I Guess My Roommate Is Gay After All

A couple of years ago I had a roommate who everyone always thought was gay but he always claimed to be straight. Big deal, ‘cause I always have kept my male on male adventures to myself and live my life as a straight guy. Since I keep my stuff on the down low, I have learned to hit up the cruisier areas here in Orlando for some discreet fun.

One day I was home alone while my roommate was out and I was getting seriously horned. It had been a while since I had done anything with a dude so I decided to go to a really hot toilet in a strip mall. Very secluded with plenty of warning and always seemed to have the hottest array of guys as any place locally. Lots of younger guys and even my favorite young Latinos with their big uncut cocks.

When you walk into the bathroom there are two urinals past the sinks. Beyond the urinals there are two stalls. The first stall has a small peephole where you can get a good view if the guy in the last stall is jacking. I start to just play with myself at the urinal and I hear the tapping of a foot in the last stall. Upon hearing the go ahead, I went into the first stall and took a look through the hole.

To say I was shocked was an understatement, there was my roommate jacking his dick with a look in his eyes that meant only one thing. I was so stunned that I started to put my dick away and was going to leave. Then my horniness got the best of my judgment and I pulled it back out and dropped to my knees. In an instant I felt my roommates hand wrap around my cock and slowly he started jacking my cock.

I'm slightly above average with a nice thickness and i was so fucking hard because of what I was doing and who I was doing it with. Then I felt his lips wrap around my cock and he began to suck my dick like a champ. He definitely knew what he was doing and through the ecstasy of the situation I found myself wondering how many times he had done this? How many cocks had he sucked in this bathroom? In no time because I was so horny I was ready to blow, but I wanted to suck him first before I blew my load and got out of there. So I pulled away and motioned for him to put his cock down.

Ever since I met my friend I had wondered about his sexual habits. I had wondered what he liked and how big his cock was. Now I finally knew the answer to one of those questions as he presented a thin but long cock under the stall. He was a little over 8 inches and to my surprise uncut, which made me even hotter. I took his whole cock in my mouth and sucked it while massaging his low hanging balls.

I worked his cock with my expert mouth and could feel his balls tensing I knew he was going to shoot. I pulled my mouth off and started to jack him till he shot all over the floor. Quickly he motioned for my cock again and so I obliged happily. He took my now modest 7inches in his mouth again and in no time I was ready to cum. I tapped on the divider to gove him the heads up, but he kept my cock in his mouth and took my whole load down his throat.

I was still hard when I put my shorts back on and we were both panting just a couple feet away from each other. I got out first and cleaned up at the sink. As I was leaving a young black guy was coming in and he gave me a look but I was done. I stayed in my car and my roommate didn't come out, I remember thinking wow he is a complete cock slut.

On the drive home I remember thinking I wonder if he recognized the watch I was wearing or my shoes. We've never spoken about it but I have seen his car there on other occasions. I have just never had the balls to go in there knowing what to expect. It wasn't the way I expected to get my proof he was gay but I can't think of a more fun way it could have gone down.
97% (50/1)
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2 months ago
great story
10 months ago
hot story
3 years ago
Super hot.
3 years ago
I agree with clvsdude!!!!
3 years ago
I want to read about how he got that long cock in your ass.....damn my dick is hard!
3 years ago
Fantastic story you should write what happened after you encounter with your roomate could makea great chapter
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very nice story, maybe you should let him catch you watching some gay porn.