Chatroulette part 2

....... sliding her finger up and down her slit, then slipping it into her sopping wet cunt. Then starting all over again, I was watching the boy now who was wanking furiously and suddenly he came and he quickly cut off the link between us. Awwww moaned my wife I was enjoying that! We can try to find another I said, no she said let's see if we can find someone for you, but it's mainly guys I said, well if they see a female first who knows wot cud happen said my wife. So we moved on and for a while it was just guys, my wife flashed a few of them her tits and cunt just to keep us aroused
Then we found her. A young brunette, who clearly should have been in bed at that time, was on the screen. My wife began to speak to her and asked her where her parents were, my dad's here she said next to me but he doesn't want to be seen on screen, ok said my wife wot does he want? He wants to see a man wank off over me, she replied. Really said my wife well my hubby will do that for him, cum here Hun she said, I moved over and my wife said if he strips you we will srtip and I'll wank my hubby off is that ok? Yes said the girl he'd like that. So we watched as the guy stripped her in front of us. Then it was our turn I quickly got my wife naked and played with her tits while she undressed me and pulled my massive erection out and let both father and daughter have a good look at me.he has a very nice cock said the message on the screen. My wife then set about wanking and sucking my cock while they watched and we looked at the young girl completely naked, I found it incredibly erotic to have my wife naked on her knees in front of me sucking my cock for a strange guy and his daughter the more I thought about it the harder I got. My wife then pulled me out of her mouth and began wan king my cock as hard and as fast as she could until I was close to cumming, you gonna cum she said? Yes I groaned, do it on my tits and face she hissed, I just nodded incapable now of speech, then I was cumin, huge wads of cum spurted from my cock catching her full in the face, ran down her chheks then dropped off onto her firm, full tits, I was groaning like an a****l now but I was still cuming and still being wanked by my wife, I slowed down and dribbled the remains of my cum onto her tits. Exhausted I collapsed down onto my knees on the bed, well did u enjoy that my wife typed? Yes came the reply my daughter has seen know what I want her to do to me on camera for other people. We will chat again when I want to teach her some other things, he gave us his msn addy so we could chat agin in the future.
After we had switched off the computer my wife said that tomorrow we were going to the woods, why I asked? Because I really like to show myself off now and want to do it some more, so tomorrow it's the woods! And I dont mind who see's me as long as I cum, I may even give em a wank!
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2 years ago
Great story. Wish you had told us how old the daughter was. Like the guy who tells us in the story Trio!
3 years ago
Great story