My First BBW Sex

It all began as a prank one Friday night round Tina’s place. There was a small group of us, myself, Tina, her mate Lianne, Steve from next door and his girlfriend Alison. We were all enjoying a drink and some music when things got a little carried away!
One moment I was gyrating against Tina to a song with somewhat erotic lyrics, the next, Tina, Lianne and Ali had me on the floor.
“Right, strip him”, laughed Tina.
“No, not that”, I pleaded. I already had a semi-erection in my pants and now it was about to be revealed.
“Hold his arms”, Tina instructed Ali whilst she and Lianne proceeded to pull my trackie bottoms and boxers down in one. As they pulled them over my ankles, my socks came off then Ali pulled my T-shirt off over my head.
I was totally naked and it was Steve who remarked at my exposed penis. “He’s getting a boner”, he exclaimed!
“He doesn’t shave either”, remarked Lianne indicating at my blonde pubic hair.
“Shame to waste it really’, Tina winked at Ali.
Together they pounced on Lianne and despite her loud squeals, they were able to pull her T-shirt off. Lianne was quite a big girl and her average sized breasts, held in a blue bra, looked small compared to the mass of her stomach that ended in a fat roll over her jeans. Ali was able to unhook the bra and together, Tina and Ali pulled it off to expose Lianne’s tits. Her nipples were already stiff, dark against her pale skin. She managed to roll over onto her front but this just gave Tina and Ali the leverage to yank her jeans down. Her panties came part way down too to reveal her large sized arse. Her thighs were slightly parted and I noticed that the gusset of her panties were still stuck to her pussy. Tina got her jeans completely off as Ali yanked at her panties. They were obviously flimsy ones for as Ali pulled, they tore at the gusset and they came clean away.
Lianne was still on her front at this stage and i saw that she didn’t shave either judging by the damp brown pubes that grew either side of her vagina. The pink lips of her pussy were clearly visible too.
Steve meanwhile, was gathering up our clothes in a bundle and proceeded to throw them out of the window into the street.
“Wadya doing”? I yelled, partly in laughter.
“She’s yer pull for the night and we want front row action”, he said back.
Seeing Lianne totally nude was arousing and I made no attempt to hide my full erection. My bell-end had protruded from my foreskin and it’s tip was wet with pre-cum.
“Lianne hates being tickled, don’t you babe”? Tina extended a hand to Lianne’s side and started to tickle her.
Lianne squealed in fits of laughter as she wiggled and squirmed on the floor. With no shame, Lianne flipped onto her back as Ali joined in the fun. Together they made a full assault on her, Lianne wriggling about, her breasts flopping side to side as well as her belly. She had quite a spread that grew thigh to thigh as well as round under her pussy. She threw her legs apart at times to expose her pussy in full and with her legs open, her vagina was too to reveal her wet sex hole with budding clitoris at the top. As she rolled about she was begging them to stop.
“God, no. I’m gonna pee myself”!
A squirt of pee sprung from her vagina onto the carpet.
“Oh no, she’s gonna go”, said Steve. He turned to me, still sat on the floor. “Time to get in there”!
He knocked me forward and I fell into Lianne’s crutch, the tickling hands finding me now as they teased my balls, my sides and even my anus. Since I was still part kneeling I guessed my arse had naturally spread. Lianne peed again, her golden rain hitting my arm. I struggled to get away but Ali touched the sole of my foot and I sprung forward and collapsed on top of Lianne. She gave no resistance and I wondered what was next in stll for me as she parted her thighs a little more. Then it happened!
As we wriggled about, my penis found it’s way accidentally into Lianne. Her cunt was so wet, I had no trouble ramming it home. Lianne’s eyes’ widened and her arms enclosed around my back as she moved her pelvis, wanting me. She reached up and kissed me, this was now no longer an accident, we were publicly fucking on the floor.
Ali reached in to massage Lianne’s hardened nipples as we thrust into each other over and over.
“Now we’re in business”, said Steve who I noticed had been filming the whole thing.
Tina stood up, peeled off her top, removed her bra and straddled me. Lianne was getting more intense by now, her eyes rolled back and she bared her teeth as her orgasm flooded over my cock. Tina got off me and, on all fours, put her face to my arse. Her probing tongue tasted out Lianne’s juices on my balls and proceeded to lick my anus. That was too much for me as I felt my cock start to tense up and that tingly feeling swept over me. I pulled out quick as my cum sprayed into Lianne’s pubes, a few drops made her stomach and breasts.
“Works every time”! Said Tina. “They always say a bloke’s G-spot is up his arse”!
Lianne and I had to stay naked for the rest of the evening since some night time revellers had made off with our clothes! Steve was able to spare me some clothes the next morning and we put a bath towel round Lianne and was able to get her home.
That was over five years ago now, we don’t see much of Tina though she reckons Steve put that film on the web. Lianne and I are together properly, we have fantastic sex but always in private now. However, we can never forget our first night!
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2 years ago
Great! Loved it!
4 years ago
very nice would love to hear more