Out for a run Part 1

What can I tell you, things have been getting better and better the past couple of weeks when it comes to sex. First was the gardener catching me without cloths on, and than the meter guy catching me sunning nude in the back yard. These were both very erotic and exciting, but just giving them blow jobs was not getting me off in the way that I like getting off. It did not help that around this time my husband went on a two week business trip to New York and left me home alone. We fucked like 2 teenagers the night before he left and than again in the morning as he was getting ready to leave for the airport. He did leave with a nice big grin on his face and a very soft cock in his pants. That day I just spent watching TV and relaxing. Around the house I enjoy the nudist lifestyle, but when I go out I dress nice and conservative. After a very restful day around the house, I decided I needed to get out and get some exercise. I enjoy running as a way of reducing stress and staying fit. Over 50 a women needs to exercise to keep fit and keep the men interested. A couple of blocks from the house there is a wilderness park with lots of wooded trails that are used for running and biking. My favorite trail is about 3 miles long and runs the length of the park, butting up to homes that border the park, lots of trees and bushes and than turns up into the hills and than back through the middle of the park. I have been running here for years and find it very relaxing. Now, it being a weekday there was almost no one at the park that I could see, so this made it better because I would not have to share the trail with anyone. Just the past few weeks I have started to enjoy showing off a little more of my body to strangers, as long as it is discrete and not a total public flash – I am still very shy at heart. So, I started out jogging in my t-shirt, sports bra, running shorts and tennis shoes. It was a nice warm day, not to hot, but enough that it felt nice when I was running. As I was running down the path, my mind started to day dream back to last night and this mornings activities. What wonderful thoughts I was having thinking about my husbands cock pounding in and out of my wet hot pussy and how great it was when he came in my mouth and than sprayed in my face and on my breasts. Than not wanting to waste a drop of his cum, it would be 2 weeks before he was home, I licked up all his cum and swallowed it all down. Now I know that I should not have been thinking these thoughts while I was out running because I could feel myself getting moist between my legs and start to think nasty thoughts. I was just passing the last house and turning to start the climb up the hill. This was the hardest part of the run, but also as you start the climb there are open grassy areas on the sides of the trail and lots of trees and just a wonderful place to run. I thought about stopping to get my breath, but I also new that with the state my mind was in I would have to take care of myself if I stopped. Well, my mind got the best of me and when I came to the top of the hill and found a nice area, secluded by trees, but open enough to stay warm in the sun I stopped and made my way over to the area. I sat down and relaxed, what a nice day to be outside and doing something I enjoyed doing. After resting for a few minutes those nasty thoughts came back and I started to remember the things that I had done to my husband and to the gardener and meter man. Such nasty things. I looked around and there was no one in site, and I had not seen anyone while I ran, or coming into the park, so I felt it was safe to express myself. I took my t-shirt off, followed by my bra, shorts, and panties. There I was naked except for my shoes and socks out in a public park. God, how great if felt – somehow wicked yet very natural. I just wanted to stay this way forever. But, the hotness of the feeling overtook me and I needed to take care of my own needs. I spread out my shirt and shorts on the ground, and laid back on them. I spread my legs and let my fingers take over in giving me some needed enjoyment, I slide my finger in and started using it like a little cock, and my other hand was playing with one of my very tender nipples. Oh, how great this felt, getting closer and closer to the point of no return. My finger pounding in and out, the other fingers on that hand rubbing my clit with every stroke, and my nipples just enjoying the whole feeling. I closed my eyes and was moaning and really getting into the feeling. Than it happened, I came and came and came. God was it great. I just stayed there with one hand in my pussy and the other holding onto my nipple and rested. After some time, I felt it was time to head home, but I was enjoying this natural feeling so much I didn’t want it to end. I thought about jogging nude, for a bit, but with the size of my breasts I might knock myself out if I did that. So I put on my sports bra and top and grabbed my panties and was just about to put them on when I said to myself “why?”. The t-shirt I was wearing was my husbands and was an XL size. It came down to my mid thigh, so I said to myself – what the fuck. It would be exciting and still comfortable, and if I past anyone they would not know I was naked down below. Now, what should I do with my panties and shorts? I didn’t want to carry them, and no pockets to hold them in. Well this was my idea, I will use this area that I am in as “my place” and would hide my panties and shorts here, and come and pick them up on my next run. This took all my courage, and as I started to run off towards the start of the trail I felt very naked. Anyone who has ever even tried running without there panties on should try it because it is a very exciting feeling. Well, to make a long story short I made it back to the park entrance without encountering anyone, I walked home, and made my way into my bedroom. I was feeling hornier than before, this was such a change for me – being shy and all. I just laid on my bed and pulled out my toy cock and fucked myself silly with it until all I could do was lay in bed with that toy cock embedded in my hot pussy and fall asl**p. What a great day and a great run. Now I think I have found a new place to play in the hills by my house. I will let you know how that goes, let me know how you like my stories…

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Run my way baby run my way......