Playing around

I've been spending quite a lot of time in the Xhamster cam rooms.
I love to watch guys masturbate and when they cum it is so exciting.
I have a cam myself now and have been online a few times - actually, I prefer the complete anonymity of Omegle for that.
It's amazing how easily you can find another man who wants to share a hot wanking session. My problem is I don't last long when I have a man watching me. But I cum so strongly.

Lately if I am going to knock one out, I go online and make sure some other guy watches the cum spurting from my cock. It increases the intensity of my orgasm unbelievably. It's almost like I think it's a waste NOT to be seen cumming now.

Some time ago a fellow XH member sent me a PM saying Hi. I guess he must have been in the same cam room as me and checked out my profile and liked the favorites.

So we start a conversation and it turns out we are both at about the same place in our fantasy lives and, as luck would have it, lived about 10 minutes away from each other. Furthermore we are both avid golfers. Anyone who knows golfers will tell you they will bend your ear off talking about it if you give them a chance, but me and my new friend spent a number of nice sessions talking about how much we would love to jerk each other off.
I came several times while he described what he wanted to do and I think he was just as excited as I told him how much I wanted to feel his cock in my hand and maybe suck him off.

Knowing he was so close made the whole thing that much more exciting.
Part of the masturbation fantasies we spun for each other involved getting together in the flesh and doing what we had been, thus far, only talking about.
Then the conversation turned more seriously toward the matter and we finally decided to meet for real.

It was like setting up a blind date. We needed a way to not go through with it if either of us felt uncomfortable.
I thought that we could do it in a friendly way by meeting for a game of golf at the course we both live near. If something came of our meeting, then great; otherwise we would at least had a game of golf. It was win-win.

I booked a mid-week tee-time for us and we agreed to meet on the putting green.
I told him what I would be wearing - we still never cammed together and only knew vaguely what we looked like.
I dressed in my regular golf shorts and shirt and we finally met.
Very formally, with a handshake and exchanged real names.
It was very odd... we were getting together to play golf but we were also checking each other out for a possible bi-sexual encounter.
I was very turned on with the thoughts and more so when I saw him checking me out. I did the same thing.

We shared a golf cart for the match and were paired with two strangers.
So the opportunity to get to know each other was available as we trundled from shot to shot.
And the opportunity for accidental-on purpose touching of our bare thighs as we sat together was very arousing to me. I was soon sure that I was interested in exploring some wild-side activities with this guy and I was hoping very much that he felt the same way.
He let me know pretty soon.
On the third hole my drive went wild into the right-hand trees and both of our playing partners went left.
I drove the cart over to where my ball was. The other two were well away and we were out of sight and his hand suddenly found my bare thigh.
He started stroking up and teasing under the hem of my shorts. I was hard immediately. Squirming on the seat of the cart.
I turned to look at him and he just stared right at me and continued to stroke my sensitive inner thigh.
I looked over to the others to be sure they were not watching and reached down and touched the front of his shorts.
I could feel his hard cock through the material and rubbed him for a few seconds.
Then we had to get back to the game. I couldn't concentrate at all and fucked up my next shot but eventually got out to the fairway and we continued to play the hole.
We maintained a casual conversation with each other and our playing partners but there was only one thing on my mind - and his.
Other opportunities for secluded fondling came along as we continued to play our round. During the next hole we touched each other again and discussed quitting the game and going to his house, but his wife was going to be there for a few hours before she went out and so we continued to play.
So there we were... knowing that this was the day we were both going to fulfill our fantasies of jerking off another man - and maybe a little more - and yet delaying the action. The round took 4 more hours to complete by which time I must have lost more fluids from pre-cum than from sweating.
We were still into it by the end of the round and he gave me directions to his home. When I got there, he offered me a beer and we sat and talked about everything except what was on our minds.
It had been a warm day and we were both in need of a shower. He took me to their guest bathroom and gave me a towel and said he was off to the other one and would see me in a few minutes.
I ran the water to how I like it and stepped under the shower. Just standing there for a few minutes, enjoying the refreshing sensation and thinking about what was likely to happen within the next hour or so.
I stepped out of the direct water and lathered up my entire naked body, making sure to be extra clean round my cock and balls. But, just touching there made me semi hard again and I worried that there was a strong chance that I would cum without much further stimulation.
As I finished covering my entire body with soap, I heard the shower door slide open. My eyes were closed to keep the soap out but I knew what was coming... my new friend had joined me under the flowing water.
My cock grew harder still as I felt his hands touching my soapy, slippery body. He pressed himself against me and he felt up my chest and back and buttocks.
I felt his hand slip between the cheeks of my ass and then he moved and I felt his whole body pressed against mine as he stood behind me.
His cock was obviously hard and rested against my ass.
With the water as lubricant, he started rubbing himself against my back and ass. His hands gripping my chest and playing gently across my nipples. I leaned forward and put my hands against the shower wall.
As he continued to rub up against my body I felt his hand reach around me and take my cock. I was so hard and feeling his hand on me was almost enough to make me cum immediately. I wanted to last longer than that!
I stood up and turned to face him under the water and reached around his naked body to grasp his butt cheeks in both hands. This pulled us together and my cock was hard against his. He reached out and did the same and we humped against each other for a few seconds.
I told him that I would cum if he didn't stop but he said that was OK we could have more fun later. That was all it took.
I came as he gripped my ass firmly and humped himself against me.
My cum shot up between our wet bellies and over his hard cock and I came and came so much and it was so fucking intense.
Here was a man rubbing his cock against me and I was touching his naked ass and he was holding me tight and wanting me to shoot cum for him. How could I stop myself?
And then it was my turn to make him cum.
I used more soap to clean my cum off our bodies and then I started paying close attention to his lovely cock. He is completely shaved and must have given himself a touch-up before joining my in my shower because the skin of his balls and around his cock was as smooth as smooth cold be.
I took soap and lathered round his balls and then reached up underneath to his ass-crack. I had to bend down to do that and his cock was close to my face.
So hard and big and uncut.
I continued to rub lather into his ass and as I did so, the shower washed away the soap on his cock...... it was right there..... I leaned down and opened my lips and took his cock into my mouth.
This wasn't the original plan, but it felt so right. With one hand still between the cheeks of his ass, I used my other one to caress his sexy, smooth balls.
Opening my lips wider, I slid more of his cock into my mouth. Then I started to move my head back and forth, letting his cock go in and out.
I heard him groan with pleasure and there was a tremble in his legs.
His hands came down to my shoulders and then he held my head.
He started pushing his hard cock into my mouth.
Fucking my mouth.
Fucking me in the mouth.
I was loving how it felt to suck a man's cock when, suddenly, he went completely still and held my head tight and I knew he was about to cum.
I pulled away... I didn't want his cum in my mouth.... this was a step too far.
As his cock left my lips I grabbed it and stroked him.
He came almost immediately and the cum flew onto my face and chest as I knelt between his legs, his cock in my hand and me looking up at him as he enjoyed his orgasm.
I was hard again from the pleasure of making him cum with my mouth and hand but the hot water was beginning to run out.
We cleaned up from his cum.... I needed to shampoo my hair again.... and got out.
As we toweled off I enjoyed watching his naked body and reached out to help. This time it was my turn to stand naked behind him and feel my cock rubbing against the crack of his ass.
He said he had planned that we just have a quick shower and then go to his bedroom for mutual masturbation...... but when he decided to join me in my shower it all changed. We had been so long he was worried that his wife would return while we were playing and so it would be better if we stopped for the day.
I reluctantly agreed but it is clear that we have each found a j/o buddy and will get together again soon.
It was only ten minutes drive home and I was hard all the way, reliving what had just happened.
As soon as I got in I got on-line and found a guy who wanted to see me masturbate. It didn't take long for me to cum again.
This adventure will be my go-to memory for jerking off to for a long time. Or until we get together again and make more memories.
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2 days ago
love this story , really sexy and made me very aroused
1 year ago
same for me when having a mutual wank, I just can't resist if his cock looks and feels nice to suck it some.
1 year ago
Great story! I have been jacking off to your stories all night! Will have to keep an eye out for you on cam!
1 year ago
That is a fucking hot story!! Damn, that is incredible!!!! I can jerk to this one for a long, long time as well
1 year ago
Good story have had something like that happen too and am trying to get with him again with better results.
1 year ago
Hot story
1 year ago
Great story dude ;)