Episode 11 - cocksucker finally gets some pussy

Episode 11 of the 'cocksucker' series. The title has not limited the action.

As I sat on the couch with my teacher, her husband Dave remained on his hands and knees in front of us. He was watching as I fingered his wife's pussy.
Her encouragement was in the form of little whimpers as I rubbed her clit with my thumb as my four fingers went in and out of her cunt.
Mick was behind Dave with his cock firmly in Dave's ass. It had slipped in easily, lubricated by the cum I had just deposited there. Dave rocked back and forth, pushing his rear against Mick. Mick stayed still, enjoying what Dave was doing, but he said that if he moved as well he would cum too soon. Since Peter had sucked him off, I had fucked him over the arm of the sofa but he hadn't cum again and it looked like he wouldn't last long in Dave's ass.
Mick was watching what I was doing with our teacher. One was busy with her pussy but the other was trapped between us as we sat side by side. She was turned towards me and was sliding her hand up and down my cock.
I wanted to fuck her and told her so. Except this was my teacher, so it came out as a request.
"Can we do it, Miss?"
"Do what, Ben?"
"You know...."
"Do you want to fuck me?"
"Yes Miss"
She looked down at Dave. "This student of mine wants to fuck me, darling. Should I let him?"
Dave continued to rock his body back and forth against Mick's erect penis as he looked up into her eyes. "Yes, I know you like that and I want you to have whatever you want. But first...."
He reached up between my legs, grasped my erection and took my cock into his mouth.
I had fucked him in the ass and now he was giving me a blowjob. His wife looked on excitedly. She rocked her hips up and down in time with the bobbing of her husband's head, it was controlling how my fingers were moving in her pussy.
She turned and whispered to me "I want your thumb in me as well" so I took it away from her clitoris and added it to the four fingers that I was thrusting in and out of her pussy.
She reached down and gripped my wrist, pulling my hand hard into her cunt. I felt my knuckles against her opening as she fucked herself with my hand.
"Like this, Ben" she told me, and rammed my fist against her opening.
I felt myself entering deeper into her with each pull of her hand on my wrist.
Then she stopped moving me in and out and maintained a steady pressure, pulling my whole hand into her cunt.
She let go of me and I looked down to see. My arm ended at the wrist and the rest was inside her. "Now go in and out, Ben" and I started pumping my arm.
Now Dave's mouth on my cock moved in time with what I was doing.
He was sucking me, but his eyes were locked on his wife's pussy stretched around my forearm.
Mick was looking at the same thing. I looked over at Peter. He was stroking his huge cock. All this time he had not yet cum. Knowing he was only good for one orgasm at his age, he was saving it, but he hadn't said what for yet.
Then Peter moved to kneel behind Mick and started to rub his cock against Mick's ass. I was the only person to have fucked Mick and Peter's cock is twice the size of mine so I knew this was going to be uncomfortable.
There was lube already in Mick's ass, as well as my cum, so Peter shoved his cock into him all in one motion.
Mick cried out with obvious discomfort but Peter grabbed him and kept his big cock firmly buried in Mick's ass. I felt sorry for Mick, remembering how Peter's cock had hurt me when he fucked me against my will that first time.
But I was more concerned that Dave was going to make me cum in his mouth before I had a chance to get my cock into his wife's pussy.
"Please, Miss. I need it soon or it will be too late." I pleaded.
She reached down and lifted her husband's head away from my cock and then pulled on my arm so that my fist came out of her wet cunt.
"Come on then, Ben. I think you've earned your reward." She stood and walked in the direction of the bedroom. I followed her.
Dave continued to move his bottom against the cock that was impaling him as he turned to watch his wife and me going off to fuck in another room.
"Don't I get to watch, Jane?" he asked and she told him he could enjoy imagining this teenager (me) fucking her. I looked back down the hallway one last time to see Peter with his cock deep inside Mick's ass and Mick's inside Dave's ass.
Mick looked unhappy, not enjoying fucking Dave like I had and definitely not enjoying the massive meat that was stretching his asshole beyond the point where pleasant sensations ended.
Peter was still holding him firmly in his grasp and ramming his cock over and over up Mick's ass.
I saw a mix of envy and pain on Mick's face as I went into the bedroom behind Mrs Evans and closed the door.
She walked over to the bed and laid down on her back. Only a short time before I had been on this same bed, allowing a strange older man to fuck me. Pretending to be a virgin for him. And now I actually was a virgin again. I was finally going to get my cock inside a woman.
I climbed up on the bed and lay next to Mrs Evans. My hand reached down and found her pussy again, and I quickly slipped three fingers into her.
Pushing hard.
I withdrew and started to go back in with my whole fist and she stopped me.
"No Ben, I think it might be more fun to be gentle, now that we aren't putting on a show." She rolled towards me and kissed my lips.
I moved my hand from her crotch and started to explore her smooth curvy body.
"Mmmm Ben, that's nice. Do you like my body?"
"Yes, Miss"
"I think you should call me Jane, Ben" she told me, "I want you to call me Jane"
"Jane" I said and we kissed again.
My hand moved over he bare skin and I cupped her breast. I broke away from her mouth and started to suck on her hard nipple. Her hand tousled my hair and she moaned softly.
"Mmmm sweet boy, that's nice"
I moved on top of her. My thighs outside hers.
Now I was able to touch and lick and nibble both her breasts. Her hands caressed my back and ass.
I raised my head and looked into her eyes. There was affection there along with the lust.
Leaning down, I brushed her lips with mine.
Now it was me kissing her and I felt her reaction. She kissed me back with fervor, her arms went around my neck and she held me to her.
It was fantastic. This teacher, that all us boys at school had been lusting after, was naked under me and I was kissing her.
My erection rubbed against her belly and she held me tight against her body. She spread her legs and I moved down between them, feeling my cock against the wet lips of her cunt.
Her lips left mine and she brought them to my ear.
Softly, softly whispering...
"Are you ready, Ben? Ready to fuck your first pussy?"
"Oh Jane...." was all I could say.
She reached down between us and gripped my cock tightly in her fist. Moved me so that I was at the opening of her pussy and then let go.
"Fuck me, Ben. Push your cock in."
I moved my hips and my cock went into her wonderful cunt. It felt like velvet. I could feel her squeezing her vaginal walls around my cock. She reached behind me and grabbed my ass in her hands, pulling me deeper into her.
I started bucking my hips against her in a crazy frenetic motion. Uncontrolled, frenzied. Fucking this fantastic cunt. Feeling the walls against my shaft. Her body enveloping my erect penis.
The excitement was past my experience and I could tell that I would cum very soon. It was a dilemma: I wanted it to last, but I wanted to cum inside my lovely teacher's cunt as soon as possible. I managed to gain some control and slow down, but Jane started humping up against my thrusting cock.

"No Ben, don't slow down sweet boy" she held me tightly in her arms and humped faster, jamming my cock into herself. "I want your cum so bad."
"But I won't last, Jane."
She looked me in the eye, my cock still embedded in her pussy.
"I know, Ben. My little virgin. I know you won't last. I don't care. Just enjoy it. We'll go slow another time."
The thought of getting to fuck her again in the future added to the sensation of my cock in her cunt, the sight of her naked body below me, the recent recollection of having my fist in her while her husband watched, of her watching as I fucked her husband, of her seeing me with Peter's cock in my ass..... it was all too much.... I was banging her like a maniac.
The bed was rocking. Thumping against the wall.
Jane began to moan loudly.
She grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled me into her, thrusting up to meet my downward motion.
Shouting at me now.
"Cum, Ben. Cum in my pussy. Give it to me baby."
I powered into her, like I was trying to shove my entire body up her twat.
Her hands squeezed my ass so tight.
"Fuck meeeeee"
Bang Bang bang, the headboard.
Gasping, panting, grinding, thrusting into that silky cunt around my cock.
In and out of her body.
More and more until......
I tensed.
Clenched my buttocks.
Drove my cock as deep as possible into that magic slot and let fly.
Spurt after spurt of my cum loosed up inside my lovely teacher.
She held me tight as I filled her hot wet pussy.
"Oh yes, Ben. My sweet boy"
"Oh Jane." Slowly coming back to earth.
I stopped moving but kept my cock inside her.
Raised myself onto my hands and looked down at her.
We were both moist from our exertions. Leaning down I licked her perspiration from her cleavage. Then moved up to kiss her once more.
Her kisses were sweet, gentle, satisfied.
She held me for several minutes, her legs still wide apart, my cock still hard inside her, and then the door opened.
Dave, Mick and Peter came into the bedroom.
"Someone else's turn now, Ben." Peter told me.
"But we were having such a nice time, Pete" Jane said from under me.
"But there's only one of you Jane, and anyway Dave wants to watch you get fucked, if you'll let him. And Mick earned his stripes a little while ago. I think he deserves a treat"
"Another virgin for me, Pete? Is that right, Mick?"
"Yes Miss." Mick mumbled, shy to admit to his teacher that he was a virgin. Which I thought was odd, because she'd seen him being fucked up the ass by two different cocks and watched as he himself had buggered her husband.
Jane looked up at me and stroked my hair.
"That was sweet, Ben. You were very nice, and I hope you had a nice first time."
"Oh yes, Jane. I'll never forget it."
"Well, then..... maybe we should let someone else play." I want to believe that she was as sorry to see me go as I was to leave.
I reluctantly pulled my cock from her spectacular pussy. All three of them had erections, but I knew Mick was next up.
"You can all watch this time, boys" Jane told us, as Mick clambered up alongside her on the bed.
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5 months ago
loved this series of stories.
6 months ago
6 months ago
Great job, brings back so many memories from my youth.