I just needed to do so!

It was freezing cold today. I came back home in the evening. Alone. Pissed off. Cold. Hungry. I took a beer from the fridge. Yeah! I am genius! Cold beer after cold day on my cold troat! Heh. But it was good. Damn good. Increased my mood. I've turned music on loud. Went to take a bath. Very hot. I really needed to warm up myself.

I step in to the hot, steamy water and laid down. Hot. Better. Much better and nice as the music set up the background.

I started to think about a girl. A sweet, lonely one far away. In her bed. Hungry for love. Laying on her tummy with a small pillow between her legs. Just riding it. With thoughts turned off. Going in the steady, clear direction. And I have seen her. Coming there perfectly!

Hot. My cock grew up incredibly with very visible veins around it. I took it very hard. And started to stroke it. I came very fast with a huge load of semen flowing straight to the hot water.

I got out of the bathroom and took another beer. With music loud but very calm I went to rest a bit. Tomorrow will be even better day. I am sure.
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5 years ago
hmmmm :)
5 years ago
Let's not make my cock any longer please. One inch more and it could even severely damage your internal organs! ;D
5 years ago
Good story need to make it longer the story not your dick.
5 years ago
5 years ago
good on ya