Out for a run part 9

It has been a couple of days since I last wrote, and it sure has been busy. A few days ago my friend Kim came over for some sun and talking, after a couple of bottles of wine we ended up naked having a great time with each other, and I let it slip about my guys from the park and all our adventures. I even showed Kim my collection of pictures and she wanted in on the fun. I told her I would find out from the guys if it would be ok to add another older women to some of the fun. That night after a great deal of thought, and going over what could happen if I did include Kim in my park play, I decided to go ahead and e-mail the guys to see what they would say. I also told my husband about what had gone on at the house earlier in the day and he was so excited that I didn’t even get to finish before he was on me pushing his hard cock into my hairy pussy. By the time my husband was done fucking me, there was a reply from 3 of my guys, the forth one came while I was reading the other three. To highlight, the guys were all very excited about Kim joining the group, but they all wanted to know how come I let our secret out when they had all been able to keep it. I wrote back telling them that I had had too much to drink and that I was sorry. They than wrote back that since I was going to bring Kim into the group, would it be ok if they added 2 more of their very good friends, these were guys that hung around with the rest of the group, and were getting curious when the other 4 would disappear into the park. I wasn’t sure if my old body could handle 6 guys age 18 and 19 and all the things that they enjoy doing to my body. I would have some help from Kim, so I figured what the hell, and emailed the guys back that their friends must agree to all the rules, and any breaking of any of the rules our adventures would stop for all of them, and that I would be going for a jog tomorrow in the early afternoon with Kim if they where interested in meeting us. I showed all the emails to my husband, and he said he was going to try and get off work and sneak up to my secret place and watch. I than phoned Kim to see if she was up to a little jogging and more. She agreed and we talked about what to wear, and how to get ready and other things. I hung up the phone and went to bed to get some rest for my big day coming up. When I got up in the morning, my husband had already left for work, but left a note saying have fun, be careful and he would see me tonight. I showered and put on my sports bra, t-shirt shorts (no panties) and jogging shoes and waited for Kim to arrive. Kim got to my house on time and we walked over to the park to start our jog. It being mid-week there were no cars in the parking lot and we didn’t see anyone on the trails. We started jogging me leading the way along the trail, we needed to stop a few times because Kim was starting to get nervous and kept asking questions about what to expect from the guys. I tried to get her to relax as much as possible, but I also think that she was getting horny just thinking about what was going to happen. As we rounded the last turn, coming up on my cut-off to my spot I looked back and Kim had a growing wet spot on the front of her pants, and she was breathing harder than I would have expected from our running. We cut off the trail and walked through some brush to the meadow area that I had been using for my fun and games and saw all 6 guys already there waiting for us to arrive, We walked over to the group and I introduced Kim, and the guys took turns introducing each other – the 2 new guys were both 18 years old and built pretty good, but seemed unsure of themselves. I did go over the rules with the guys, especially the one about if anyone doesn’t want to do something than it is not to be done, and that this meeting and what goes on is to be kept in this group only, no talking to outsiders. There was a couple of seconds of none of us knowing what to do next, but I took charge and pulled my shirt over my head and took off my sports bra, followed rapidly by my running shorts. My regular guys followed without any hesitation, leaving my 2 new guys just staring at my naked body with their mouths open. After a couple of seconds they noticed that the other guys where naked and they weren’t so off their cloths came. I looked to my side and Kim had slipped off her cloths and was naked standing next to me. What a sight it must have been, 6 young guys standing around 2 older women all naked and horny. I asked the guys if they wanted to start with blow jobs and they all pushed forward towards Kim and me. I asked one of the guys to grab our hidden blanket and spread it out so that me and Kim could kneel down on it. It was there and spread out in a flash. We both got on our knees next to each other and took turns with each of the guys – the 2 new guys were pretty fast to cum, but seem to fit right in with the group being very helpful and thanking us for everything we did. After each of the guys had cum from being blown, we decided to move over to my favorite tree stump. The guys brought the blanket, it was pretty crusty with dried cum and stuff on it, but it still made lying over the stump more comfortable. So, picture this, a tree stump on the ground about 3 feet high, covered by a blanket with 2 women, side by side – arms touching, butts in the air (mine flat, Kim’s much more rounder) cunts open facing on one side of the tree, and stomachs over the tree and breasts hanging down with mouths facing out. I asked Kim if any holes were off limits, and she said that she had never had anal sex before, but after seeing me in action in the videos and pictures she was ready to try. I told the guys to go easy on Kim, but that all holes were free to use. No sooner had I said this than I felt the first guy enter my pussy and start to pump, around the front I was presented with on of the new guys cock for his second blow job of the day, and he was much more relaxed and took his time this time. He held my head as he pumped in and out of my mouth. Both my guys were going strong, and I could hear Kim getting the same treatment – It felt so good. After the guy in my pussy was done, he was replaced by the guy that was in my mouth, he was very polite and asked if he could put his cock into my ass – his friends had told him how tight it was and how good it felt – I said sure, and in he went. I looked over at Kim and she was getting it pretty hard from one of the guys – and it looked like he was just cuming. As he pulled out, his replacement asked her if she was ready for a cock in her nice tight ass. She looked at me, and grabbed my hand and said – yes, go for it. He started to push into her tight ass and she started whimpering and moaning and telling him to push it in – you could see a pained look on her face, but she was a trooper and took it all in. As he started to pump, she seemed to really start to like it, and than both of us got 2 new cocks in our mouth, so we just relaxed and enjoyed the ride. The guys were great, they all took turns and used both of us, bringing us off multiple times. I don’t know what guy did what to what hole, or how many times each guy fucked me and Kim, but in the end, both of us were fucked out. We were both laying over the tree, heads down, breathing hard, cum running down our legs from both our pussy’s and ass’s. Cum in our hair and on our faces – and totally exhausted. The guys got dressed and helped us up, I had them spread out the blanket so that we could rest for a bit. We said goodbye to the guys and they left us laying out in the meadow naked on the blanket covered in cum exhausted. We rested like this for about 30 minutes, I must have dozed off, but woke up with Kim licking out my cunt. We got into a nice 69 and cleaned each other up with our tongues. This didn’t last to long because we were both pretty tired, but it did feel real good. We both got up and got dressed, put away the blanket and headed home – much slower because my holes were pretty used and would be needing some rest. When we got to my house I kissed Kim goodbye and told her I would let her know when I was going for a Jog in the park again, so be ready. As I closed the door, my husband was standing off to the side of me with a big grim on his face. He tells me that he only went to work half day and came home and got his camera and made it to my secrete spot just when the guys were getting their first blow-jobs. He was able to see the whole thing, and has lots of pictures to prove it – he has a good sized telephoto lens and was able to get some great shots. We downloaded them onto the computer and spent the next couple of hours watching them and screwing our brains out. Hope you liked the story. Have not got many comments, so this may be one of my last stories. Need comments to continue…Love
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