and within moments I’d lost all decency and composure. I’d come out of my local bar alone although there were other people milling about on the street outside. As I walked down the pavement, a woman approached me and asked if I had any spare change. She looked rough in jeans and a hoodie top compared to my dress and coat which, despite my voluptuous and curvaceous figure, did suit me well. I merely apologised and said I had nothing and continued walking.
“Lying slag”, she shouted back. I turned around to look at her. “Yeah, you, you fat slag”, she taunted me.
I took a couple of steps towards her. “I said I had nothing”, i replied.
She came up to me now and stood right in my face. “Fucking fattie cow keeping yer money to yerself”!! She poked me right in the tit and that point I flushed red in rage so I pushed her hard. She fell back on her arse as I yelled at her to get lost. She sprung to her feet and grabbed the back of my coat. I wriggled out of it and she sort of fell back. I went to slap her but she grabbed my arm. With her other hand she grabbed the bottom of my dress and as she continued to fall back. The zip on the back my dress gave out under the strain of the pull and it came undone. Before I could do anything, my dress was round my ankles and I was exposed in my underwear to all.
“Fucking hell”!! I screamed as the scank got back to her feet. She laughed at me as she grabbed my bra and yanked it upwards. Determined not to reveal myself any more, I grabbed her, pulled her into me but her other hand found the back of my bra strap. I tried punching her but the next thing I felt was my my strap twanging apart and my 36 DD breasts spilling out.
I grabbed her round her waist and we both went down. I tried to sit on her ready to put a fist in her face but she pushed me hard and I fell back. She grabbed my panties and they ripped. She flung her self forward then got up, a hand still gripping my panties. I thought she was going to give me a wedgie. She sat heavily on me, back to my face and yanked hard. I screamed and wriggled but then the panties ripped some more. I was powerless as they came off me, my pubic hair and sex revealed to the small gathering of onlookers who stood by and watched. I noticed some were even filming the whole thing on their phones.
The skank was triumphant with herself at this point. “Who wants some of this”, she yelled as she parted my knees, spreading my legs and with them my vagina. I grabbed some of her hair and pulled a big handful. She screamed and twisted round, grabbing one of my nipples and yanked it. I let go of her hair as I lunged forward, knocking her off balance. Save for my shoes, I was now naked with all my dignity gone. I wrapped my thighs round her waist and pinned her down, planting a fist firmly in her face at long last. I think that stunned her as she saw stars. She pushed me back and got back on her feet. I jumped up, my breasts and belly quite a sight wobbling about. We embraced each other and as she pushed me, I pushed her, both of us a sight as we grunted and panted. I got her up against the wall of the bar but as I did, she let go of me with one hand and reached down, grabbing my clit and pulling. I released her and doubled up to try and get her out f me but one of her fingers found my hole. “Whats this”? She sneered through gritted teeth. I straightened up but that allowed a second finger up there. Her finger nails made me sore as she fingered my pussy, pushing them all the way up. Her other arm was now round my neck, her hand groping my breast. I was facing the ever growing crowd, my privates and my fat all exposed, I must have been a mess.
At that point, someone yelled something about cops coming because the skank suddenly withdrew her fingers from my pussy, gave a one last shove and legged it. I fell to my knees, knackered and bruised. I was aware suddenly of my nakedness and quickly gathered up my clothes. I put my dress back on and my coat and walked off in the opposite direction of my assailant. The crowd had dispersed and I saw no cops, guess the sight was too entertaining.
And that was my fight. I had a bruised tit and sore puss for a couple of days but otherwise I mended. I never saw the rough woman again but if I see her again, I’ll be sure to make her pay properly for my humiliation.
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