Stripped Bare

I awoke on a couch, it was warm yet I had no covers. And I was naked! My girlfriend, Heidi, was slumped in an arm chair across from the sofa where I lay. She was also stripped though she was still in her pale blue bra and panties. Looking around, I couldn’t see our clothes. My head was fuzzy but we’d been at Amy and Ali’s place for a few drinks the night before. I heard movement as our hosts entered the room. I quickly put my hands over my cock, especially as Amy had a camcorder in her hand.
Amy nodded at Heidi, gesturing Ali to do something to her. Ali quietly stooped down over Heidi and took hold of her.
Ali gently lifted Heidi forward and unhooked her bra, slid the straps off her shoulders and pulled the garment away. Heidi’s breasts sagged either side of her chest without the support, the light, pink nipples soft in their slumber. Ali then went to Heidi’s panties and worked them down her hips slowly. Heidi’s blonde pubes came into view, not too thick as she liked to keep it in trim. Her pussy came into full view as Ali pulled her panties from under her pert arse. Now in all her nakedness, Heidi looked wonderful, unaware that she was exposed. Her pussy lips glistened in the light and, as she stirred, her thighs parted more to reveal her dark, inviting sex hole. Amy lightly stroked Heidi’s inner thigh, running a finger from her knee slowly towards her cunt. Heidi moaned softly and opened her eyes. She didn’t seem surprised and I noticed her nipples were starting to swell.
Amy was a big girl and behind the heavy black eye make up and lip gloss, she was pretty too with her dyed black hair coming down straight either side of her face to her neck line. She was wearing fishnet stockings that defined the profile of her legs beautifully, a short, if tight, denim skirt and a black vest top with her cleavage visible in a red bra. Her arms were bare and I noted a devil tattoo on her shoulder.
Her friend, Ali, was behind her holding a large bowl with a can of shaving foam under her arm. Ali was more simply dressed in a pair of combat pants and a baggy T-shirt. She wasn’t as big as Amy, personally I always thought Amy to be quite voluptuous with her curves and I’d secretly lusted after her for a long time.
“Erm, why are we naked”? I asked, somewhat red faced given our predicament, my hands covering my modesty. I really couldn’t recall what had happened the night before!
“We lost the bet”, Heidi replied. “We’re pleasure slaves for the morning”.
“Last night was a laugh”, said Amy to Ali. “I stripped him myself and he can’t remember”!
“It was a wild night”, I said. “Pleasure slaves, so what now”?
“You must do what we want”, said Ali. “Then when we’re satisfied with you, you’ll get your clothes back”.
“And we want to make a porno”, said Ali. “Hope you’re not camera shy”!
“Why cover up”, said Amy. “I saw it all last night, nice hard on by the way, bet Heidi loves it! And your balls, nice handful”!
“First, you guys need a shave”, said Ali placing the bowl on the floor. She looked to Heidi. “We’ll start with you, I hate pubes and you’ll love this”!
Amy picked up the camcorder and flicked it on. “Ready when you babes”.
Ali wet her hands before rubbing Heidi’s pussy. She added the foam so that Heidi’s pubic hair was matted in white. Her nipples were getting hard but that was because Ali kept brushing Heidi’s clit with her thumb in a teasing manner. She got to work with the razor, deftly removing Heidi’s pubes with each stroke. Ali’s thumb pressed into Heidi’s clit more as Heidi parted her thighs, wanting more of the sensation.
“Lift your feet up”, Ali motioned to Heidi who placed her feet on the edge of the arm chair with her fanny and arsehole on full show. Ali finished up shaving round her tiny anus, each small brown hair disappearing with every stroke, before one last firm rub with the thumb on her clit and then giving Heidi a towel. I could see that Heidi had enjoyed the experience and I knew that now she was worked up, she would be submissive as anything!
Ali turned to me. “Your turn, hands away please”!
I removed my hands and allowed my penis to spring out, fully erect, the sight of Heidi’s arousal was too much. I was also so aroused to the extent I wanted the girls to see me, especially Amy. Amy leaned in so that her mouth was almost on the tip of my cock. She blew gently through pursed lips and sent shudders down my spine. I lifted my hips slightly to her but she backed away with a naughty glint in her eyes.
Ali moved in and started to shave me. As with Heidi, she would tease, grasping my shaft as she shaved away the pubes at the base. She cupped my testicles as they got a trim and, like Heidi, I was made to lift and spread my legs so that she could shave my anus.
It wasn’t long before we were done and Heidi and I were bald down below. It felt cooler, liberating in a way and I was still erect, a drop of pre cum hanging on the tip.
“Do we get to do you then”? I asked in general.
Amy passed the camera over to Ali. “No”, she said. “We’re going to be the mistresses, you’re ours to explore”.
“And what do you think you’ll explore”? Challenged Heidi who was clearly enjoying the whole thing though, to be honest, so was I.
Amy knelt down in front of Heidi. “I’ll start with this”.
Amy leant into Heidi’s crotch. She put her lips to Heidi’s parted pussy and began to kiss her. Open mouthed, Amy thrust her tongue into Heidi and soon found her G spot within her clitoris. Amy teased it, like a small pea between her lips, she sucked it, tasting Heidi her juices began to flow. Heidi had her head thrown back in the arm chair, her hips raised so high that her bottom was off the cushion. She was groaning and all the while, Ali was moving round them with the camera. Sweat was forming between Heidi’s breast and her nipples thrust out as angry rose buds. She embraced Amy, putting her arms around her and holding her tight against her body. It was getting too much for Heidi as Amy continued to suck hungrily on her clitty. Heidi gave a strange, abrupt moan, gritted her teeth and gave a loud gasp before collapsing back on the cushion. Satisfied she had been brought to orgasm; Amy lifted her head and wiped her mouth. She brushed Heidi’s hair and ran a finger down her chest and over a nipple, making her flinch at the sensitivity of the touch.
“You did enjoy that didn’t you? There’s nothing I don’t know about you now”, Amy looked to me though Ali was there first as she put her mouth around my cock, having put the camera down. Amy, still on her knees, shuffled over to me.
“Taste her juices with me”, she put her lips to mine and we kissed. It sent shudders down me again, Amy sure was hot but I couldn’t complain about Ali either as she worked my penis, pushing down with her lips and sucking as she worked up again.
I put an arm round Amy’s waist. My hand moulded into her soft flesh as I caressed it. She was certainly horny for me but, as it was getting more passionate, she pulled away and retrieved the camera Ali had left on the floor.
“We’ve gotta have this on film”, she laughed. “Let’s see what you’ve got”.
Ali gave my balls a tickle as she continued to blow me. It wasn’t long though. The magic of Amy’s lips as well as Ali’s brought me to orgasm. Ali withdrew in time and held my cock as a jet of semen shot out onto my stomach, more dribbling onto Ali’s fingers.
I slumped back into the sofa, drained but totally carefree now. Ali picked up a tissue from a box on the floor and wiped her hand. “That’s you done too, both of you came for us”!
Amy switched off the camera. “Bet you want these”? She teased as she rubbed her breasts at me. “Well, tough! Maybe another time”
“This will make great viewing later”, commented Ali holding up the camera. “We can hold you to ransom with this”.
I looked over at Heidi. “Who cares”, I said. And I meant it, I’d been satisfied this way and so openly that I really didn’t care and to show it, neither Heidi nor I bothered to get dressed as we all sat talking like it was just another ordinary morning.
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