His 40th Bday

I spent most of the day at Jimmy’s house helping him prepare for his 40th birthday party. It was 5 o’clock in the afternoon when we were all done and weren't expecting anyone for the next hour, the house looked spectacular. I was literally exhausted, the doorbell rang and his first guest came in, it was his s****r; she brought a half minivan of gifts for him. I helped carry the gifts inside “Jimmy” I pulled him to the side “have to go home and get ready” I whispered to him “thought you said you brought spare clothes” “well I do but I…” “Take a shower upstairs, if you leave now it’d be an hour before you are back and we need you here” and he was right, I live close to 30 minutes from his house. I went to the garage in my car and grabbed my bag.

In the bathroom, I took my clothes off and turned the hot water on and a little of cold water… I guess he was prepared for me to shower at his house; he had the right soap and even scrubbing towels. After a few minutes of washing I heard the door open “what the?” I thought than watched his s****r walk in and headed to the john… She didn’t say anything to me until she was done. “ You’ve done a great job” she said fixing her hair in the mirror “my b*****r is really happy” “thanks” I said trying to hide behind the frosted glass. “Here” she said joining me in the shower, I didn’t realize she had taken her clothes off “let me rub your back” I quickly grabbed my tits and pussy trying not to show anything “what are you doing?” I asked, she turned me around so quick and I felt the towel on my back, “What time is Ron coming?” she asked referring to my husband “anytime now, he went to get ready and pick up the cake” I answered.

She grabbed me by the back of the neck and scrubbed harder, as much as I didn’t like her holding me like that it did feel good having my back scrubbed, Ron hasn’t done that for me since we first dated. “Lean on the wall” she said to me, why I did what she said was beyond me “yea just like that’ She rubbed the towel on my back than I felt her rubbing my ass, “shit... What is she doing?” I asked myself, than she went down my legs, she scrubbed gently but rough, I needed that after a whole day of hard work. She spread my legs and I felt the warm towel rub on my pussy “No” I said turning around “don’t worry sweetie” she said smiling “you need someone right now to pamper you” and she groped my pussy “but… “ I felt her fingers slide in me and her lips were pressed on mine. “Oh shit” I thought, but I didn’t stop her, I kept staring at her while her tongue moved around in my mouth and her fingers were moving fast in and out of my pussy.

My last encounter with a girl was in college and we fucked around for three years until I met Ron.

She turned me around and I felt her tongue on my cunt, she had my clit in her mouth and was sucking as fast as I think she knew how, I spread my legs wider giving her more room to breath and to allow her to eat me better. “Shit... yes” I squirted all over her face, she stopped for a few seconds, than I felt her fingers… wait that’s not a finger, I turned around to see what she was using and her b*****r had penetrated me, he held my hips tight although I refused, well I wanted to refuse until he slid in and out of me three times, my pussy was already wet and I was horny at that point. His s****r watched as he rammed his cock in and out of me for a few minutes “please... Please” I begged only to have him pull out of my pussy and stick his dick in my ass. Its not my first rodeo when it comes to ass play, we bought a fuckingmachine 6 months ago and I ride it DAILY in my ass leaving my pussy for my husband, but he was a little thicker than my toy and longer, “oh shit” Jimmy.. Please.. Don’t” his grip on my hips got firmer, he took short strokes in my ass but each one were rammed in hard “no.. No.. Oh shit… yes” I felt something on my clit, she was in between my legs sucking on my clit while he ponded me from the back. :”Oh my…shit.. No.. Damn” I didn’t know what to say, as much as I was enjoying it I didn’t want it to be Jimmy, I wanted Ron, I wanted.. Damn that dick feels good in my ass… he pulls out and pushed me down, she turned me around and he came all over my face.

I watched him standing over me jerking his big meat, than the doorbell rang.

They both left me to finish cleaning myself in the bathroom. When I walked down it was my husband who had brought the cake we ordered.

“Baby, you did a great job” he said kissing me “you must be tired” “no babe I’m good… just showered and you are here now, so I feel better” I kissed him back, I felt a light squeeze on my ass, opened my eyes to see Jimmy's s****r walk to the living room. “Later” she whispered.

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AWESOME story thanks for posting it for us
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