BDSM - Used and abused (true story)

As you can probably tell by the title, i'm a pretty big fan of BDSM culture and specifically being dominated. Well, here's a true story from last year that still turns me on every time I think about it.


Me and my ex-boyfriend had been going out for almost four months, and we had got to the level where things had started to get a bit boring. We both use recreational d**gs, and one day he came up with a brilliant idea. One day over the next couple of weeks, he would d**g me, tie me up and dominate when I was least expecting it. We wouldn't have sex and I wouldn't be allowed to masterbate until he did this. The d**g he would use to do this was GHB (Gamma-hydroxybutyrate). At the time, it was easy to get hold of and we used it almost weekly. The previous week I had passed out from taking 2.5 grams of the stuff with no other ill effects, so we agreed that he would use this dosage. The stuff easily dissolved in liquids and had almost no odour / taste so me detecting it wouldn't be a problem. What he did once I was d**gged was entirely up to him, and there would be no stopping it unless there was some kind of emergency.

So our week carried on as normal. For the first couple of days I was suspicious of every drink and meal that I had. He always had a grin on his face, so it was really hard to tell if he was bluffing or not. This made me feel completely powerless and horny as fuck for pretty much 24 hours a day. By the third day, I was horny as I hadn't had an orgasm since the pact. I tried with all my strength to resist, but I decided that I was going to masterbate while he was out at work.

It was about 6pm and he wasn't going to be coming over until about 8, so I decided that I would have ample opportunity to masterbate and then make us some food before he came over and we went out to the pub. I went into my bedroom, booted the computer and quickly put on my favourite porno. I began to wank, and it felt awesome. I decided that I was going to hold out as long as I could without ejaculating. About 30 minutes in, I felt pretty tired and decided that I would finally cum.

I rested for a while, looked up at the clock and realised that I only had about half an hour to shower and start making food. I sat up, reached to grab my clothes and immediately realised that something was wrong. I was extremely dizzy and weak, and I could hardly move without an immense amount of effort. I thought that maybe I was sick, so with a great amount of effort I grabbed my phone and rang him to tell him to not bother coming over. The conversation went something like this :

Me - "Hey Liam, i'm really sorry but I don't really feel well enough to go out tonight"
Liam - "Aw, that's a shame. I was really looking forward to it as well. What's wrong?"
Me - "I feel pretty dizzy and sick, think I might have food poisoning or something"
Liam - "I'm pretty sure food poisoning doesn't make you slur your words! Have you been drinking before I came over or something?"
Me - "No! You know i'd never do that! I only drink when you are around"
Liam - "Okay. Well, i'll head over anyway just to make sure you are okay"
Me - "You really don't have to do"
Liam - "No, but I want to punish you for going against our pact."
Me - "What?"
Liam - "You know what i'm talking about, you promised not to masterbate for the next two weeks"
Me - "How did you.."

Suddenly it all made sense and my head started to spin. He was crafty as fuck. He'd noticed that I kept a bottle of water at the side of my PC. The only time I used the PC was to watch porn as I had a laptop for work stuff. He'd slipped the GBL into the bottle of water. There was only a little bit left in it, and I had drank it without thinking twice. He'd known that I would disobey him and carefully planned this sequence of events so that he could punish me. I tried to sit up again, and realised that I was now completely unable to control my muscles. My dick was hard and I was still naked, however I couldn't even lift a finger to touch it.

The next thing I know, I feel a thumping headache. I am disoriented, confused and have no idea what is happening to my body. I attempt to move forward but quickly realise that I can't. There was something restraining me. I tried to figure out what position I was in, and realised that I couldn't see. It felt like I was strapped to a bed or something. I tried with all my might to move, but it only made the bindings tighter. And then out of nowhere I felt something slip into my ass. It suprised me and actually kind of hurt.

By this point I had figured out entirely what was going on, and I started to apologise to Liam. Or at least I tried to. I couldn't speak as there was some kind of gag in my mouth preventing me from making anything more than a muffled groan. Whatever was penetrating my ass was really starting to hurt now, and although I was kind of enjoying it I wanted it to stop. I tried my best to shout to get Liam to stop, but every time I shouted the penetration got faster and deeper. After what seemed like hours, it suddenly stopped. I was relieved, but quickly began to realise how horny I actually was. My dick was harder than it had ever been before and I was absolutely desparate to cum. Liam spoke for the first time since we'd been on the phone.

Liam - "Enjoy that?"
Me - "mmhmmh" (yes)
Liam - "Want me to finish you off?"
Me - "mhmhmhmhmh (yes)"
Liam - "Bet you'd like that wouldn't you. Problem is, you disobeyed me and now you are going to be punished. I'm not going to let you cum."

I heard footsteps and figured that he had left the room. He was going to leave me horny as fuck with no way of getting relief. I was absolutely desparate to orgasm however I had no way of reaching my dick. I realised that when I budged in a certain way, I could rub the bottom of my cock against the surface I was tied to. I was on my side, so this was extremely uncomfortable. After a while I managed to get pretty close to orgasm, and I started to groan a bit. I nearly had a heart attack when Liam grabbed my fully erect dick and pulled it all the way downwards. It hurt like hell and I tried to scream out in pain.

Liam - "Oh, disobeying me again? How can I punish you this time?"
Me - "Mmmhm"
Liam - "Maybe I should let you cum. Infact, I will. Infact, i'm going to make you cum. I'm going to make you cum so much that you have nothing left."

I couldn't argue, this sounded like it was going to be awesome. He started stroking my cock with his soft hands and it felt absolutely divine. When I finally came, my whole body rocked and convulsed. It was the ultimate orgasm, and I can't imagine that i'll ever have one even half as good for the rest of my life. But the stroking didn't stop. By this point I wasn't horny at all and the stroking had started to hurt. I wanted him to stop, but he didn't. I hoped that my dick would go soft, but it stayed as hard as ever. After a little while I started to feel an orgasm building again. I finally managed to orgasm, but quickly began to realise that this wasn't going to stop.

I lost count of the amount of orgasms i'd had. It hurt, and I had no cum left but they still felt amazing. I was exhausted and ready to orgasm for what felt like the hundredth time when the stroking stopped and he finally let me rest.
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3 years ago
Excellent story ;)
3 years ago
Sounds great but I would never use that kind of drug myself. I like to enjoy another mans body, not just get used. Great story btw, thanks for writing it!