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The deed was done. As we lay together on the recliner catching our heavy breathing to slow it down, I looked into Angie’s green eyes that were sparkling. I am now looking into a young woman. Angie lifted up her head to reach my lips and gave me a soft kiss. “Wow. D*d that was awesome. I never knew something could feel so wonderful.” I replied with “Darling, this is just the beginning. There will be much more to come.”. I told her to get up and go take a shower for bed. I thought it best for her to stay in her room for the evening.. Not because I didn’t want her with me, but she needed to relive in her mind what had just transpired. If she had regrets, they would come to her over the course of the night. When she got up to leave, I looked down , and on the floor were the panties that started the attraction from the beginning. I picked them up and took them with me to bed. I knew I needed to climax one more time before sl**p. When I got to my room, I closed and locked my door. I stripped off my robe and laid naked on the bed from one side to the other. I put the stained panties to my nose and started breathing her scent once again. The scent of her t**n pussy and the juices that I caused while rubbing the cotton fabric between her labia. I started working the skin on my cock slowly up and down over the crown and the tip. As I leaked out my precum, I squeezed tighter and picked up the speed. I started stroking in earnest as the sperm leaked out in larger amounts and down over my right hand. It ran down the back side of my shaft and to my balls. Angie’s room was next to mine. The walls were thin, and when I was about to explode, I heard springs squeaking from her room. She too was rubbing off after her shower. I got up and put my ear to the wall and heard the moaning. As I stood there, I couldn’t hold back much longer. The ache became too strong to hold back. I felt my sperm climb my shaft and when I heard her whimper through her orgasm, I shot my load into the air and onto the wall. I kept pumping out more cream. I was surprised after filling her up earlier, that I would still have that much left in me. I went back to the bed and fell forward, and spent. I fell asl**p and was awakened hours later with a phone ringing. Angie had the cordless receiver in her room I heard her say “hey Aunt Karen.”. Sorry we missed your call last night”, There was a pause in talking. I thought it best to leave them talk so I got up to go make coffee. About 30 minutes later, Angie brought me the phone. I said hello and Karen replied “ I called to tell you I am coming down today”. There is a change for us in summer plans and I need a couple of extra days to prepare for them”. I told her “nothing serious , I hope. She didn’t go into detail but told me all was great. She just needed for all of us to make some adjustments. It had me curious but I just left it go. About 4 hours later , her altima pulled into the drive. She rushed to the door to give us both hugs and kisses. I toted her baggage into the house and put it in my office. Not sure what the sl**ping arrangements were going to be, I thought it was best for now.
When I got back downstairs, Angie had went outside to get the last of the items.
Karen “ David. I want you to know how proud I am of you.
Me: What ever are you talking about?”
Karen. Angie was so excited when I talked to her this morning. She was gleaming and busting to tell me about your movie night.
Me: Omg. That was just for us to know. No one else.
Karen David, how the hell do you think she had the courage to do what she did? You think it was on her own? Think again b*o. The panties in the bathroom?. My idea. The nightgown? My idea. The phone call and her coming back downstairs without the bra last night? Guess who?. You are so naïve in your understanding things. We have worked on you for 3 months.
She went on to say that she understood all along, the feeling Angie had. The angst of waiting for that day. She said D*d was just as stubborn in giving in. She waited so long to get the first up close look of a man’s penis. So long, to actually get the first taste of one. So long to have a man touch her most intimate areas with affection and love. But finally, one night as I laid asl**p in my bed, D*d succumbed to what was before him.
With that chapter closed, Karen added on final comment. She said “David, don’t you ever deny that girl whenever she needs you. Even if I am here. Just pretend I am no where around. I don’t care what time of day, where you are at, and how open it is in this house. I support you two,”
I sat at the table with my mouth hanging open and no words to say. She had obviously expressed the same thing to Angie in the morning phone call prior to coming down. The strange part was that I was turned on by the whole conversation, or lecture as it were. As I sat there in my robe during the late evening, Angie finished unloading Karen’s things. She came into the kitchen to sit at the table with us. Still aroused from our talk, my harness was poking through my robe. Angie, reached coyly reached under the table and gave it a squeeze. I jumped a bit when I felt her fingers touch the penis through the robe. Karen caught it, and just winked with a smile. With Karen sitting across from us, Angie reached across my lap and pulled the robe open. My hardness was open under the table. Karen looked at us with a grin as though she was waiting to see what was to take place. Angie didn’t disappoint. Gripping her hand on my hard rod, she leaned to the right and downward to suck on the tip. Karen stood up and came behind us to look down over us. As Angie started bobbing her head up and down, I heard rustling of clothing behind me. Karen was wearing a dress. And she was bunching it up to her waist. I could hear the sound of her wetness behind me as she reached into her panties to rub her clit. My s****r was masturbating behind me. Karen said. “oh David, you have grown so much since the last time I peeked at the cock through the broken bathroom door.”. I had nothing to say, but now I knew what I had suspected. As Angie sucked, Karen moved closer in to the right side of my face. I could smell the pungent odor of her vagina. I slightly turned my head to the right and she pushed the back of my head into the gusset of her panties. I breathed in the scent and knew I had to taste it. Karen put the thumbs to her waistband and slid them down. Finally, I got to see once again the pussy I saw in the mirror once. I took my tongue and ran it ups and down her bald slit. Sucking the labia and then her hidden engorged clit. Sucking the juices from her hot hole. Kaen then looked down at Angie and said “suck him good sweetie, he will blow soon. “. No more than that was said. I felt my sperm boiling up the shaft. With one grunt, I unloaded a spurt of cum into Angie’s mouth. Spurt number two escaped from the corner of her little mouth. At the same time, Karen began to squeeze my head with vigor. The next thing I knew, I felt the warm flow of cum release from her swollen lips. She screamed with release as I continued to suck the all the cum she offered. After we come down from our high, the girls went to bed.
The next morning, Karen came down for breakfast. Angie was still in bed. Karen said it would be a good time to discuss the summer plans. She said Jeff got custody of his daughter Brittany 2 months ago. They are coming down next week. I thought, well for a couple of weeks it would be fine. Then Karen said “also, since I am off from school teaching for the summer, Brit and I wanted to spend it here. Jeff has to go to Chicago to run their operations for the summer.”. I didn’t say anything at this point, but it really would put a damper on Angie and myself. I mean, Karen was full aware and even participated, but Brit was going to be there as well. How would Angie and I enjoy our new found relationship with those eyes around. I had seen Brit when she was a flat chest little brat. So I asked Karen how old she was now. She said “she will be turning thi****n next week. I said “oh great, so much for play time here,”. Karen said we will work something out. Just give it a chance.” What the hell, may as well.
The next day Jeff pulls in with brit. When we went to get the luggage, I saw a totally different girl. She had long brown hair, green eyes and it was obvious she was beginning the pubescent development stage. She had on shorts and a T that fit tightly against her small boobs. It looked like she had on a training bra or maybe one a little larger. I met Jeff with handshakes and Brit came up to me for a hug. We unloaded all the luggage, which included the rest for Karen. We all went out to eat that evening because Jeff had to make his flight the next morning. We discussed a lot of man issues and business. It was a good male bonding session. sl**ping arrangements were pretty standard. The girls had their room, Jeff and Karen had the pull out davenport, and I had my own. Just before we all got to sl**p, there was as knock on my door. Angie came in, closed the door and wanted a good night kiss. She bent toward my face and we enjoyed a short but erotic tongue battling kiss. My hands dropped behind her to the butt and I worked my hand under her nightgown to get a feel of her vagina. After rubbing it for a few minutes we broke apart and figured not to risk it. But, I did accomplish getting enough scent on my fingers to aid in my masturbation and release. I knew the things were going to be difficult to deal with, but we will find a place to be intimate and not noticed or missed.
The next day, Jeff was on his way. The next couple of weeks went better than expected. We all had to get comfortable around each other as a f***ly. Brit was not as much of a brat anymore. Angie and her boded really well. Karen spent a lot of time with them while I was working and seemed to loosen their self consciousness. Inhibitions were disappearing also. The nightly dressing went from baggy sweatpants to nightgowns long football jerseys and cotton panties. One evening after the girls went to bed, Karen wanted a deep conversation with me.
Karen : David, can I talk to you for a bit?
Me. Sure s*s. What is on your mind?
Karen: I don’t know how to begin so I will get to the general topic right away. You know how I feel about Taboo things. How f****y relations are good for those involved. Right?
Me: yes. I certainly do now. (grinning)
Karen. Well , here is the deal. You and I and Angie know how wonderful it is, but Jeff is adamantly against anything such as that.
Me: How do you know?. Did you tell him about us?
Karen. “No. I would never have. But I have suggested that he become closer to her. That she needs that affection. I told him that you two should have no boundaries of affection. He then picked up on it. His statement was “that is my ch**ld. There is no way I would ever violate her, if that is what you are getting to,” I felt like I had stated a terrible sinful thing so I dropped it.”
Me: “You may have given to much away in your statement. Like you found out with me, you have to let it brew and build up”
Karen “well, I will tell you this much. The reason I don’t quite understand is that I know that younger girls affect him and especially Brit. We have had conversation about different turn on things. He has told me his is intrigued with young t**ns. They remind him of when he was young and the beginning of the discovering of a girl. I remember particularly the night we found out that Brit was being awarded to us. We were laying in the bed and talking. I reached down below the sheets to play with his penis. He was about half hard. I then stated how wonderful it was to have Brit coming to live with us permanently. His penis got immediately erect and was pulsing. He turned me over on my knees and started pumping in me. He practically drove my head into the headboard. “
Me: “And you surmise that it was mentioning her name?
Karen. “no doubt in my mind. No man gets hard that quick with the mentioning of a name unless he is thinking other things or there is an attraction.”
Me: Interesting. Well it tells me that although taboo thoughts are there, that he is still adamant about not doing anything. I don’t think you can crack this one.
Karen: “I guess his statement that he wasn’t going to rob her of her prize possession of virginity. That he feels another male later should be the one. So I told him since I won’t let her date till sev*****n, he will be fantasizing about things and his right hand will soon get tired. Lol.
Me: Well, I can attest to a right hand getting tired. I certainly remember those days. Lol.
Karen. One other thing. After we all ate the other night, Jeff and Angie were goofing around in the fa**ly room. Well, I saw how much fun they were having laughing. I went up to hug Jeff and I noticed he had an erection. I just ignored it but I know the thought of getting in her panties were in his mind. Lol
Me: Well, I wouldn’t have a problem if he ever did, cause I consider him part of us. Maybe when he gets back, that needs to happen. He will then be more open to Brit.
Karen. “Only one problem dear. Brit has her cherry. Remember what he said?’
Me. Yeah. Too bad then.
Karen: Well, unless……………
Me: hey. I don’t know that I could.
Karen: we shall see about that. Lol
In July, Angie had a 2 week school camp to attend. I had forgotten about our conversation and just figured it was general topic. Angie had left on a Sunday night and we had chance to have our encounter when Karen took Brit shopping. Angie and I had sex for 2 hours and enjoyed the closeness afterwards. I was going to miss not having her there.
Three days after Angie had left, my s****r woke me up. She wanted to follow her. I head a shower running and she said for me to just be quiet. Not knowing what she was up to, she opened the door and told Brit, who was showering, that she wanted to use the potty. Brit called back and told her it was fine. Karen opened the door and wiggled her finger to me to step toward the open door. I looked in and could see Brit though the glass door. I noticed the soap and then looked at her body from the side. I could see her small breasts clearly. Then she turned toward the glass with soap in her eyes. I looked down and saw the small slit of her vulva and the hair that was stating to grow. My penis was hard as a rock. Karen checked my pants and said. “Are you sure you wouldn’t”? and then smiled. I answered back “you are breaking my will aren’t you?. I told Karen I needed to take care of something and to leave me alone. I went to my room and locked the door. I relived what I had just seen and Karen was right. I stroked my hard cock picturing her little vagina in my face. I shot a load that went above my head to the headboard. Later that evening we were all sitting in the main room and I was playing video games with Brit. She had on a summer dress. Every time she moved with the excitement of the game, her dress came up. She then changed position and put her knees up while sitting. I could clearly see her white cotton panties she had on. I was dress in sport shorts that were short legged. I had to be careful of what position my penis was in. I noticed at one point the panties had crept into her little crack. I knew they were getting stained. Brit looked over to me and then down to my crotch while I was concentrating on the game. Apparently my penis slipped out of the legging and the head was exposed. I looked up and caught her gazing. I pulled the shorts back over the head to cover it. With embarrassment, I moved to a different angle. Brit then changed her position. She pulled her dress above the knees and opened her legs wider. She did it so innocently. I then had full view of the panty gusset cover her bald twat. With my legs turned away from her, I reached under my legging to feel my cock head. Precum was leaking out in large quantity. Karen, was sitting on the couch and came up behind me and said “I am going to bed. I think you two need alone time”. She kissed my cheek and then went to Btit and kissed her cheek. She came back to me and said one last thing. “go easy and slow” and then left.
When Karen left , Brit moved closer to me. We were laughing at the game and tried to use the pretense of nothing going on. When she scored points, she put her left hand on my thigh in excitement. It actually bumped my erection. Brit said “uncle dave?. Did peeking under my dress do that?”. I was shocked of her being so direct. She said Karen told her about things like that. She also then said. “You know, I have never felt or seen a penis”. I asked if she really wanted to see her first one. She said,” please would you show me?”. I said only if you lift your dress up so I can get a good look at your panties” She raised her dress to her waist. I saw the edge of the panties wedged in her crack. I reached down and raised my legging and let my penis out in full exposure. Her mouth dropped down as she stared at it. She then asked if she could get a closer look. I told her to go ahead and that she could touch it if she really wanted to. She then put her little fingers around the shaft and looked underneath. She was looking at the veins popped out and then lifted my balls. I reach over under her dress and started to rub her thigh and inching closer to her panties. As I got to the gusset, I could feel the softness of cotton and then the wetness that was building. I told her “you know, it is only fair that I see what you have”. She reached under her dress and d**g her panties down and handed them to me. As expected, there were some light stain in them. I put them to my nose and got my first scent. She then said, “can I smell you too?”. With that she bent forward to the tip and smelled the cum scent. She pushed out her little tongue and licked a drop. She said “ mmm that tastes ok.”. I reached up to feel that slit. It felt like melted butter. I slipped my finger into the crack and rubbed up and down and bumping her clit. She moaned and opened wider. She told me that it felt so good. Better than when she played with it. I slipped my finger in her tight hole and without hesitation, she took my cock into her mouth. She began sucking and licking the head and slowly worked it in till she gagged. I told her to go easy and open her throat a bit. She did as I said and was able to eventually get all my length in. I began finger fucking her at a fast pace. After 20 min, she said “can u put it in there?’ Will it hurt”. It looks so big.”. She laid on her back and spread her knees. I got on my knees and leaned into her. My cock tocucher her soaked lips and she moaned. I heard other moaning also. I looked up and over in the corner was Karen rubbing her bare pussy. Karen looked at me and said “take her Dave. Take her now. I want to watch”. Karen got up and sat next to us. She leaned in for a close look at my cock at Brits cunt lips. Karen pushed my ass forward and I slid in. When I hit the hymen, I stopped. Karen said “just one quck thrust”. I pushed one last time and entered the virginal canal. Brit screeched when the pain hit. Once settle in, I began my slow pumping action. The wetness and the gripping of her inter muscles made it warm and even tighter. She groaned and moaned matched in time of Karen. Karen rubbing the crack of her own pussy to bring herself to an orgasm. I was listening to the squishy wet sounds of both vagina’s. The scent from them filled the room. I started to feel the cum climb in my shaft. That warm sensation working its way to the tip. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I let myself release my sperm into her womb. As I began pumping even harder and deeper, Karen’s head was close to the action. She said “Oh my, I can see your cum running out of that little crack.”. She was furiously rubbing her own pussy and reaching her climax. As I finished emptying my load, I pulled out and was quickly taken into the mouth of Karen, She sucked and swallowed all the mixed juices off my penis.
When we all calmed ourselves back to normal, I told Karen, “now Jeff can relive discovering a young t**n again. We will have both of them waiting for his return.

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Jeff is going to be pissed you took her cherry
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awesome & yes more