Out for a run Part 4

Well, it has been a busy week since the last time I wrote. Last week – Thursday when I went for my jog, I stopped at my usual stopping area “my place” to relax and get some sun. I have a distinct look – 51 years old, 5 feet 5 inches tall, 145 pounds, Hispanic with darker skin, brunet hair – shoulder length, mouth that loves to suck cock and has acquired the taste for cum, breast size 36D with mouthful size nipples that love attention and are extremely sensitive, abdomen not fat, but enough cushion for some good pushing, dark well maintained pussy hair – no shaving here, pussy that loves action – tight and warm, very toned legs from jogging, flat butt that has just lately started to enjoy anal sex – the flat butt leads to great penetration without needing to move the checks away, and I enjoy being naked, but have a shy side. I am married and my husband has been away on business the past week, and has one more week to go. I think I am going through some sort of mid-life thing because I have been much more horny lately and in need of excitement. Last week when I went on my jog I stopped at my place and got naked and relaxed, as I was reliving my anxiety, I was seen by two guys. I put on a little show for them, and ended up blowing them and letting both of them ass fuck me. It was a first for me and it felt great. I have not been back their since than because the weekend came and the park I jog in got to busy. I went back for another jog in the park this past Tuesday, and here is my adventure. I got ready to go for my jog – dressed in my sports bra, old large t-shirt, panties and shorts, I packed my day pack with some water bottles and a blanket to lay on when I rest. It was a nice sunny day, not to hot and not to cool – a great day. I walked the couple of blocks to the park – no one was around which is usual for a week day, and I set off for my jog. As I was jogging I started to think back about the last time I made love to my husband, the computer sex we had last night and about my adventure with the two guys in the park last week. By the time I got to my secret little place in the park I was pretty hot and bothered. I made my way from the trail over to the area I call mine and first thing I did was look for my panties that I left here last week – I search everywhere, but could not find them. Oh well, I opened up my day pack and got out my blanket and spread it out – I checked the area for any unwanted visitors, the area is grassy with some old fallen trees and surrounded by trees. It is very secluded and this is what I liked about this area. I pulled off my shirt and sports bra freeing my breasts to the morning air, and than dropped my shorts and panties to let my body breath in nature. I lied down on my stomach to tan my back and get a little rest. I must have fallen asl**p, because I kind of woke with a startle not knowing where I was for a second. I looked around and got my bearings and checked the watch I had in my backpack and it said I had been asl**p for about an hour – not bad, I decided to turn over and work on my front side tan – god it felt good being out here in the woods, nude tanning without a care in the world. I dozed off quickly, but was startled again, but this time by someone coming. They were already to close for me to do anything, but clamp my legs shut cross my arm over my chest and sit up to see who it was invading my space. The first person I saw was one of the guys from last week, and he was leading a group of 4 other guys – all young looking 18 and 19 yrs olds. When he saw me sitting there he got real excited and said “see, I told you, now will you believe what I told you, she is real and not made up”, there stood 5 guys with their mouths open staring at me. I said “what the fuck are you doing here” and he went on to tell me that he had told his friends about the hot older lady he and his other friend found in the park naked, and how she put on a show for them and than they each got the best blow job of their young lives and than where treated to a hot ass fucking that they would remember forever. I loved hearing this, and than he showed me my old pair of panties from last week and went on to tell me how his friends would not believe him, so he brought them all here last Friday and showed them the spot and he found my panties. They than started to believe, and they had been coming up here each day hoping to find me. Today was going to be there last trip up because they were not believing him. Well surprise, here sitting on the grass naked was a women older than most of their mothers. None of the guys spoke, only stared at me as my friend from last week spoke, when he was done I didn’t know what to say or do. The guys where easing themselves closer to me and I could see that they all had erections in their pants – very exciting. What should I do I thought to myself, get up and run –no, play it cool – yes. We talked some more about the weather and whatever else my friend wanted to talk about, but the whole time his buddies just stared. Finally, my friend asked if I could show him and his friends more of my body, since I was covering most of the vital areas. I was feeling more relaxed with the situation, and knowing that they could turn this situation into anything they really wanted at any time I agreed. I put my arm down showing off my breasts with stiff nipples pointing out, this got some sighs from the group. I than slowly opened my legs revealing my hairy pussy for the group. This got some groans and other somewhat obscene sounds from the group. After this, one of the guys in the back of the group asked very polite if he could see my ass. I rolled over to give him and the other guys a good look at my flat ass. The group remained quiet, but you could hear them all breathing heavy and looking into their faces you could see them staring at their favorite areas. My friend than asked if I could show them what I was doing last time he found me – masturbating with a plastic disposable water bottle. I had come this far, and figured that this would finish things off and I could head home. I got out my water bottle and using the bottom end first, I spread my legs wide apart and placed the bottom end against my hairy pussy lips. Using my other hand I opened my lips – already extremely wet and slowly pushed the bottle into my hot cunt. It took some time, because of the size of the bottle, but it made it in with some gasps and moans coming from me now. All the guys seemed to move in closer now and where standing around me, most subconsciously rubbing their cocks through their pants. I slowly started working the bottle in and out of my pussy, developing a rhythm and some speed, I was now moaning load and making little screaming sounds with each thrust, my friend was the brave guy and dropped his shorts and underwear and started to jack off his dick. He was quickly followed by the other 4 guys. What a sight this must have been, me lying on the ground naked fucking myself with a plastic water bottle and 5 guys standing around me jacking off. These guys where young and healthy, but very quick to shot. I was still building up to a good climax with the bottle when I felt something land on my stomach, I looked down and one of the guys had cum with globs landing on my stomach. This was quickly followed by a lot more cum landing all over my body – I guess once one guy came they all came. The last guy to cum was my friend from last week and he shot off with his cum landing on my face, I was still building to a climax, but reached up with one hand and scooped his cum into my mouth – god I love that taste. As I started to climax, I heard the sound of clicking; I glanced over and saw one of the guys with his digital camera shooting pictures. I just lost it and had a powerful cum. After this I just laid there for a few minutes trying to get my breath. Once I was able to breath better I opened my eyes and saw 5 hard cocks staring at me – young guys sure can recover fast. I was so hot and horny that I was ready for anything. My friend than asked if I was ready for more fun, and of course I said I was. I thought about how I could do this without injuring myself, or getting to tired before finishing the group. I saw it, I had the guys help me up and taking my blanket with me, made my way over to a fallen tree trunk. It was a nice size and shape, I placed my blanket over the tree trunk and laid on it with my stomach resting on the blanket, my pussy and ass where at a good height sticking out, so that if there was a lot of pushing I was still resting over the stump, my boobs dangled over the other side of the stump free to swing and be played with, and my head and mouth were at a good height and free for action. These guys were a little nervous, when it came time for action, they stood there and stared at the sight of this older women lying across a tree with all her holes accessible. My friend was the one who took charge, he positioned himself behind me, between my legs with his cock very close to my pussy. He bent forward and asked if the rules from last week applied – (no pussy, only mouth and ass), I turned back to him and said NO, all holes are open and ready, with that, he slowly pushed his cock into my hairy old cunt. Oh my god, did it feel good, and when I turned my head forward there was one of the guys standing there with his cock ready to fuck my mouth. He got to work on my mouth as my friend started to pound my cunt – this was an excellent position because my legs, hips and back where not straining and I was able to get the full enjoyment out of the pounding. The guy in my mouth came very quickly, as always I swallowed it all down, and was replace by the next guy, My guy in my pussy finished up and pulled out. These guys where pretty quick, but god it felt good to be used and enjoyed by them. The next guy to move into place behind me was a bit slow and careful; after he slid his cock into my cunt he laid down across my back and asked me if it was ok to fuck my ass. His buddy had told him about last week and how good it felt, so he wanted to try it. I turned my head, letting the cock in my mouth pop out and said sure, go for it. I turned back and the guy in front started fucking my mouth again. I felt the guy in the back slowly push his cock into my ass, oh my, did it feel so good, he started out slow, but was soon pounding like a jack hammer in my ass – he didn’t last long and came deep in my ass. The guys were passing the camera around to each other as they took their turns with me, I heard lots of snapping of the camera. The guys worked me pretty good that afternoon, as one would finish another would move into his place, always very careful not to hurt me, but also getting themselves off. I came more times than I can count, the air around me was full of guys grunting and groaning, me screaming, moaning and talking nasty to the guys when I could talk. I know all the guys fucked my pussy at least once and a couple of them more times, 3 of the guys fucked my ass and all used my mouth. By the last guy I was pretty much worn out. I just laid across the tree with my head down and rested. I continued to hear them taking pictures, and what a sight it must have been – this older women laying across a tree with cum in her hair and on her face, cum running down both her legs from her pussy and asshole. The guys helped me up and I felt like a mess – cum was everywhere. I got my bottle of water and panties and tried the best I could to clean up. I got the guys e-mail addresses and they got mine. I let them know that this was to be our little secret, and it may happen again. I also asked them to keep the pictures to themselves, but to e-mail me a set. I kissed them all goodbye and sent them on there way. After they were gone I dressed the best I could and set off home, no jogging home, just walking because bouncing made more cum drip from my pussy and ass, and also all that sex made moving certain ways difficult. When I got home I took a nice long bath and relived the day’s events, but it wasn’t until I opened my e-mail latter in the day that I really got to relive the events of the day. 282 pictures and 5 short videos of me in the woods with my guys. I loved them all, but I think the best pictures where the one with me on the ground and masturbating with the bottle and cum all over me, and me lying across the tree stump and cum running down my legs. The videos showed each of the guys pounding their favorite hole. I saved these into a secrete file just for me to enjoy. Hope you liked my adventure, need comments to keep posting, also check out my pictures and leave comments. Thanks for now, will write soon.
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3 years ago
part 3 was a repeat of 2 very good
3 years ago
What part is the ass fucking story?