The old swimming hole....part 3

The day finally arrived for the party with the boys....I had asked my son if he was doing anything special today...."nah, gonna go hang with the guys, probably...". I couldn't wait for his surprise. And honestly it was a little exciting to imagine us two older women with half a dozen hot young guys....

Betty had agreed to host the party, so I went there and we got things ready. I had brought some condoms and a tube of KY....just in case. Maybe the boys would just want the boobs and pizza....

I was in the kitchen when there was a knock at the door....Betty and I had put on light tops with no bra, shorts and the cute little maids' aprons. Hardly functional, but we liked them...we had laughed at putting them on..."what the hell good were these things, anyway!". Betty went to the door, and looking not unlike a group out for trick or treat were the five boys. My son included!

I heard them come in and decided to make an entrance....I figured if we kept them off guard, we could keep control of the situation.

I grabbed some slices of pizza and went around the corner to the living room..."Hello for some pizza?" Jaws dropped...and I could feel 10 eyes drilling holes through my clothes...and my son gasped..."Mom!?!".

The Thomas boy...Rick...who had started things off was caught a little off guard. But he was kind of cute...I went up to him first...."Care for a piece" I batted my eyes and bent so that there was a gap in my blouse. I could feel their eyes on my ass as well.... He stammered a little..." mean pizza? Yeah...sure...." Good. thhe tough guy was off his game, we had the advantage.

Betty and I brought out more pizza, served some soda....made some polite talk....and after a few rounds, met in the kitchen. Betty looked at me...and said what we were both thinking.... "Are you as turned on as I am...those boys are all virgins! We could be there first..." I looked at her....I couldn't do of them was my son for cryin' out loud!!! But I said...."If you want to go for it....I'll cover your back....we don't want it out of control!"

A smile came across her face..."Watch this...and she went back into the room".

As she was refilling Rick's glass, she overpoured and soda ran right into his lap...he jumped a bit, but Betty had a towel at the ready and began dabbing at his crotch....rubbing it...maybe a little too much....and said...."Oh, silly me....I think we must get you out of those wet pants....and undid his belt. I thought the other boys eyes would explode out of their heads as Betty proceeded to undo the button and zipper.....

Right she had started to remove Ricks damp pants (presumably just from the spilled soda....), Betty turned to the boys and said..."OK....those pictures. I want them ALL deleted...NOW!" and she turned back to Rick...and added "Isn't that right, Richard...." It was clear who was back in charge...and all Rick could say was..."Yes, ma' heard her....clear them out....". It was almost funny hearing the cell phones beep and click in unison....

Betty went back to the matter at hand...."Rick...stand up and we'll get you out of these wet pants...." There was a little snicker as Rick stood and his tighty whiteys were revealed...I would have thought boxers, myself....but even so, there was a nice bulge in the front....

To be continued.....soon!
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3 years ago
I don't see a pt 4 or 5 out there ... what happened?
3 years ago
very good
4 years ago
great story more plz soon
4 years ago
need more just ant hard yet got more