Outdoor Fun - 2

True story - not embellished, just as it happened.

We were in Florida for a short vacation, staying in Naples at a very nice resort directly on the beach. Our goal for this trip was to see how many times we could have sex in 6 days, and find some fun new places as well.

When we arrived at the hotel, we parked across the street in the garage, gathered our things and headed to our room which was ocean front. We opened the door to an amazing suite, really gorgeous room. Opened the doors and we immediately went to the balcony staring out at the ocean - so nice. I looked at Lee and we kissed, I rubbed her back and her ass, she responded and we were in Round 1. One the bed we went fucking like crazy, she is crying out, the balcony doors are open for all to hear her cumming. We fucked, she came multiple times, I came once, we cleaned up just a bit and then down to the pool and beach.

Round 2
Prior to selecting Naples I did a little research into nude beaches in the area and came across a few posts for Sanibel Island and an area that was considered somewhat safe for nude sub bathing. So the next morning we were off early and found the spot and trail mentioned in the post. Along the trail way, I had Lee kneel down and suck my cock - which she did dutifully taking care of me but not to the point of cumming. Down to the beach, turning right per the comments and we were the only ones there. Off comes her top and bottoms and my shorts as we enjoyed the warmth of Sanibel. About 45 minutes later we were coming up out of the water from a quick swim and saw that we had company, another couple about 200 yards away. We hurried back to our towels attempting to, sort of, cover ourselves. I put shorts on, Lee put her suit on but left the top down. We eventually went back in for a swim and started playing a bit and she was hot and ready to do - we were in the water facing the shore about 50 or so yards from the beach, in full view and Lee takes her bottoms off, grabs my hard cock and backs up to me - fucking me in full view of the now filling beach. Very hot. She came one time and I was holding back.

Round 3 came when we got back to the hotel later the same day and after washing up from the ocean, we took the elevator to the top of the hotel, found our way outside to an observation area and Led sucked my cock while I looked over the beach. She was sucking me so nicely I came and she swallowed it all like a good girl.

Round 4 was the best.
It was evening and we were having dinner at the hotel, it was dark and Lee had a couple of drinks and was completely loose. She went to the bathroom and upon coming back to the table, leaned in and gave me a deep kiss, pushing her tongue fully in my mouth. Then she said, I have a nice surprise for you, feel this . . . and she sat down and spread her legs for me to feel her slick, wet, smooth pussy under her skirt. Very nice I commented. Lee was . . . well, I guess d***k but not falling down d***k. We left dinner and walked straight out to the beach and just out of view of the restaurant but directly in front of the balconies and rooms. We sat down on the sand and started making out, Lee was just on fire and really unstoppable (as if I would want to stop her). We were laying facing each other on the sand, there were a few people walking by - Lee did not care one bit. She had one leg up and her skirt had slid to her crotch, exposing her pussy - now it was dark and kind of tough to see but, we were directly in front of a group of rooms - no more than 20 feet from open doors. I was playing with her pussy and fingering her, she was jerking my cock - now out of my pants - then she asked if she could suck it, and I said yes. So down she went, deep throating my cock for a few minutes, awesome feeling. She pulled off and said "you have to fuck me right here, right now." and turned her back to me and backed up and I slid into her pussy, fucking her in public for anyone to see. A couple walked by and saw us but, they only stared as they walked by. I fucked her and had her play with her clit, she came and then I came in her. We kind of got reassembled and stood up - it was then that it hit us that the people in the rooms could / were watching us fuck right in front of them.

We walked down the beach away from the hotel and slowly made our way back about 45 minutes later - more fucking in the room that night - Round 5.

More to come.
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hot story!