Sister in Law's mouth

s****r in Law's mouth

“You are always fucking eating” my s****r in law Jasmine says as she walks in the kitchen, this chic hardly wears anything when mom and dad are not home, she had on a pink t-shirt that covered up to about two inches of her lower body, I could see her black panties. “Why are you always cussing at me? What have I ever done to you?” I asked before taking another bite of my sandwich. “That’s all you do b*o… that’s all you do” she answered not making any sense to me, she opens the fridge and grabs a bowl of leftover salad and prepares herself a small plate.

Jasmine is 22 and I’m 19, she had just got back from college two days ago and already she is getting on my ass and nerves. For a 5’1 chick she sure talks a lot of trash. I never really liked her; since the first day our parents introduced us it has been nothing but hell with her. My dad always asks me to be patient and respect my older s****r, its been 8 years now.

“Any plans for today?” I asked trying to make conversation “What the fuck does it matter to you?” she answered chewing on her salad and sat on the table in front of me starring at me. “You know Jaz” I said getting a bit upset and today I really didn’t give a shit about anything “If you weren’t my damn s****r I’d fuck the shit out of you for talking trash like that to me” “oh… the shit…. Out of… MOI?” she says getting up from the table, I knew what was coming up next, she always slaps me upside the head and grabs my hair and push my head back, but she actually surprised me today “you think you can handle this pussy you little fuck” she rubs her crotch through her panties “huh faggot, think you can make this ass shit?” she slaps her ass and now grabs my jaw “listen here b*o… you ain’t man enough to handle this pussy and you never will be man enough” for some reason the way she grabbed me didn’t get me upset but truly got me aroused, I could feel my dick getting hard in my shorts. “So you can wipe this fucking thought out of your dumb ass head” she added and grabs my balls, I honestly for a split second saw her jaw dropped “damn Jaz… let go” I said dropping the sandwich on the table, it did hurt.

“Lets see how much of a man you’ve become” she says and grabs my throat and lift me up, well I stood up since she had my balls in her little hand. She let go of my throat after I stood and she could see my hard dick poking the shorts, she pulls the shorts down letting go of my nuts. I quickly pulled it up and ran out of the kitchen “What is wrong with you?” I asked standing on the stairs “didn’t you say you were going to fuck the shit out of my ass? Come on slim… come here show me what you got…” She sat on the table and pulls her panties to the side exposing herself to me, her pussy looked well trimmed and her little fingers started rubbing on it. “Come on s*s, you know I…” “Don’t fucking s*s me you little faggot… all that shit you talk and can’t back it up”
“oh yea”
“yea bitch, look at you, all hard and nothing you can do”
“don’t push me Jaz”
“Ha... and what the fuck are you gonna do?”
“Know what Jaz… “ I shouted “fuck it”
“fuck what? The air?” I walked over to her and lift her little-self up on the table, dropped my shorts and underwear and opened her legs, I honestly did all this (in my mind) in one second, I pushed my hard dick straight into her pussy “What the… oh shit.. oh fuck you.. oh damn” she moaned when I started filling her pussy with my hard dick, she pretended to hit me hard but truly I could feel she was into this hard dick in her pussy. I held her hips and she held on to my hands while I continued to fuck her “yea bitch… yea” I shouted “can’t talk huh?” she didn’t know I had a big phat dick, all I saw was white residue on it. “Oh shit b*o… damn” she said softly “you like that huh you little whore” “damn... damn… oh shit” the kitchen got pretty loud, my body smacking against hers, my dick probably reaching spots she never thought she had and… damn it, I’m fucking her for all the shit she had put me through.

I closed her legs and placed them over my shoulder, I held on tightly to them and started fucking her faster, she started to shake and I grinned, “paw paw paw paw paw” the sound of my body smacking hard against hers “shit b*o….” she said as she squeezed her breasts really hard. “aaaaaaaah shit” she shouted loudly and she squirted all over her own legs, but I didn’t stop, I felt her pussy gripping my dick but it was too wet and juicy to hold on tightly, I picked up the pace.

For some reason I was more into causing her pain then enjoying the moment, but damn it her loose pussy got me heated, sweating and I started to love it.

I pulled out of her and she squirted again, opened her legs and buried my face between her pussy lips, I licked her salty squirt, cleaned her pussy of her cream, I stood up and grabbed her by the hair and pushed her down on the floor “get on your fucking hands and knees” I ordered her and she quickly obeyed. Honestly folks, she had very good pussy and now I saw her round ass, I ripped the panties off her and shoved my dick inside of her. This time I started to enjoy her wet hole. Smacked her ass hard many times then held on to her hips, I started fucking her hard again.

Never have I had my dick so hard, I watched it go in and out of her pussy, I pounded it really hard and stopped. I took long deep hard strokes this time. “sshhitt… shit... shit” she moaned, I looked up at the ceiling for a brief moment and I started feeling my balls about to explode, I dug my fingers deeper in her side with my fingers and pushed my dick so hard in her that we both fell down on the floor, I felt my body tremble as I unloaded my hot spunk inside of her, I laid on her back for a few seconds before I could get off.

I pulled out of her and sat back for a second, she was still breathing hard and whining her hips, her pussy was dripping with juices… I mushed her head down and walked off…. “Hey faggot” the bitch had the nerve to call me that after all I did to her just now “thought you were going to fuck the shit out of me… well your dumb ass didn’t”.

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8 months ago
That's how you deal with a bitch!!!
11 months ago
Man, you should have nutted in her mouth and told her to take that. Let her know you are going to fuck her in her ass and there is nothing she can do about it.
1 year ago
I'll write a part deux for this :) Thanks for the support @chucke9816 and @mexiko89
1 year ago
Guess she needs to have that round ass of hers fucked hard now. Give it to her good.
1 year ago
Fuck her again!