I had an affair. Thats how it all started, the wife and I had split up just before xmas. I went on the works do, got pissed and went with the office bike. The wife found out and all hell broke loose. I came clean and the wife said she didn't want to lose me could we try again.
I said we had to be honest with each other if we were going to try again. she said ok what do you want to tell me? I just thought fuck it nothing to lose, so I told her I loved the idea of her showing herself to other guys.
Well she nearly choked, Really she said yes said and I want you to do it for real.
How? she asked Ever heard of chat roulette I asked. No she said get the laptop and come upstairs I instructed and left the room
She came upstairs with it and I set it up at the bottom of our bed. What are you doing she asked, getting ready for your first show i said.
Show ?
Yeah your going to go on cam for some guys and show them your tits, she has 38d tits, I am she asked, yes you are. I got the computer running and found the website then told here to sit at the head of the bed. Then I pressed search, it only took a couple of go's before I found a guy with his cock out wanking slowly.OMG she said do u like it I asked? Its ok she said, good I said coming round behind her and putting my hands on her tits, what are you doing she said, giving him a show I replied and lifted her t-shirt up showing her tits in her bra. The guy gave a thumbs up and wanked a bit faster. See he likes it I said, I began to play with her tits then suddenly popped them out of her bra I was rock hard now and the guy was wanking furiously over her amazing tits. Get my cock out I said to her, wank me off, she did and said wow your so hard. I know I replied I told you this turns me on.I played with her tits as she wanked me slowly we watched the screen as the guy came and spurted everywhere. I think he enjoyed that she said as the guy disappeared and a new face appeared. We both looked at the screen to see a young lad in front of us.
I went to move on, but the wife stopped me, no let me give him a show she said you just watch. She turned back to the screen and smiled at the boy, she began to play with her tits for him massaging them and making her nipples really stand out then she started to talk to him, do you like them she asked? The k** nodded do you want to touch them, again furious nodding, show me your cock, my wife said I want to see you wank, the boy got it out and although quite small it was clearly hard, very nice, my wife said I'd love to suck it for you, I heard a groan, realised it was me and i was wanking myself. The wife grinned at me and then turned back to her audience, would you like to watch me play? she asked the boy nodded, so she lifted her skirt up and pulled her thong to one side exposing her cunt watch me, she breathed and began to stroke her clit.............. if you like vote and comment and ill add more.
94% (17/1)
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3 years ago
yes man great story,,more more more ..and yes the wife would be a PLUS
3 years ago
nice story matee
any change to see wife play