Out for a run 18

It has been a very busy summer, with my group of guys in the park, my new job, and my new freedom to flash and screw whoever I want. Unfortunately summer has ended and my group of guys have all gone off to college, leaving a hole in my sexual outlet. I have e-mailed the group of boys I met last week , but they seem to be a bit to young to get anything going with, plus I don’t know if they would be able to keep a secrete. Even the nerdy little peeping tom that lives next door went back to school, so I can’t even get off flashing him during the day. This week has been extra bad in the sex department because my husband went out of town on Saturday and will not be home for 10 days, leaving me very frustrated and horny. I even thought about a little girl-on-girl action with my friend Kim, but she is out of town for work, so nothing there either. I decided to drive into town and do a little shopping and maybe get something to eat. I got myself dressed and headed out to the car, it is very humid and as soon as I was out the door I was starting to sweat. Thank god for air conditioners in cars. I drove into town, but really didn’t see anyplace that I wanted to stop at and shop, so I headed on down the rode (about 6 miles to a much bigger town that had more shops and things to do. As I pulled into town, there was a little adult book store that I have been in before and have gotten some of my dildos from in the past. I figured why not see if they have anything new and exciting that I might need, and maybe getting a new toy might take the edge off from being so horny and frustrated. I walked into the store, and went straight over to the toy counter, behind the counter at the register was a butch looking girl about 25, a bit overweight, but nice looking face. We got to talking about the different toys that were in the display case, and how each one worked and different things that could be done with each of them – very educational. I settled on a large, double ended bendable dildo – must be 2 feet long total and about 2 inches round, and a set of nipple clamps – I have never tried anything like these (pain) before, and a pair of handcuffs. After I paid for everything and was getting ready to leave I decided to check out what movies they had playing in there booth section. All this section had was a chair facing a video screen and 3 walls and a curtain door that only came down half way. I guess this was so nothing sexual can happen in the booth without it being seen by the store staff. There were about 10 of these booths in a long row, and there was about 3 guys using them. I got into my booth and started watching a video that had one girl and 4 guys going at it. After only about 30 seconds I new that this was a bad idea, because I was now supper horny and had no place for release. I thought about how I could relieve my tension without being noticed, and decided that I could probably use my new dildo if I was very careful and didn’t attract attention by making noise – I didn’t want to get kicked out of the store. I was wearing shorts, so I casually undid the front buttons and eased them open, no panties made reaching my hairy pussy a bit easier, but had to slide down in my chair to get the right angle. As the video was going I slide in one end of my new dildo into my soaking wet cunt and slowly moved it in and out using nice long strokes – trying hard not to move around much or make any noise. The video was getting very hot, and I was concentrating on slowly pumping my pussy, when I feel a tap on my shoulder. I turn around and there is the sales clerk staring at me with this giant dildo sticking out of my pussy – I froze. She had come over because I forgot to sign my MasterCard receipt, and now I was busted. We just stared at each other for the next couple of seconds, neither of use saying a word.
She was very nice about no making a scene when she saw the giant dildo sticking out of my hairy pussy, but let me know that if the police came in and caught me I could get in big trouble and so could the store. I started to remove the dildo, when she said that there was a small office in the back of the store if I needed to finish up what I was doing, and she could show me it. Being as horny as I was, I agreed and pulled the dildo all the way out and put it into the bag, got up and followed the sales lady. She opened the door to the small office and inside was a desk, couch, and chair – no windows. She said go ahead and use the couch, and enjoy myself. It felt weird being in there by myself, and I was kind of losing my hornyness, so I got up and opened the door to leave and found the sales lady standing on the other side of the door – she had not gone back to the cash register, but was standing at the door waiting to listen to me masturbate myself. She looked more distressed at me finding her at the door still than I had been being found in the both with a giant dildo stuffed into my cunt. I did the only polite thing and asked her if she cared to join me and my dildo in the office. She hesitated for a couple of seconds, but than said it might be fun and went to lock the front door of the store – didn’t want anyone coming in and taking anything. She followed me into the room and said that she had never been with another women, but wanted to see me using the dildo on myself. She was very soft spoken and this let me be more the aggressor. I asked her if she wanted me naked, or just as I was in the both – naked she whispered, so off came my shirt, than my bra – letting my 36D boobs hang free – it being cool in the room made my nipples rock hard, than down came my pants and underwear – exposing my hairy old pussy to this quiet younger lady. She just stared at my naked body as I laid on my back on the couch and took my giant dildo and pushed it slowly into my wet pussy. She was breathing pretty heavy as I started to really work my dildo deep inside, taking long deep strokes, building up speed as I was getting closer to coming, pumping it in and out, getting more and more worked up as I started to cum, I was making all kinds of obscene sounds as I pushed the dildo deeper and faster into my pussy, cumming again for my observer. I figured I had an audience and I would give her a truly great show, so I pulled it out of my pussy, dripping with my slimy cum and pushed it straight into my mouth. She was rubbing herself raw through her jeans as she watched me sucking this giant thing deep into my throat, but I was not done yet with my show, I stood up and walked to the end of the couch, and laid stomach first over the arm rest – this let her have an even better view of my dripping pussy and my now fully exposed ass hole. I reached around with my giant dildo and started to push it ever so slowly into my exposed ass hole – I was grunting and groaning, making little screaming sounds as it started to pass deep inside, than I started to pump it in deeper and harder until I started coming again. I was a horny fucking machine, pumping that big thing deep inside of me, and getting off on being watched by this stranger. After wearing myself out, I pulled the dildo out and did one last truly deprived thing – I went straight from my ass hole and shoved it down my throat for a few last pumps. The sales lady had continued rubbing herself the whole time and the crotch of her pants were soaked. I laid there for a while trying to get my breath as my new friend tried to get her breath too. I than got up and got dressed and left the room and my new friend standing there in her soaked pants. As I was leaving I let her know that I approved of the toy she sold me and that I would be back for more toys in the future. And that I approved of the try-out room… She just stood there as I left. I drove home and took a long shower and thought about my life and how it has changed. What could happen in the coming days and weeks to top what I have already gone through sexually… Comments please…..

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3 years ago
A wonderful adventure to follow, thanks for writing them all. Your profile is now gone....?
3 years ago
excellent for the whole series. it could have been posted as 6 sections of 3 parts each