The New Hire

My name is Robert (Rob) my wife is Jennifer (Jen); we have been married 22 years, raised two ch***ren in a Midwestern town, and sent them off to college last year. One went to Ohio State, the other Michigan. Yes, there have been some interesting Thanksgiving dinners. Loll. The rivals match between chi***ren.
Jen retired from a company after 20 years as a Human Resources director in order to spend the last high school years with the twins. I own my own small business as a manufacturing rep of 5 companies. I was working from the house till I acquired the 4th company and then leased a 15 x 20 ft front office with a 20 x 30 store room area just behind it. It was mostly for deliveries that were being taken out the day after receipt. It got to the point that I could not handle office, stores and outside sales by myself. So, I asked my wife to put her skills to work and recruit an office gal to do the accounting, phone answering, and inventory while I was out making customer calls and deliveries My only requirement was to have a nice voice on the phone and be professional in appearance. After one month of searching she advised me she found someone. The gal was having d**g testing and would report tomorrow. When I got to the office and settled in, I heard the bell ring when the outside door was opened. I went to the foyer and invited her in. She introduced herself as Tammy. At first, I thought she worked in the library. She had shoulder length brown hair, glasses, knee length dark blue dress, and conservative body language. I showed her the stores area and the office. I apologized for us having to work in a small area but I would be out most of the time. The bathroom was also off the office wall which deserved another apology. I had the desks placed facing the center of the room, and you would sit with your back toward the wall. The walls were adjoining. The bathroom door was off my wall, and basically centered between the two desks I had a sofa bed moved in for customers to sit on. They are built heavier for larger customers . She looked into the bathroom and had given a little frown. I asked the problem and she asked “would you mind if I added a few things. I promise I won’t spend a lot”. I said sure and gave her my corporate card. I said just one more thing. “Wear slacks if you can. You may be more comfortable that way.” Just be professional that is all I request’. She said fine. The next several days I did my deliveries, and when I returned to the office, I used the bathroom. I couldn’t believe it. She bought a long mirror, sitting chair and plants and feminized the entire room. I thought she spent 600 dollars. I asked her what the damage was; she said ‘175.00. I use thrift shops.” I was impressed. I thanked her and took by my card.
When I returned home, my wife asked what I thought. I told her the girl seemed to be a good fit. Time will tell. The 10th day was spent talking about her background. She was also married, had k*ds off to college and an unemployed husband seeking a new position. The company he worked for closed. She came to work that day with slacks, blouse and flats. Very nice. I complimented her on the attire. I guess it was the first time I noticed any figure. I would say roughly a 36c, and nice rounded butt with meaty thighs. In no way did I ever want to go beyond business, so the outfit was perfect. She wore a thick padded bra due to the A/C being on so low. I like colder rooms. And when she bent over to files, I noticed faint panty lines to tell me she was conservative under as well. They looked to be just a normal bikini type but nothing French cut.
After about 3 months, my business increased by 30 percent. I never knew a voice answering the phone could make that much difference. I guess answering machines are an enemy to business. She had great customer skills, and social personality. I called her into the office and advised her that I was putting her on commission along with the base pay. She was elated. She earned it.
When I got home that night, I let Jen know what I had done for Tammy. She totally agreed. I was feeling pretty damn good. I looked at my wife and just gazed at her long blonde hair and 38c boobs waiting to be attacked. I walked to her and gave her a deep kiss and said. “Let’s go to bed early dear’ We both laughed and spent the evening in passionate sex.
The next morning I went in and she looked worried. I asked what the problem was and she said her husband Tom got called for an interview but doesn’t know what to expect. I told her, no problem. I called Jen and asked if she wanted to coach Tom through an interview process. She willing agreed. I told Tammy to have Tom go to our house dressed for a job. Jen will take care of the rest. She was relieved.
When I got home the following night and after we went to bed. I asked Jen how it went. She said she set up the house like an office area. I Had Tom wait till she came and got him. Went to the den and began the process. She was dressed like a business woman in a dress, heels and light jacket. Tom was in a blue shirt, light grey pants and tie. She said he was nervous, but really did well. She gave him hints along the way. How to sit, make eye contact, and above all, concentrate. She did say he needs to wear dark blue pants. I asked why. She said “well, it was obvious his mind was not always on the interview. When he got up to leave, I noticed a slight bulge in the pants.”I was not surprised. My wife could give any man a hard on just talking to him. So, I asked. “Overall, how do you think he will do She said “I think he stands a pretty y good chance of getting it”. I laughed and said “I am talking about the position, dear”. She returned the laugh with “I was thinking of the position myself.” And then gave me an evil grin. My wife and I had discussed having sex with others many times. We always kept it under our sheets. But, we both are committed and have both agreed that if it ever happened it would have to be a couple and no singles. Also, if it happened without the others present in the same room. We both wanted details. We loved each other that much and the respect went along with it.
It was two days later that I walked in the office and Tammy was bouncing around in joy. She said “Tom got the job”. I was happy for them and glad we could help. She said they wanted to take us out to dinner that weekend to celebrate.
Saturday night came around quickly. We settled on going to a classy restaurant then some music and drinks after. Jen can dress classy but yet a little on the naughty side. She had on a mid thigh shirt and thin blouse and thin bra. Under the skirt she wore my favorite French cut and lacy panties. I was thinking about the after dinner more than the dinner myself. She looked hot. I wore my dress slacks and long sleeve shirt with a sport coat. When we arrived, we met Tom and Tammy and got our table. They were dressed similar to us. Tom was my height of 6’3 but had a little thicker hair on top. We both had short beards and stanches. He was a little better built with a broader chest. Tammy looked stunning. I tried not to be obvious but did notice her in a thinner bra and it magnified the outline of the breast I wondered about. Dinner was steak and lobster and of course wine. After we ate, we went to a middle aged club that played 60’s, 70’s and 80’s music. It was a great band. The girls stayed with wine and we switched to mixed drinks. Jen and I got up to dance fast dances and they followed. At one point, Jen pulled a switch of partners on me and the fast dances continued. Both were good dancers as ourselves and did the twirling and dipping. We switched back and Tom twirled Tammy to the point her skirt went up to her bottom. I noticed the panties and they were a light pink with lace and French cut. So, I returned the favor and twirled Jen. He got the glimpse of her red lace on. Drinks were starting to kick in. A slow song came on and Jen went over to them and asked if a switch could be made. Tom eagerly grabbed Jen’s hand and Tammy scurried to me. We kept distance in dances. In the back of my mind, I wanted to keep this cooled down. She worked for me and I didn’t want to do anything inappropriate to ruin that great work relationship. We broke after the dance and I complimented her grace. When we set down Jen told me to order a shot of Petron for all as a toast. So. one round came to the table. We slammed them down with salt and lime and back to the drinks. After about a half hour, Jen needed to go to the ladies room and Tammy went with her. Tom and I got to talk about his new position and told me how wonderful it was what Jen did for him. He had so much confidence. He thanked me for hiring Tammy and said she loved working for me. The damn girls were gone for 20 minutes. They must have had one hell of a talk. When they came back, I noticed an additional button undone on both blouses to give up a little more cleavage. Tammy called for another shot and Tom ordered it. The effects were coming on strong. More dancing would keep us sobered up so I suggested we go to the floor again. We all got up and started the fast dancing again with our own partners. Then the slow song came on and the switch was made. This time she moved slightly closer and had her breast to my chest. I put my left arm around her waistline and the right under her left arm onto her mid back. She pulled in closer and it was getting to the danger zone. Her head was on my right shoulder and she breathed under the right ear. Not good. That is my weakest link. What did Jen tell her in that trip to the ladies room? I started to feel my errection build and it got so hard I backed my hips away. When the dance ended, we clasped hands at waist level when I turned to go back to Jen, the back of her hand brushed my crotch. She had to notice but I just ignored it. Another slow song started and Jen motioned me to stay where I was. I could only think about how I should handle this situation. I wanted to keep things cool. Jen and I don’t know what they talk about in bed and I wasn’t going to screw up. . When the song started, Tammy moved right back in. This time in a little closer. Her head back on my shoulder and breathing the warm air. I could feel the side of her left breast and it was so tender. I got hard again and backed up a bit. Tammy put her left leg between mine and moved forward. My hard cock felt her thigh and she pushed against it. I looked over to Jen and she and Tom were almost in the same position. I felt a little more pushing and my hand dropped a little lower below the waistline. She made no adjustment. The song ended and we headed back to the table. Jen whispered to me, nice dancing with a giggle. I told her we better back down a bit and she agreed. I wanted to get her home. I had my own plans. We slowly ended the night but all agreed that we have never been with another couple and had so much fun. I stated “it was like it was it was meant to be.”The gals made another 15 min pit stop so Tom and I talked some more about work. He said he was feeling comfortable in his new position. Sales was his background and the company lets him work from the home on Monday and Fridays. The rest of the week he is making customer calls. Kind of like my business in a lot of ways. Monday is an office day and Friday is teeing up loose ends. The girls came back out giggling and we had our last hugs. Tammy lingered with ours and gave me one last kiss on the right side of the neck. My erection returned. When Jen and I got in the car she got frisky. She put her hand on my thigh and noticed my arousal. She said “oh my, someone enjoyed the dancing” so I reached up her skirt and discovered soaking wet panties. I said “looks like I wasn’t the only one”. We both laughed. My finger went under the leg opening and slid right inside of her. Damn, the last time she was that ready was after a late night discussion of wanting to meet a couple. I knew she wanted to and that she had settled on Tom as a first. She unzipped me while driving and began to suck me slowly. My thoughts went to wondering in Tammy was having the same reaction. When we got home, we had 2 hours of talk and hot sex. I never seen Jen so lost in lust.
Sunday was a recovering day. I kept my mind on little things around the house and not on the previous night. I was concerned about the work atmosphere on Monday. How much would be different or am I just too worried of things going south in the boss and employee relationship. Alcohol can allow things that are not a person’s normal reserved behavior. When I got to work on Monday, Tammy was just a bubbly. She was wearing a summer type dress. She had remembered that I told her if she ever wanted to wear a dress, that Monday would be best. There was very little business and shipments didn’t come in till Tuesday. I had forgotten I told her that. I also noticed she had on a thinner bra and when she walked by the window, no slip. You could see her panties through the light. I didn’t know the color but must have been a light color like the blue dress. I wore my light grey slacks and sport coat. She greeted me with a smile and said “you are late”. I told her I made a stop on the way in. The morning was spent at my computer while Tammy was filing and working on budgets. I couldn’t help but notice the A/C effect.
Her nipples were stiffened and noticeable through the thin bra cup. This certainly wasn’t the same library girl that arrived at my office on her first day. I was feeling the sexual tension continue from Saturday night. At least from my side. I had vision of her without the dress on. My shaft was beginning to thicken rapidly. Then a phone call broke my thoughts. Tom called and had a quick conversation. She hung the phone up and asked if Jen had any books for the Reynolds Company and their manufacturing processing. Jen hired personnel for that company. I told her I am sure she did. Tammy said he landed a sales meeting with them and wanted to see if Jen had a book he could read up on. The meeting was first thing in the morning. Wanted to know if Tom could run over there and pick it up. I called Jen and she said “sure, I have just what he is looking for”, with a smirk laugh. She said “I am sure I he could use what I have.” Not being able to respond, I told her I would pass the message. I hung up and told Tammy what she said verbatim. Tammy looked like she wanted to comment, but picked up the phone and called Tom. She repeated the same statements. A few more words were spoken by Tom and then Tammy said “You can fill me in on this opportunity later”. I sensed an innuendo but didn’t want make a quick response. Since my errection had receded I figured it would be time to go pee. I stood up and Tammy looked my way and glanced down at my crotch. She quickly turned her head. I wasn’t hard so something made her look away quickly. When I got inside the restroom, I looked in the mirror and noticed a dark spot on my thigh. It was from leaking earlier. Damn, I should have worn dark slacks. I grabbed paper towels and dried them off, stood in front of the hand dryer until it was gone. I sat back down and then she went to the restroom. I heard the all too familiar tinkling through the wal. I was picturing her with panties to the knees and squatting. My hard on was retuning. When she came out, she walked behind me and I got a wisp of freshly applied perfume. She went to her desk and wheeled her chair next to mine facing me from the side. She said “So, how did you enjoy Sat. night?” I replied “We had a great time. You are a great dancer.” She said “The slow dance was great as well” I agreed. She was watching me as I monitored the computer screen. The keyboard tray was pulled out so it hid the growing errection . The smell of the perfume and her crossing and uncrossing her legs was driving me crazy. I kept cool just to see where it was going. She stood up and leaned toward me saying “I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the time we had”. With that, she gave me a hug. Her head was on my right side of the neck like Sat. The hug lingered and then she gave me a short kiss on the neck. My cock was straining to the point of wanting to bust through my slacks. When she straightened back up. Her hip hit the keyboard tray and it rolled back in. She looked down and saw the bulge. No comment was made about it, but she said “can I have one more hug?”I agreed and she went back to the neck. Her right arm was under my left arm and my right hand on her waist. When we hugged, her hand relaxed and fell to my left thigh backside down. I knew she could feel my hardness but didn’t move. She just kept hugging and then planted another kiss on the neck. I could feel her hot breath. My right hand slid down over her ass and I felt the elastic outline of the French cut panties. I pulled my hug back and she turned her head to the right and our lips met. We kissed open mouth and had a slow, deep tongue battle. My hand dropped further to the hem of the dress. I reached up under and back to the ass. She then said “So, what do Tom and Jen are doing?” I said” probably what we are about to do.” With that, I got up, locked the doors, turned the phones on to answering service and walked her to the sofa couch. I pulled her close and resumed kissing. I fumbled with her zipper on the back of the dress and unzipped it to the waist. I pulled the shoulders off and it dropped to the floor. There they were. The breasts I only fantasized. I unfastened the two bra snaps and removed it. I leaned down and started sucking on the left nipple. He knees were getting weak. So I stopped and opened the couch. I sat her on the queen size bed and laid her back. I wanted to go so slow. She kept her thighs together and I started kissing her calves and up to the knee. They parted a bit but it seemed she was being modest. As I kissed toward her thigh they opened more and I finally got to see the panty crotch instead of the front panel. The smell of the perfume she squirted filled my nostrils. But, I wanted the heated scent being covered. As I worked higher the thighs opened further. The left side of the panties had ridden between the lips. The left lip was exposed and I kissed it. Her legs then went fully spread. I then got to finally smell that musky scent of her pussy. She was moving her ass to get my tongue under the panty edge, but I was bent on teasing it. She said “two can play that game”. She pushed me away and made me stand up. I stood at the bed edge and she was sitting on the mattress. She reached up and unbuckled by belt, then unzipped me. She pulled my slacks down. She grabbed the waistband of my boxers and slowly slid them down. As they past my cock, it sprang forward. She slowly worked my boxers down and my cock ran along her face. I wanted it in her mouth. When I stepped out of the boxers she grabbed my shaft and gripped it. She said, “You are so much thicker than Tom but the same length. “. She squeezed precum from the tip and licked it. “mmm , and taste better too” With that, she engulfed my entered cock to her throat. Sucking and twirling her tongue to put me to the edge. She sensed my closeness and pressed under my balls. “Not yet big boy”. She started sucking my shaved balls and licking to my ass. I stopped her and made her lie down. I returned to kissing her thighs and the legs parted slowly finally giving me the view of the panties covering her pussy. A wet spot had developed and the panty edge had slipped into the lips. I reached up and hooked fingers into the waistband and slowly pulled them down. When passing the pussy, the panties had to be tugged from the lips. They were stuck with all the juices building. What a sight. I removed them and parted her knees. She spread wider for me to access with my head. I licked the outer lips finding my way to the clit. I had two fingers inside and when they were wet enough, I ran them to her ass. Slowly pressing the button, she tightened up. She said “that is virgin territory. Tom has tried before and I was never relaxed enough.” I moved away and started finger fucking her more. I made another attempt and she said “go ahead, try to insert. I really want to know what it is like”. I pressed my index finger to the tight rim and worked it in. When to the knuckle, she bucked harder. She cried out “I am Cumming.” She released a load of cum on my tongue. I rolled her over on her knees and pressed my thicker cock inside her pussy. At one point, it slipped out and went down her ass crack. It was so slippery and she said “God, that feels so good”. She grabbed my cock and put it against her ass. She said “I want you to be the first”. Please go easy”So I pressed in slowly. She resisted but then relaxed. Once the head got past the rim, I let it adjust. She said “more, go ahead, I want the full length.” I slid all the way in and she said “now, fuck my ass hard” . I pounded her to the point I couldn’t go back. My load built up and I told her “I am going to fill your ass with my load”. She answered “give it all to me baby”. With that, I released 2 loads inside. I pulled out and aimed it to her open mouth for the last of it. Cum ran off her lips and she licked all the drops. When finished we laid on our backs recovering the heavy breathing. The answering machine came on. It was Jen. She said “call me when you are finished because we are”. Tammy smiled and said “now you know what we girls talked about in the ladies room. The first time was to discuss it; the last pit stop was the plan”.
It has been now 6 months past. My next story will be the girls trying the Bi experience.

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Wow,,one hot story,,tnanks
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I like this story, but please make it easier to read by putting in gaps (paragraphs). Keep it up!
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Nice one. Good mood.