Out for a run Part 5

Last week was vary busy for me and I wanted to let you know how it went, Last Tuesday when I went for my jog in the park and stopped at my secret place to sun – nude and relax I was found out buy 5 guys who had a wild gang bang with me (read Out for a run part 4), Now, let me tell you a little about me, I have a distinct look – 51 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and has acquired the taste for cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that has just lately started to enjoy anal sex – the flat butt leads to great penetration without needing to move the checks away, and I enjoy being naked, but have a shy side. My husband has been out of town for over a week now and still has another week away. I have been very horny since he left and have been exploring another side of me. Must be a mid-life thing being this hot and horny all the time. Today is Thursday, I stayed home yesterday to rest my body and mind – having sex with 5 guys that were 18 years old really wore this old girl out, but oh did it feel so good. The guys had taken a lot of pictures of our encounter, and mailed me a set to have and enjoy. They all had my e-mailed and had sent me messages asking when and if I was going to be at my secret spot again so that they could come and play. I let them know that Wednesday was a rest day, but I would be there Thursday. So, today I got ready for my jog to my spot by wearing my sports bra, old t-shirt, panties and shorts plus my tennis shoes. I walked to the park and set off jogging. It felt so good jogging in the park, and thinking about all the sex I had had lately. I got to my secret place and found my 5 guys there waiting for me. All 5 had e-mailed me after our last adventure together and told me how good it was, 2 of them let me know that they were no longer virgins after our time together. It is so exciting to see these guys excited and hot for my body. I sat down with the guys and let them know that I had some rules that they had to follow before we proceeded. 1. they could only contact me at my e-mail address, if they saw me anywhere else they needed to ignore me. 2. they could ask me to do things, but if I said no that was it. 3. We are to stay a secret group, no new members without my permission 4. all pictures taken remain secret and I must get a copy. 5. when I wanted to play was the only time that we play . 6. any break in these rules everything stops for the whole group. They all agreed to these rules and set up one of there own – private one on one fun with me would be tolerated as long as I set it up. So, I decided today to take things slow and make the guys wait. I spread out my blanket over by my well used tree stump and laid back and closed my eyes. My 5 guys sat next to me without saying a word and watched my chest raise and fall with each breath. I could only keep them in suspense so long before even I couldn’t hold out. I sat up and told the guys that I was a lover of being nude and that is why I jogged here, and if they wanted to stay they would have to be nudists to. Well in no time flat the guys pulled their shirts off and dropped their pants, leaving me the only one in cloths. I took care of this pretty fast by pulling my shirt, bra, pants and panties off in record speed. Now all 6 of us where naked sitting on my blanket. Taking it slow again I laid back and closed my eyes to see what would happen. Well, you could hear a pin drop it was so quiet, the guys didn’t want to do anything that might upset me, so they just sat there and stared at my breast going up and down and my hairy pussy. I decided that I had most of the day to play, and that I would not rush things, so I just dozed off with my guys around me. I was only dozing for a couple of minuets when I felt movement around me, and opened my eyes to see the guy closet to my head – Jim rubbing his cock pretty fast – looked like he couldn’t wait for me. As I turned my face toward him he shot off a sizable amount of cum right into my face and hair – he was very appalagic about doing this, but I just said it was ok and to enjoy the feeling. The other guys where all rubbing their cocks, but no one else was that close to cumming. I guess that I couldn’t hold back my horny feelings anymore and asked the guys what they wanted to do. I got 5 rapid fire answers, all having to do with them placing the cocks in some part of my old body. I decided to take some control, and wiped up and swallowed the cum from my face and told 2 of the guys to come over to me and to start sucking on my breasts. They seemed to be able to do this without problem, so I told one of the other guys to put his face in my hairy cunt and to start licking. He got into position and boy did he go at it, I had to slow him down and do a bit of steering to get the right feeling – now this was nice, laying back having 2 young guys working over my breasts and another guy eating my pussy. I was moaning and groaning, squirming and screaming – god I was in heaven. The 2 other guys just watched and took pictures of all the action. This didn’t last that long because to much licking and sucking make my play areas to sensitive, so I stopped the guys and looked over at my tree stump. It had worked out so well the last time we played, no sore knees , hips, lower back, - plenty of room to thrust, and at just the right height to suck and fuck. My mind was made-up. I had the guys help me up and I placed the blanket over the stump and laid my stomach on the blanket for comfort – ass and pussy sticking out on one side, tits hanging free on the other with my face and mouth free for action. They asked me before they started if any holes where off limits and I told them not today. My 5 guys where ready to fuck my old pussy, ass, and mouth into submission. We went at it for quite awhile with the guys taking turns using my pussy and ass, or moving to the front and fucking my mouth and playing with my dangling breasts. Every couple of guys they would stop and offer me water to drink and to find out if I needed to rest. God, these guys were great, none of them had really big cocks, so they could all use my holes without causing me pain. After most of the guys had cum multiple times inside me, one asked if he could fuck me missionary style. I said sure, and after more pictures – they now had no problem getting real close up pictures, They helped me up and we laid out the blanket – now very sticky with lots of cum on it and my guy hopped on – it was a nice fuck, being able to see his face and let him rub and squeeze my boobs. I think I made more grunting and moaning noises with him just to get him going. He came and just laid there on top of me – we both were having trouble getting our breath. Once he was done I think we were all pretty well done for the day, and the guys pulled out a fresh towel and water for me to clean up with. They had brought some stuff to make it more comfortable here, how sweet. I told the guys that I would not be back until sometime next week – my husband was coming home and I wanted to take care of all his needs before coming on another jogging adventure. The guys seemed to understand, and were just happy to be getting what they were getting. Even with the cleaning supplies that the guys brought I was still a mess, as I walked cum would run down my leg from my stretched out hairy pussy, or my flat ass. I also had cum in my hair and I am sure on my face – no mirror to check with. I really didn’t care, I felt wonderful, taking care of my all the sexual needs of my 5 young guys and still being ready for more if needed. As I did before I had the guys leave before me, as I dressed, There was still quite a bit of cum flowing out of my cunt and ass – usually I could tighten my muscles and hold it in, but not today, they fucked me silly and I didn’t have the muscle control to hold it in. I expelled as much as possible into my hand and slurped it up into my mouth – no need to waste it. I finished dressing and started to walk back through the park. It was about 2 miles back to the park entrance, and about half way there another jogger caught up with me and seemed to spend an extra amount of time following me – he was maybe 20 with a good build, he passed me and spent an extra amount of time looking at me – probably saw the dried cum in my hair and on my face and I am sure he saw the cum running down my leg with each step I took – He headed off, but did give me a good smile. No other incidents on the way home, and when I got their I took a nice warm bath and thought about the day. I checked my e-mail after my bath and sure enough there were another 356 pictures of me and my guys to see and 5 more short videos – god my guys are great. I will let you know how this week goes latter in the week, husband coming home, my play guys and other surprises. I need your comments, can see pictures on this site and e-mail me on this site. Love you all and enjoy.
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