Out for a run part 6

I am glad the weekend came and went, it was to busy in the park to jog, so I gave my old body some rest. Taking on five young horny guys takes it’s tole on my body and my holes. I also needed to let things get back to normal because my husband returned from his business trip Monday afternoon. Before I continue, let me describe myself, I have a distinct look – 51 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and has acquired the taste for cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that has just lately started to enjoy anal sex – the flat butt leads to great penetration without needing to move the checks away, and I enjoy being naked, but have a shy side. My husband has been gone out of town the past 2 weeks, and during that time I became super horny and since I love to jog I started jogging in a park/wooded area by my home. I also enjoy nudity and found a great secluded place to relax out in nature, but was found out by a group of guys and I have been having a lovely gang bang with them. Now, my husband came home Monday and this is what happened. Me and my husband have always had a great sex live, whatever he wants, he gets, and I mean anything. We go at it like teenagers whenever and wherever we can – sometimes multiple times a day. Even to the point that my pussy was starting to get sore, so we started anal sex to give the old pussy a break. Now, when he walked through the door after being away fro 2 weeks I attacked him. I was naked, as usual at home, and striped him naked in the entry to our house and we fucked just inside the door. I needed him so bad, and this was just the beginning, we fucked in just about every room in the house until both of us couldn’t move anymore. It felt so good having him home, but I felt it was my responsibility to let him know what had been going on with me the past 2 weeks – no secrets between us, even if it was going to cause problems. I had never cheated on him before, and now with a group of guys. I took a deep breath and just told him the story of what I had been doing. He didn’t say a word, just listened and watched me as I spilled my guts. When I was done, I expected all hell to break loose, but instead he just calmly asked a couple of questions – Was I emotionally involved with any of the guys? – no, it was just down home, hard core fucking – Was I going to do it again? It was completely up to my husband. – How did I feel after it was over? Great, for some reason I have been overly horny and this helped. – did they hurt me? Not at all, they were perfect gentlemen and only did what I wanted. – Did they know who I was and where we live? No, they only know my first name, and e-mail, part of the rules that I set up with them was no other contact. Well, he looked at me and surprised the shit out of me by saying “as long as it doesn’t affect our sex life, or become a problem for us, it was ok with him” He also said that he might like to watch at times – secretly, - It was when he said this that I said there were pictures of the action, and did he want to see them. He jumped at the chance, and we both raced naked through the house to the computer. He could not believe all the pictures, 100’s of them and some short videos, He said he loved looking at them and how horny it made him seeing these young guys drooling over my body. He really loved the pictures of me being covered in cum while I was masturbating with the water bottle, and he thought I looked so sexy lying across my tree stump naked with cum coming out of my ass, pussy, and mouth. He was so excited, that he said he wanted to go and see my little secret spot right than. It was getting dark, I wanted to show him what I liked to run in, sports bra, t-shirt and tennis shoes – letting my hairy pussy run free of any covering. He put his shorts, shirt and tennis shoes on and out the door we went. We warmed up on our walk to the park and once we got to the entrance we set off jogging with me leading the way – I tuned back after about 100 yards, and my man was having problems because he had a nice hard-on from watching me run. We kept on going until we came to the area where I leave the trail to get to my secret spot. The moon was out and the air was crisp, and we finally got to the spot, I showed him around as I pealed off my t-shirt and than my bra – I was naked just like I like to be. I showed him the area where I was laying down masturbating as the guys squirted cum all over me, I pulled out the blanket that I left hidden under some bushes – it was still moist and sticky from all the cum that had gotten on it, I showed him my stump for taking on all the guys. He was taking his clothing off while I showed him around, and when I was done with the tour he was standing next to me with a giant hard-on. We were next to the fucking stump and he said that he wanted to try it out if I was up for a little fun. Boy was I ready. I grabbed my sticky blanket and laid it over the stump and got into position – ass and pussy sticking up on one side of the stump, my stomach resting on the tree, and my breasts and head on the other side. He stood back and took in the site – under the stars and moon, out in the wilderness, his 51 year old wife’s ass shining in the moonlight waiting for a good fucking from the most wonderful man in the world. He moved around to the front and placed his big – bigger than any of my other guys – cock into my waiting mouth. He was able to play with my breasts as he pushed his cock deep into my mouth. In the position I was in he was able to deep fuck my throat and work my breasts without either of us having to strain. He was busy slamming his cock down my throat, but I think he wanted more, so he stopped and pulled out and moved around to my backside. He just moved right in and pounded his cock deep into my old hairy pussy – my god did he feel good, and the surroundings made it even better. I was moaning, groaning and whimpering with each thrust in – as he would go faster so would the sounds that were coming from my mouth. When I came, I was in heaven – I think I was incoherent and making all kinds of sounds. He wasn’t done yet and slipped his cock out of my pussy and moved up to my asshole and shoved in – I let out a little scream that I think got him even more excited and he really got into fucking my ass hard. I has shaking all over saying how good it was and how much I needed his big cock fucking my ass – he was way into my ass, he was pounding the base of his cock hard against my ass hole – so good. Than we both came, me for about the 10th time and him deep in my ass – a feeling that if you have never felt is so wonderful. He just fell forward onto my back and we both stayed this way for a few minutes while we tried to get our breaths. Finally he stood up and pulled his shriveled cock out of my ass and helped me up. He said that I had found a great fucking device in my tree stump – right height for all my holes, not to strenuous on my body, great for some hard core pounding without me being hurt. He said this might need to be a place that we use from time to time, and that there were enough places for him to hide if he ever wanted to see me in action with my other guys. We put the blanket away – with more cum on it than before and put our cloths on for the jog back home. As we were getting ready to leave, my husband came up with an idea that he wanted me to try. He said, since it was dark and no one uses the park at night, why should I put on my sports bra and t-shirt, why not try jogging nude, and see how far we go. I reminded him that women need some support when they jog, my 36D breasts would swing around and possibly knock me out. He said we could go slow, or even walk if needed, but it would be fun and exciting. I figured what the fuck and off came the shirt and bra – he was going to have to carry them, and take the lead because I didn’t want to run into anyone. So off we went, a slow jog/fast walk – it was extremely exciting, and as I took steps the cum in my ass started to leak out, and my pussy juice was smeared across my pussy hair and down my leg – what a site it was – my husband was great, he kept an eye open for anyone coming and kept telling me how great I looked and how I looked. We got to an area just before the entrance to the park – were it opens up into a parking lot and I lost my nerve, and put my t-shirt on and we went the rest of the way home like this – still a great feeling (nice without the bra and no pants). Once we got home we had some wine and talked about how I was feeling – super horny and all, and how we could keep things fresh. Now that is for another story – I need comments to continue, not just asking for pictures.. things are really getting good in my life.. see you next time, look for me in the park….
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