My Girls story

Let me tell you the story of how we fell in love. We we were dating for a couple of months when i told him my **** fantasy. the next day i came home and he was behind the door, he jumped me from behind and droped me hard to the floor. at this time i was scared cause i didnt know it was him. finally i saw his face and i got mad . i was having a badf day and wasnt in the mood. he didnt say one word btried to take my shirt of , at this point i yelled at him and slaped his hands away. he got really mad and ripped my t-shirt and pulled my bra up. Now i was scared again! i fought him for rea1 he was too strong though. he fliped me on to my stomach and started to rip my pants off. i was cursing him and telling him to stop because i wasnt in the mood and didnt want this, i was begging him at this point! he pulled my pants and thong down to my knees and i could fell the kitchen floor tile on my thys. he pushing my head down on the floor REALLY hard 1 mushing my face into the tile. then i felt his cock brush against my leg,(i never stopped fighting him), his hadf left my wrist for a sec and then came back down to my pussycovered in spit for lube,(i really didnt want this so i was dry) He went into me in one hard brutal thrust. i screamed and tears filled my eyes he pounded away at me, i could fell his balls slaping my pussy and feel his breath on my ear. then his cock poped out of my pussy and when he went to put i back he put it up my ass by mistake. I screamed so lound and begged him to stop. I guess this freaked him out cause he stoped for a sec and i thought i heard him start to say sorry by another sec later he put a spit covered finger in my tight ass! So after his cock pressed up against my ass hole and he f***ed it in! it hurt soooo bad! thank god he only lasted like 10 sec before he filled my ass with come! when he was done, his cock still in my ass he leaned down , kissed my cheek and said, "Is that what you wanted baby?'
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2 years ago
sooooooooooooooooooooooo hot
2 years ago
I wish I could watch this happen to my wife
3 years ago
i liked the story, love to find a girl to rape and force my cock in her ass and make her holler and than suck her ass juices off my cock
so thanks
3 years ago
Yes, it was honey. Now, let me get my strap-on.....