The New Hire - Part 2

I must say that I never thought things were going to be so comfortable in the work place after Jen and me experiencing our first experience with Tom and Tammy. I wasn’t sure how that environment would change. The Mondays have never been the same. Tammy now shows up to work in skimpy clothing and entice me into sex the entire day. The dresses are short and the tops show enough cleavage to interrupt any work to get done. At the house, Jen has the open door for Tom anytime he chooses to take a break during the day.
There were two changes in the office. I installed a standalone shower and installed 4 cameras that showed every area of the office. This was for Tom. I didn’t want to ever think we would hide anything from him. He could log on as he would choose. The girls became pretty good friends. You could say they were like si***rs.
On particular Monday, Tom had to stay in all day to catch up on work. Jen stopped at the office and wanted Tammy to go shopping for new nightwear. The girls were gone about 3 hours and came back with 6 sacks each. I am thinking about what this trip just cost me. They went to an adult clothing store. They both came bouncing in an asked “are you ready for a modeling show?” I sat back and just said “Sure, I can’t wait to see what I just paid for”. Jen wanted me to judge by applying a number from1 to 10. I called Tom and told him to access the cams and he could text me a number. Jen when in the restroom first and came out in a rather conservative one and I gave it a 7 and Tom text an 8. Then Tammy went in and came out in one that was a little more revealing and we both gave it a 9, this went on for 3 more outfits. On the last one, they were both in see through nigities with thongs underneath. They got a 10. The colors were pastel, one being pink the other white. Tammy didn’t like the way hers had fit at the top and bottom. So Jen went over and made an adjustment at the bra cup part. She asked “is that better?” Tammy replied that it didn”t help. I couldn”t believe what Jen did next. She reached inside the cup and move Tammy”s left and right breast a bit and straightened it up. When she stepped back, I noticed that Tammy”s nipples had stiffened a bit. I looked at Jen and she had the same problem. I am starting to get aroused and feel the stiffening under my keyboard tray. I casually reached down under and started to message it through my slacks. Then Jen said “now, let”s look at the bottoms”. She lifted the nightie from behind and pulled the waistband of the thong to adjust it. Tammy said it still didn’t feel right. I quietly unzipped my pants to get some room from the growth. I couldn’t believe how hot this was getting. I was wondering how far this was going to go. Jen then pushed Tammy a little forward and pulled the thong strap to adjust in place. Seeing Jen that close to Tammy’s backside was so erotic. I began to pull my skin a little faster and then I got a text from Tom, He said “slow down, you may want to save that.” I forgot the cam that showed behind my desk was on. He could see my arm movement, the next text said “better move the keyboard just in case”. It was then I realized Tom was watching me closely as well. I was going to disable that cam and then just accepted that in the lifestyle, each has their own thing that excites them. As long as they don’t push it on the other folks, there should be no worry. So, I pushed the keyboard tray in and my cock was totally exposed. We had never seen each other walk around nude. We only heard descriptions from the girls. Tom text “damn, no wander Tammy came home with a sore ass the first time you guys had sex”. I ignored the text and was concentrating on the gals. Jen made another adjustment of the thong, but more around the area of the crotch. When she did, I noticed Tammy reach up with her left hand to a nipple. I adjusted the cams to go in real close. I didn’t want Tom to miss this. His text “much better”. However, I didn’t know which cam he meant. I was surprised that I wasn’t that uncomfortable knowing Tom was watching all of us. Jen said to Tammy “I think I now see the problem”. I think it is where it is covering your vulva.’ Tammy said ‘can you adjust it a bit?’ Jen put a finger under the elastic side and pulled the crotch over to cover more. She said “how is that?? Tammy said “better but needs a little more adjusting.” I am now making longer and slowerstrokes behind the desk. It was close to a slow motion movement. I had tight grip on the shaft so Tom could see the skin go slowly over the rim on my head. With each up stroke, he could see drops of precum leak from the tip. Tom sent another text “ Oh, much better. I want to see you go in Tammy with that fatter cock” . I am sure Tom was not going to mess any of that. . I looked back at the girls and Jen said “I will do more adjusting”. With that she put two fingers under the cloth and lingered a bit, moving them around. Tammy rubbed her nipple more. Jen reached her left hand up to her left nipple. Tammy said “it is starting to feel like a better fit”. Jen then spread her cheeks apart to see how the thong was laying. My precum was starting to leak in quantity. Tom text” you are getting too close.” Jen said “I think I see the problem. You accidently got a little wet. They may not fit right like that.”. “Let me take them down and pull them back up in place.” Tammy with shortened breath said “ok, do what you think is best”. Jen grabbed the waistband and slid them to her ankles. As she did, I could see the cloth stuck in between the lips as she tugged them. She then said “yes, I was right. You are getting soaked down here”. Let me see what I can do to make it better”. Tammy said once again. “Yes, go ahead” Jen went to get some toilet paper from the roll and came back. She started dabbing it against the lips of Tammy’s vulva. She wiped deeper in between and I heard Tammy take in a deep breath. Jen was hitting on her clit. Jen had noticed my stroking as she went to the bathroom earlier, so she took the paper and rolled it in a ball. She threw it on my desk in front of me. She smiled and said, go ahead, it may help. My wife was determined to live out a fantasy she has shared with me for the last year. However, she wanted to be done in an innocent way. She then reached down to the thong and began to pull it back up. As she did this, her nose and face was pressed against Tammy’s’ ass. My wife was checking the scent. I text Tom and asked if he was enjoying this. He text back he was enjoying all of it. I turned more toward the cam and squeezed my cock hard to bring up some more precum for Tom to see... It was at the tip. I looked back at the girls and Jen had Tammy’s panties back up. She made an adjustment and then said. “This may be a lost cause”. You are getting soaked again”. Tammy said do what you think needs done. Jen pushed her further over, and pulled the crotch to the side. She spread her cheeks with the right hand and leaned it close. She put her tongue on the outside of the lips to taste her. Tammy bucked back against her mouth and wiggled her ass. Jen began licking frantically up and down her slit and ass crack. She was like a hungry ani*al. Tammy pushed her head away, went to the sofa bed and opened it. She laid Jen on her back, and started sucking her boobs. She worked her way down and yanked Jens panties off. She started returning the favor just given to her. Tammy’s ass was propped up for the taking. As she sucked Jens clit, I walked up behind and laid my cock against her pussy lips. I slowly pressed in like Tom wanted to see. The fact that Tom was watching me impale his wife heightened my arousal. I began with slow long strokes so that he could see it go in and out of his wife’s pussy. I felt my cum working up the length and heard Jen reaching an orgasm. My pace picked up and I went beyond return. I felt myself pumping the first of 6 shots of cum into Tammy. As I finished, I pulled out slowly and cum followed behind. I noticed a huge deposit right at the opening of Tammy’s hole. The cam was focused on her ass and I spread the cheeks for Tom to see it laying there.
As the girls came down from the climaxes, Tammy said she needed to get home to take care of Tom. She went to get freshened up and I told her to stop. I wanted to fulfill a fantasy of mine. I wanted to send Tammy home, freshly fucked with my cum running into her panties all the way home. I told her when she got home, that I wanted her to go up to Tom, lift her skirt, pull her panties off and hand them to Tom. Then just tell him, “Rob left you a gift.”
The following weekend we went over to their house for dinner and party. As the drinks flowed, the atmosphere became more open. Tom suggested that we all go to the master bedroom and play. We had never played in the same room prior to this evening. Apprehensive, I agreed that we could go watch the girls, since he only saw it on cam. We went to the bedroom and the girls stripped and started kissing and playing. We sat in our own chairs at the end of the bed and watched. Both aroused in our boxers, we began rubbing our hard cocks. Jen looked over and said “Tom, bring that hear so I can suck it for you.”. Tom dropped his boxers and walked over to the bed. That was the first time I had ever noticed him naked. I could see now what Jen enjoyed. He was a little longer but skinnier than me. He layed on his back with his feet toward the headboard. Jen bent down and took his cock in her mouth to the back of her throat. Tammy moved and positioned her ass above Toms’ face. He started licking her from front to back along her sweet crack. As I watched, I pulled my cock through the boxer opening and began to stoke it. Tom had his face buried, so he didn’t see what I was doing. My concentration was on Jen having a cock stuffed in her mouth and Tammy getting extremely soaked. Tom then said to me “bring that over here, I think this pussy is ready for that fat cock.”. I was so engrossed in seeing Tammy in that position, that I never once thought about closeness. I walked over and rubbed the head down her slit and slowly entered. Tom had full view up close. I could hear the juices as I began to stroke deeper. I looked forward and saw Jen was getting Tom close to a climax. His hips were beginning to buck. It was then that Tom told me that when I was ready to cum, he wanted to see me squirt it on the outside of Tammy’s lips. I picked up my pace and then felt something rubbing my balls. Tammy had her hands out front so I knew it had to be Tom. I ignored it and kept pumping harder. I literally got lost in the moment. I was getting to the edge and wanted to pull out and stoke my cock so that Tom would see all the squirting. I didn’t want to release any inside of her. The cum was reaching toward my head, so I pulled out. I went to grab my shaft, but in a split second, Tom moved his hand from my balls and grabbed it first. He brought it down and put his mouth on the tip. I froze. I was too close to pull back. His warm mouth on my tip was all it took. I felt the first stream leave my cock and go directly on his tongue. He then took the whole length to the back of his throat. I pumped 4 more shots out. As he sucked, he began to cum into Jen’s mouth. I could see his cum run from the corner of her mouth. The sight of that, caused me to release more. Tammy was rubbing her clit and then started squirting all over Tom’s face.
The play has certainly reached a new level.

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1 year ago
again another great sexy story keep it up am looking forwards to more
1 year ago
very good
1 year ago
Omg,,,so hot,,dam ,lucky office...thanks