Out for a run part 15

It has been a very busy past month, I started a new job as a nurse at a large inner city hospital, and have been on orientation for most of that time – 5 days a week. Was not able to see my group of guys in the park for 5 whole weeks. God was I horny, my husband has been doing me as much as possible, but now that I was used to my once a week gang bangs it has been hard for him to keep me satisfied. Well, orientation ended 2 weeks ago and I am now working 12 hour night shifts – leaving Wednesdays off so that I could get back to my routine with the guys. My first Wednesday off I made sure to set up a meeting in the park with the guys, I wanted this to be just me and my guys, no Kim this time, I was to horny to share. After e-mailing the guys and setting everything up I took a nice long shower and thought about what was going to happen when we meet. All 6 of my guys e-mailed me back and made it a point to say they would be there, so it was all set. I dressed in my running t-shirt, no bra (I have been running off and on without my bra, as long as I am careful I can run braless. Have good sized boobs and them swinging could hurt me if I am not careful) My running short-shorts, no panties – I was just to hot to wear them, and my running shoes. It was a nice warm day, and I was ready for some hot action. I checked myself in the mirror one last time before leaving the house and liked what I saw – could just make out my nipples through my t-shirt, and some fluffs of pussy hair at the leg holes of my shorts. I felt save running like this because in the past no one was around in the park during the week. Off I went – I walked the couple blocks to the park and found more cars than usual in the parking lot, and some people standing around the restrooms – I forgot, it was summer, and school was out and more people were on vacation. I got a few longer than usual looks from a couple of older (60+) guys as I walked by them in the parking lot, and as I started my jogging I past a group of younger teenage boys who were hiking down the trail – (about 10 of them) and I think they all stopped and stared as I jogged past (breasts swinging) after passing them and rounding a corner I stopped out of there sight and moved back down the trail behind some bushes and listened to them for a minute talking to each other – young guys are pretty graphic when they talk, and it was fun hearing them talk about – maybe seeing my boobs, and what they thought about my ass, and what they wanted to do to me. They started moving down the trail after about a minute of talking and I continued with my jog. It was quite a jog to the meeting site, and with the heat, and not jogging for the past 5 weeks, I started to sweat, and my t-shirt was getting pretty wet. On my way to my secret place there is a large opening in the trees and about 5 different trails lead off the single one that I was on. In this clearing there look to be about 20 younger boys, maybe early teens all with backpacks on and overnight gear – I needed to get to the other side of the clearing to continue on my way up my trail, I thought about going around somehow, but there didn’t appear to be a way around. I looked down at my tee-shirt and it was pretty much see through with my perspiration and all – I could turn back, but my guys were waiting for me, I took another look at the clearing and just went for it. I started jogging again and went down into the clearing and through the group of boys like nothing. All the talking stopped as they all started seeing me, and I could feel every eye following me, as my breasts swayed from side tot side, and with each step I could feel them taking in the site of this 50+ year old women jogging through there group with a near transparent tee-shirt on and short-shorts that left little to the imagination. It didn’t take me long to get to the opposite side of the clearing and up my trail – my bet is there was going to be some jacking off at their campsite tonight. I got to the turn off area to my secret place and made my way through the wooded area to the pond. All 6 of my guys were there swimming in the pond. I stopped to catch my breath, and noticed that they were all nude already. They made there way over to me when they saw me and we made some small talk while I rested – even with my cloths still on I noticed 6 ragging hard-on’s. They offered me a bottle of water, and we talked for another minute or so before I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled my tee-shirt up over my head, and my shorts and shoes soon followed. I was back with my guys and was as horny as I think I have ever been. I asked them what they wanted, and they all said at the same time – to take turns fucking me. I let them know that all holes were open for action, and I hoped that they were ready because I really needed cock today. I asked them if we could use the tree trunk for me to lay across so that my arms and legs don’t get to tired. They all liked that idea, and I looked at the tree truck and it already had my old cum crusted blanket laying over it, 2 of the guys took my hands and e****ted me to the tree, and helped me lay down on my stomach across it – this leaves my ass and pussy free on one side and my mouth free on the other, all at just the right height. I was back, and so ready to take on my whole group. The guys had already figured out the order they were going to use me in, and the first guy moved right into position between my leg and pressed his hard cock straight into my dripping pussy, I let out a loud moan as it went in, and before I finished my moan my mouth had a hard cock being pushed into it. I guess, just like me, it had been awhile for the guys, because the 2 I was doing were really hot and started pounding me like they were starved for sex – they both came pretty quick, and were replaced by 2 more of their friends. This went on until I had fucked and sucked each guy at least once. They would rest between each turn, and get themselves ready to go at it again – a couple of the guys used my ass, witch was good because it gave my old hairy pussy a bit of a break. These guys are so good, if I looked tired they would bring me a drink and ask if I needed a break, If I did need a break they would help me up off the stump and get me anything I needed – one of the guys was really into eating pussy, and after every couple of guys he would move in and eat me out the best he could. The guys kept me busy for a good 2 hours before they started to loose steam. Once they were all done, they helped me up and laid the blanket out on a grassy area for me to rest on. I feel asl**p with cum still dripping out of my pussy and ass, and my hair and face sticky with cum drying on it. One of my guys woke me up as he was getting ready to leave, it was already dusk outside, and the rest of the guys had already left. He said I had been sl**ping, and they didn’t want to wake me up, but they had to head home. He gave me a nice kiss goodbye, and headed out on his way. I got myself up, and folded up my blanket and hide it in its hiding place, found my shirt and shorts and put them on – I was just too tired to wash up in the pond, so I figured it would be dark soon and the park must be deserted now. I put my shoes on, checked the area, and started to head back to the trail – A light rain was just starting as I got to the trail, I started to jog, slowly, because I was pretty tired and sore from the days activities. I was jogging along not really paying much attention to anything, when I came to the opening in the trail were all the trails meet – and without thinking started through the area – the group of young guys from earlier had set up their camp in this clearing and before I new it I was running through the middle on their camp area – dripping wet now from the rain, breast swinging wildly, and much to my surprise (I found out when I got home – cum in my hair and all over my face and dried down my legs) these boys didn’t say a word to me, but they sure did look at me hard. After making my way to the main trail I made it down the path without any other encounters. At the parking lot I went to the street and walked the couple of blocks to my house. I went in and went into my bathroom and saw what I looked like in the mirror – dark black hair dripping wet with whitish cum in it, my face had cum on my checks, chin and forehead (quite a mess), my tee-shirt was pretty much see through with my dark brown nipples pointing out, my jogging pants were soaked, and there was dried cum running down both the front and back of the inside of my legs. Just looking in the mirror I got so hot. Oh my god, I have become someone whole loves to show off my body to men, and the nastier I look the hotter I get. Send comments…. Love all that comment.
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3 years ago
you had 30 guys + jacking off to you lol love it