Old times

For some strange reason this was what I thought I should be doing as a young girl. Well, after coming home from a date – spent most of the time kissing my boyfriend and him feeling me up – I was hot and bothered. When I got to my room my roommate was already in bed sl**ping – she didn’t have a boyfriend at the time, but she was much more worldly than I was. So I got into the room and changed into a t-shirt and my panties. I went to lay down and get some rest, but kept thinking about what happened on my date and how it made me feel. Well, I started to get worked up, I had been masturbating since I was 11 or 12 and new how good it made me feel. But I had not done it in my dorm room with someone sl**ping 6 feet away – usually in the bathroom late at night when no one was around. I guess I should have gotten up and gone to the bathroom to take care of myself, but for some reason that night I felt that it would be safe to do it in my bed as long as I was quiet. I got under my covers and slipped of my panties. I have never shaved, common now for girls to shave all their pussy hair off. I like a nice full bush. And started to finger my pussy while thinking about what my boyfriend wanted to do to me. While I was fingering myself I started to breath much heavier and I closed my eyes to concentrate on what I was doing. In doing this I must have let my mind wonder, and did not think about someone else being in the room. My roommate said that it was my moaning that woke her up and my light talking – “fuck me, fuck me” over and over that got her to come over to my bed to see what I was doing – like she didn’t know. Well, I was just finishing up cumming when I heard her say something like “feeling better now”. My eyes opened right up and I saw her standing over me in her T-shirt and panties. She sat down on my bed and we talked about what had just happened and how embarrassed I was and how she couldn’t tell anyone. I started to cry – at the time I was painfully shy – and she comforted me. She promised not to tell a sole and we just stayed on the bed holding each other. She started to rub my arm as she held me and it felt real good, as she told me latter she could smell me and it really excited her. Well, I must have still been excited, because somehow things progressed very fast from rubbing my arm to rubbing my pussy. Boy was I moaning now and she started to kiss me on the lips – felt very different than when my boyfriend had kissed me. She than slipped off her t-shirt and boy did she have great looking boobs. It just felt natural to place one in my mouth and start sucking. While I was working on her boobs, she was really going at it on my cunt with her fingers. Bed covers got tossed onto the floor and we were going at it like I had never before. She stood up and took off her panties and she had a great looking blond/ redish bush that looked like heaven. She got back into my bed and placed the lovely bush right in my face and it just so happened that my dark black hairy bush went right to her face. This being a first time for me, - found out latter my roommate had done this before in high school. I seemed to know instinctively what to do and dove right in. It smelled so good and the taste was something that I can still remember to this day. We went at it like rabbits, could not get enough of each other that night. I remember waking up in the morning looking straight at her hairy pussy. We continued enjoying each others bodies until the end of the school quarter and she needed to move back home. In that time we sucked and used all kinds of different objects to fuck each other with. I did let y boyfriend go all the way with me during those months, and my roommate even got to suck his cum out of my pussy once. Boy was that a great couple of months, but since that time I have not been with another women, only men.. Hope you liked my little story – comments are vary welcome.
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3 years ago
You should have kept in touch with her
3 years ago
very good