Outdoor Fun - 3

True story - just the way it went down.

We were on a short 4 day vacation in Cancun at the Fiesta Americana hotel - I was in dire need of relaxation and it was a short trip, so I splurged for one of the big suites at the top, not the full penthouse but a really big suite with a great balcony overlooking the pool and hotel.

It was around 5:00ish and Lee and I had been at the beach and pool, had a few drinks, just a relaxing day on vacation. We showered together and put robes on with nothing else and went out to the balcony. We were both so horny from swimming in the ocean (Lee had taken her suit down and swam topless in front of another hotels beach and their guests - I loved it and encouraged it) and being on vacation, and from pretty much just fucking the whole time.

I was beside her on the balcony, we were both leaning on the rail watching people in the pool and on the beach - I reached over and started rubbing her back and neck. I leaned in and kissed her then licked at her ear and neck, which drives her crazy. She was responding very well and I reached into the front of her robe and grabbed a nipple, pinching and twisting it . . . a good response. So I went for her ass, lifting up her robe from behind and playing with her naked ass and lightly rubbing her pussy as well. Another good response so I just got behind her, laid on her back and hugged her.

While hugging her I reached back and opened my robe exposing my now very hard cock and I just slid right inside of her pussy and started slowly, very slowly, fucking her. I continued fucking her, gradually picking up speed and becoming a bit more obvious. The whole time it is bright daylight and we are in full view of whoever is looking up or over at our balcony. Not wanting to get arrested I was scanning the rooms looking to see if there might be someone watching or irritated that two people were fucking in front of them - finding no one, I kept at it. Lee's robe was now open and her breasts were out, her head was resting on the rail and she was moaning fairly loudly.

Out of the corner of my eye I thought I saw movement and I froze . . . turning to my left I noticed 2 men, drinking beers on their balcony about 2 floors below us and maybe 50-60 yards away. They were probably in their 30's and we watching us. As I looked over at them, they raised their beers to us as if to say, "well done, cheers!" As casually as I could I told Lee that we were being watched. Her response was classic . . . "well, I hope they liked what they saw." I said that I think they would like to see more but, maybe we should finish inside. Which we did, fucking as loudly and raucously as ever. Very fun day.
35% (1/3)
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2 years ago
hot story!
2 years ago
AWESOME story I loved it!