Thanksgiving at the Bath

This takes place Thanksgiving a few years ago. I had gone down to FT. Lauderdale, Florida, for the f****y get together. I was around 24 and a fairly average 24 year old boy. I went down a night early and got my own hotel room fully intent on having a little out of town fun away from the f****y. Being on the down low at home, I like so many others, like to let my freak flag fly a little bit more when on vacay. I decided I was going to hit up a local bath, Club Ft. Lauderdale. This was my first time ever going to a bath and it happened to be a Friday night, so it was pretty jamming and lots of hot latino and black dudes. It was like my heaven.

I got a room and then got changed i wasn't reall sure what to expect so I made a few rounds to get the lay of the land. They had a pretty cool steam room that has a lot of nooks for public fun. I didn't really know the etiquette at the time, but def saw some sucking going on. After a few more rounds and a dip in the pool, I showered got nice and hard, unabashedly putting my towel over my throbbing cock and headed to the steam room. I found a little area and sat down next to a really hot black guy.

Now if you can't tell from my pics, I'm kind of a slut for black dick. I could see his impressive member hanging between his legs and reached under my towel and started to pull on my dick. I have nothing to be ashamed of, above average and a nice thickness, but his growing dick was huge. He pulled open his towel and there was a big beautiful solid 9-10" uncut black cock. Etiquette-schmetiquette I immediately got down on my knees and buried my face in his crotch and took his dick in my mouth. I'm a pretty good cocksucker, natural talent, and I took him balls deep on the first swallow. He was hooked. I then started to tongue around in between his foreskin and head, to lap up his sweet precum. I was playing with his nipples and jacking off here and there, all the while fellating this beautiful man. I felt a crowd behind me and that only got me hotter. I love public action and being a little out of town cock whore. I saw another dick come over my right shoulder and so I grabbed it with my right hand and started jacking it off. It was a pretty nice looking late 30's latino, again uncut. I could feel the first guy's nuts tighten and I knew he was close. I pulled up and told him to cum on my face. he jacked a few times and then blasted a hot load covering my left eye and dripping from my chin to my chest. He was spent and so I turned to the latino. I was so turned on by being a public cocksucker.

There were a few more guys jacking off around me as I continued working on the latin cock. I only had one good eye, as I was still wearing the first guys cum. In almost no time, the second guy shot his load and it mostly got on my chin. I reached for the next cock and could see it was another younger black guy with a big black cock. I was in the zone I was working his cock with my mouth and I felt another guy skeet on my back and side of my face. This guy was really fucking my mouth more than the first two. It was hot to be used in public, half blind from cum. I looked up at him through my one good eye, only to recognize it was my favorite cousin's (my cousin is gay) boyfriend!!! I immediately pulled back from his dick and gasped "Oh My God"! with that he realized who had been sucking his dick and I bolted out of the back door onto the pool patio where I collapsed onto a chair. I was mortified. Not only was I found out, but i had just cheated on my cousin. That's when I started to get mad as "Keyon" for cheating on my cousin. Then my world really came crashing down as I was staring directly at my cousin, clad in only a towel, walking towards me from the hot tub he had been in.

"what the fuck??" he said. "Why are you here? Are you?" he asked. I decided there was no point in denying anything. Hard to explain how I ended up in a small white towel running out of a bathhouse steamroom lol. I said, yeah, I was Bi. No one in the f****y knew till now. Just then Keyon, walked out and I sunk deeper into the lawn chair. Keyon and my cousin's expressions were of total shock as was mine when I realize I still had cum remnants all over my face and chest. This night couldn't get more embarrassing. Either in a show of, it's cool or in a show of kink, my cousin undid his towel and wiped my face off. He said, "You really know how to come out lol". I could barely hear him because I was so transfixed on my cousin's dick now in my face. I got an instant hard on, that was clearly evident in my towel. "Why are you guys here?" I asked. "We like to have fun together, so we play throughout the night. Sometime together and sometimes apart, just depending on the people and the scene." "Well," I added, "I kind of fooled around with Key, before I knew it was Key. That's what made me come running out here." My cousin looked at his bf, and to my surprise Keyon smiled and said, "Yeah, and good cocksucking must run in the f****y lol". My cousin just looked at me with a smile and said, "Oh My god, you were sucking his dick. You naughty little slut! Now you see whY we have been together so long, doesn't he have the best dick?" "It's pretty fucking hot." I said. "I was so in heat with all these dicks around me, that I wasn't paying attention to who I was sucking lol." "So what now?" I pondered. "You guys will be cool, right?" I knew the answer ahead of time, but just needed to hear it from my cousin. "Of course, boo boo (Nickname), you have always been so cool to us and accepting of us. Your secret is safe with us as long as you want us to keep it."

That made me feel so much better. I was back to being turned on by the situation, when my cousin said, "you know, it seems like you guys were interrupted before. You should get the full treatment and let Key work on your cock a bit. He gives the best head I have ever gotten." I was a little shocked, "Really? You are cool with that?" I said. "I would rather you who i know is responsible than a lot of these sketchy guys around here". I didn't need to be told twice I got up with a fairly nice semi working under my towel and Keyon and I left my cousin on the patio and went to the room I had gotten. We took turns sucking each others dicks and eating each other's asses. I have to admit, who it was, only made it hotter. I wanted his cum and did a rare swallow job when he was ready, and he quickly returned the favor. We laid naked and made out a little and had some small talk about me and my life. Then he got up and left and I was emotionally drained so I showered and got dressed and left.

Thanksgiving was cool and we had a blast. We talked liked normal around the f****y but we all three had a gleam in our eyes that I hope no one else caught on to. Since then we have all 3 played together and even had a few little orgies at his house. It's cool, because I can screen out all the guys I might know before hand. I definitely have a lot to be thankful for from that cousin.
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1 month ago
Wow a cousin who is by and you being a cock sucker great story would like to have a cousin like that
2 years ago
great story, brought back fond memories
2 years ago
hot story
2 years ago
Hot story. Tell us about your orgies :)
2 years ago
i want to be total slut in bath house too
3 years ago
yummy story
3 years ago
Hot story.
I'd like to go to a bath and meet my brother-in-law there.
3 years ago
Family fun is great. Hot story can't wait to read more from you.
3 years ago
That was hot and very fasanaing thanks
3 years ago
Lucky boy!
3 years ago
That is so fucking hot & sweet. I loved it!!!