The Best Sunday Night

This happened about 2 weeks ago.

I invited my girlfriend down to my house on a Sunday. We was planning to go to church but we got caught up doing some other things. She decided to play hide and seek. I was using the bathroom and all of a sudden she was gone. I looked in the living room, the kitchen, and even out back. I went in my room and headed for the closet and there she was crouched down on the floor smiling away. I grabbed her, pulled her up and put her up against the wall. She was just laughing away and so was I. We shared some words of love and then kissed sweetly against each other lips. We didn't stop. I decided to pull her hair just to hear her moan. She started to get horny by then. I decided to feel through her shorts. She let out little moans as I pleasured her. Then I went further feeling her wet panties with my finger tips. She moaned even more and a bit louder. She got tired of messing around and said "Put your fingers in me." I went down her panties and felt the warmth of her pussy on my fingers. I felt how wet it was and went in slowly. She moaned louder the further I went in. As soon as I couldn't go any further I took my fingers almost all the way adn then went back in harder. She screamed in pleasure of it. I just started building up faster and faster. I could feel her clit throbbing against my finger every time I pulled it out. This went on for a few minutes then she screamed, "Stop!" I questioned her, "Why?" "Because it's not fair for me to get all the pleasure." She lead me to the bed and unbuttoned my pants. She put her hand down there and started jerking it. She pulled down my boxers and got on her knees and started blowing me. I felt her tounge going in circles around my hard cock. I pulled her hair one more time and she let out another giant moan. I picked her up and bent her over and started fucking her. All she said was to do it harder and harder. I did. We was enjoying ourselves so much. We was both getting there. I could feel her about to cum because her pussy was getting tighter. I grabbed her ass and pulled her hair one more time and I felt her cum at the same time as I did. I fucked her a few seconds after there just to hear her moan a bit more. We layed in bed until Monday morning came around. It was the best Sunday night I ever had. ^_^
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