Out for a run part 10

What a week has been, last time I wrote Kim and me played with my group of guys in the park, and even added 2 more to the group to make 6 guys. When I got home, I found out that my husband had been hiding in the bushes watching and taking pictures the whole time. We looked at the pictures when I got home from the park and fucked like crazy, but it was now that my husband voiced some concerns that were very real. Someone could very easy hear us from the trail – I am very verbal during sex and have not been careful out in the park, and our secret location is only about 20 feet from a very busy trail. Probably the only reason that more people have not seen my action is that it is midweek and not many people use the park at this time. Getting caught is not a big deal, but getting arrested or someone gets offended is a big deal and could cause all kinds of problems. We talked and decided to move to a much more secluded place in the park, so that my being verbal would not matter. The park is massive, and we would have to look for a new site. In the morning I would go with my husband to search for the perfect spot, he was coming along so that he could set up and have his secret area too, to watch and get some good pictures. The morning was warm and clear, I dressed in my normal park clothing and we set off to explore the park. We spent about 4 hours hiking along the different trails, finding areas that lead off to secluded locations, and we found lots of spots that I thought would work, but usually there was something wrong with the site. Mid-afternoon came and we were a good 3 miles into the backcountry of the park and headed off the trail, we walked a good 200 yards and came upon a place that took my breath away. There was a stream running through a small meadow, at this area the stream got about 30 feet wide and ran nice and slow, there were trees all around, and it looked like no one had been hear before. At least they were not using it actively. My husband scouted out the area and found a perfect observation area that was well concealed, but gave him a great view and he would be comfortable while doing his observations and camera work. I had him go back to the trail and I made all kinds of noises and when he returned he said that he did not hear a thing. Perfect. I figured I should see how the area felt without cloths on, so off they came – It was wonderful, I had a new secrete place, and it felt good to be standing nude in the middle of my meadow, the only thing that was missing was my tree stump from the old place. This was the stump that Kim and I laid on to take some of the pressure off our bodies while the guys screwed the shit out of our holes. I would have to figure something out, and I would have to let the guys know our new location – quite a bit farther for them to go to get a piece of ass, I hope they will not mind. My husband sneaked up behind me and grabbed me, he had lost his cloths too, and he just slide his cock right into my wet hairy pussy and standing there in the meadow he bent me forward and screwed me, cumming in my pussy while I was grunting and groaning. We were like k**s, after he came, I pushed him in the stream, and we splashed and played in the water. The cool water made my nipples stick straight out giving my husband something to suck on – this water will be good for cleaning up after some good fucking. When we got out of the water my husband got me on my knees and screwed me hard and deep in my asshole, making me make little screaming noises until we both came. We than just laid back naked out in the warn sun and dozed off to sl**p. I woke up with my husbands face in my pussy, licking away – anyone that has not woke up this way is really missing something. I came a few times on his face and than we relaxed some more. It was a great time, lying around, screwing when we wanted to and not having a care in the world. As it was starting to get late in the day, we didn’t want to get caught in the park once it got dark. We needed to remember how to get back to this spot, so we got our stuff together, got dressed and headed down the trail. It was quite a distance longer than my last spot. And on the trip back I wanted to stop and get anything we had left at the old area. We turned off the trail and found my spot; we collected my very used and somewhat sticky and crunchy blanket and headed back home. Once I got home I sent an e-mail to the guys and Kim that due to safety and security reasons I would need to change our meeting location, and that next Tuesday we could meet at our usual location and I would show them the new spot. In a matter of 5 minutes sending my message I had all 6 guys reply that this sounded good and that they would all be ready for the new spot on Tuesday, and Kim sent me a message saying that she had recovered from our last gang fuck, and that she was in for Tuesday. Now, the only thing was the wait until Tuesday, and what to do without my tree stump to make it easier to fuck and suck my guys??? Let you know what happens, send your comments and we will see what happens..
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