One hot summer with Diane

One hot summer day I was so bored, too hot to do anything outside, we were between working tv's, Diane was napping so playing cards or checkers was out, so I had my choice of reading or masturbating. I chose both, mom kept a huge stash of adult books magazine's, so I went to us k**s bathroom with a bottle of baby oil and a penthouse fourm. I had gotten to page 3 were the high sovereign wife was taking the young neighbors cock deep in her ass , she was screaming for him to fill her ass with his scalding hot man seed, while I was beating my dick so hard I was about to fill my hand with own. BANG! The door burst open, its Diane, I was in mid stroke. What are you doin! She yelled, I put my hand over my hard on the best I could. You jacking off again? She asked. Keep in mind we were around eachother naked all the time, but I did my stroking in private, and she did the same. Well are ya? Brad? She teased. Yeah so, I said. Don't get bent out of shape, I do it too ya know she said staring at the parts I couldn't hide. I knew alright , I had spied on many times though the key hole in that same bathroom door. It's been a long time since I've seen you hard Brad, I just wanna see how you've grown, I know you have you hang lower, she smiled at me as she said it. We had done the usual curious thing as she started growing into a woman, she had me suck on her nipples, she had had me feel her her pussy, Diane had amazing big full pussy lips and she had even showed me her her cherry. So I figured now that I was growing up it was okay, so I moved my hand and let her see all six inches of my newly grown hard cock....
Ooooh very nice, can you make it cum like in the magazine's? She was smiling ear to ear when she asked. Yes I said. I was sitting on the toilet, she sat in front of me legs spread, showing off dark purple turkey gobbler labia. I could see her nipples get hard, she pulled back her fleshy lips to expose her clit, while she spread with her fore finger, and pinkie she took the other two rubbed the wet slit of her still innocent pussy hole and went to work on herself. Come on Brad that things not gonna stroke itself, she sat with her face less than a foot away from my erection, precum was leaking from the head of my dick, come on lil b*****r, I wanna see your cum, she said as she kept rubbing her clit. She grabbed her tit squeezed her nipple, as my hand closed around my shaft, she leaned forward and slurped the precum from my pee hole!
She let the head of my throbbing cock out her lips with a loud smack, my balls were so tight I thought I was going to shoot my wad right then. She went back to fingering her clit, I started stroking. I couldn't believe it, me and Diane, masturbating with each other, wow! There had been a few times when she would sneak into my bed at night, and wrap me up in her arms, after she fell a sl**p I would jerk off I would have her soft tummy splattered with cum in a minute or two, but here we were I was jacking my dick off inches from her beautiful round face, I could feel her breath on my balls! What do you do with the cum? She asked me. Well sometimes I blow it in a towel, but I usually eat it, if I'm sucking myself I always eat my cum. Sucking yourself? You can do that? Oh yes I told her. She was shaking and sweating as she pumped her clit, she was about to cum, so was I. would you like to watch sometime ? Yes I would, Brad what does your cum taste like? She asked, and I liked where this was going! Well it taste a lil bit different everytime, some times sweet and salty, sometimes really bitter, and sometimes like nothing at all like pure egg whites. I pumped my cock violently now, precum streaming out of it big angry eye. Diane cried out as she she came, her butt rose from the floor as she humped her hand, a little puddle dripped under her, could have been she peed a bit, could've been cum, I was so close to shooting my load I didn't care. As she finished Diane gave a little shutter, my jizz was starting to bubble up my balls. Are you gonna cum Brad? You gonna cum for your s*s? Yes I am! She took the shaft of prick away from me with one hand and cupped her other one, it was all over. I shot spray after spray of thick white spunk into her waiting hand, some over shot and hit her chin, neck and her huge tits, after 15 spurts or so she was covered, and her hand was full. She kept pumping my cock, then squeezed the last dribble of semen from its head, she cupped her other hand under the one overflowing with my cum. She rubbed it between her fingers. It's so hot! She said, would you like to eat it Brad? sure I said. She offered me the hand that was not full
I slurped the thick gob off of fingers, I tasted great, so did she, these were the same fingers she had used on her virgin pussy. She reached her cum filled hand to her own lips, they were bright red still flushed from her orgasm. How does it taste today? She asked. Wonderful, I told her. She stuck her tongue out and lapped the pool of hot cum in her palm like a kitten with a bowl full of cream. She made a little wrinkle in her nose with the first taste, but then then smiled and tipped my creamy offering to her waiting red lips...
She slurped about half of the hot spunk into her mouth, her nipples which had started to come down from her orgasm were instantly hard again. Roll it around your mouth so you get every flavor, I told her. She did slowly, took a big gulp swallowing it down, then slurped the rest into her mouth swished it around swallowed again. I had gotten down from the stool and sat by her. Well? I asked. Pretty good once you get used to it. She said with a smile. She offered me her fingers, I licked them clean, then she put her arms around me, and we kissed. I loved the way her mouth tasted full of the flavor of my semen. We had kissed before, but never like this wow! She was horny again! Brad, will you take my cherry? Like in the books? No I answered abruptly. She looked taken back. Diane, I can't we don't have a condom, and think you would regret it later. She looked pouty, I will eat your pussy though, if you want. She smiled. Okay she said, grabbed my hand and we ran to bed room. She layed down and spread her beautiful curvy legs, revealing her wonderful wet slit. Now Brad, its only fair we both get something out of this, I want to 69 baby, I want to feel your penis in my mouth! She through me for a loop! I would not take my own s****rs virginity, but I will let her suck my dick! So I kissed her again, then slowly started kissing my way down, I stopped for a moment whenever I got her tits and sucked them a bit. Now time for the main course, I flung my legs over her head. I started to lick her sopping snatch, as I did I felt her take my whole still half hard cock into her mouth!
Since neither one of us had any idea what we were doing it was kinda slow, and a little awkward , but it didn't matter, her pussy tastedso good, not to mention the way her mouth felt on my cock. I found her clit with ease, and started lapping at it in slow circles, she started sucking my cock, she scrapped her teeth a little bit but I didn't care I had nothing to compare it to. I could tell she was loving my clit licking she was moaning as she world her tongue on the underside of the head of dick. While I was licking and sucking her marble sized clit I would switch up and take her beautiful huge labia and suck on them, see how far they would stretch. I pulled them with my fingers, and gazed at the wonderful pale skin of her hymen, I ever so carefully ran my tongue over it very careful not to widen the tiny pea sized hole. I went back to work on her clit, she started humping my face, so I started slowly fucking her mouth. I pumped very slow, when my dick hit the back of her throat she gagged a little so I didn't go that deep again. I could feel her starting to tense up, getting ready to cum, then without warning, she started bucking wildly, she was breathing so hard around my dick I thought for a minute I might suffocate her, I held my tongue and lips to her as she finished. I kept fucking her mouth with short strokes now, I could feel my jizz bubbling in my balls, her hot sucking mouth was too much, teeth and all, I was cumming, I held it back long as I could, I felt the cum flow then start pumping through my shaft into Diane's waiting mouth, she gulped hard to keep from choking on my hot cum, I just kept pumping into her with my splattering cock she had to swallow four or five times, I slowed down now and she squeezed the last of my spunk from the head of my cock into her waiting mouth. We layed there a while after basking in our afterglow. Me and Diane had many adventures with ourselves that year, we 69ed many times, sometimes she would just give me head or a hand job, I tity fucked her, we even did anal later that year. We kept each other happy for the next three years once I stated dating she would tell me to save her some cum! Until I moved out of moms house. Diane was still a virgin till age 25 when she met the man she married . She tells me to this day my sperm taste way better then her husbands.
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great story
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Nice story
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Loved it...great work.