Opening of Becky

It was a cool, crisp, fall evening when I finished putting Becky's luggage in her Camry for the weekly trip out of town. Her plane was awaiting her. Becky is a traveling trainer for a large insurance company that ever you would recognize. I would only have to mention the duck commercials. She has been with the company for years but took this position after our k**s were out of the house. My name is Greg and I am a cardiac surgical nurse at a major hospital. We have been married for 22 years now, and we are finally reaching the pinnacle of our careers. The other couple involved in this true story, is Adam and Lisa. They have been married the same amount of time and raised 3 instead of 2. Lisa is a purchasing manager at a health management company and Adam, is the traveling companion of my darling wife, Becky. We have become f****y since we met at a Christmas party 5 years ago. To the point, where they even purchased a home in our sub-division. Not too close and not too far away.
Adam and I have a lot in common, and the main thing is that we each married extremely conservative women. I do mean conservative. They were both virgins and raised in homes that were strict. In talks with Adam on our weekly Saturday golf time, we have learned that we were the first to reveal the view of male anatomy to them. That is a rare find in itself. The close trusting relationships left in doubt of any worries from either of us guys. Adam is nothing but a true gentleman around Becky. Very professional in behavior. Likewise, knowing the background of the girls, I also am respectful.
Now that you got the history, I will move on to current events.
It was about 6 months ago when winter strongly approached the Midwest, that the story begins. I heard the car pull in later than normal and was getting concerned. Becky called me earlier and stated that a snowstorm hit Denver and might be late. But I was more worried about the flying on than anything else. Taking the risk of getting on home. When she got in the house, all she wanted was a shower. I was about to do the weekly laundry and had sorted the whites and dark clothes. I went to the bathroom door and told Becky to throw out her undies so I could put them in. She hesitated, and then tossed them out. I didn't understand why, because this was the weekly routine. When I was putting the whites in the washer piece by piece, I got to the panties she had just thrown to me. I always turn our undies inside out to wash cleaner, but when I turned hers inside out, they were soaked. I even noticed a heated scent coming from them. I didn't know what to think, but had to find out. I was beginning to get aroused which overtook any suspicions.
Later, we were having a sandwich and she told me about the last flight. She said it was all good until they were on the last leg of the trip. She laughed and said Adam is a mess. She that after the wine at the airport, he told her about the first time he and Lisa had sex. She said she was shocked at this, but didnt want to seem like a prude and let him tell it. It was then that I understood the mystery of the wet panties. I pressed for more, and asked if he offended her. She said , no, and that she was a little embarrassed and uncomfortable. I told her I would talk to Adam. She said please don't. It is ok. She said she was embarrassed by her lack of knowledge of language. He went into very descriptive detail about that night. I asked “what do you mean?”, She said “he used words for action and body parts to refer to intercourse and stuff.”. I swallowed and gambled on my next statement. I said “you mean he used words such as Peter, boobs, and Vagina?”. She said “No, other words.”. She was being very meek and mild. I got up more nerve and said. “ you mean words like tits, cock, pussy and fuck?”
She paused a moment, and said, yes and very descriptive. I couldnt believe it. I was getting a raging hard on listening to this event. She said I will continue after I get you another drink. She got up and I looked over to the tan clothed dining chair, and there was a wet spot on it. I was in shock. She came back and quickly sat down to cover it up hoping I didn't notice. She said “ that when he was telling the story that he used description of her being wet, and how good she smelled to her. Also that her nipples were so huge. And he said he put his, uummm. “ I said , go ahead sweetie, it is o.k.”. I was about to shoot my load in my boxers. We went upstairs and had the best sex in years.
The next day on the golf course, Adam apologized to me. He said that the wine got to him and sorry that he upset her. I said are you k**ding?. She came home frustrated and her panties were soaked. You little devil. You talked to her like I have wanted to for years. We both laughed. He said well, so do don't feel so bad, remember I go home with Lisa after playing cards at your house. She has had wet panties too. I told him, no way. He said, way. He said”you remember last week?. We were playing cards and you made the comment about you and Becky's first encounter. You dint go into detail. But she must have thought about that all night. She was rocking her legs at the table. Alll I did was take it up a notch”. We both laughed again. I have always wondered what Lisa would be like. She dresses conservative but wears tight pants you can see the panty line in. I have wanted to pull those down a few times . She is 5'4, 140 and 34d firm tits. I have watched those move around in a bra for a number of years. Her nipples poke through them on cold days. I figured they were huge. My wife is 5;5 and 130. Her tits are 36dd and has got Adam's attention on lots of occasions. I see everything. Both girls have nice round asses and some meaty thighs. Just right in my opinion. Anyway, when we got back from the golf course, the girls had steaks on the grille. We all sat on the patio for supper. Something changed since last nights conversation. Becky was a little more open in clothes as well as Lisa. I wondered had they been talking or is it my imagination. Becky had on a shirt with cleavage and a skirt of mid length. Lisa had on a shirt with buttons and a skirt as well. Both shirts has slits in them. Adam and I looked at each other as to say. What the fuck happened?. Adam and I were dressed for golf with our slacks and shirts. I had on light blue slacks and he had on light tan ones. After supper , darkness set in and we decided to go inside and play cards, as usual. We were all seated as mixed couples. Lisa to my right and Adam to my left. Becky was across from me. She went to the bathroom first and I notice the slit on her dress was on the right side. Lisa's on the left. In other words, the guys had view of the slit in the skirts. I was unsure of what was happening but didnt question things. I got up to get some wine, and Adam went with me. I said “ you think they were talking”? He said “yes, what now?' I suggested we see where this goes”. He agree and asked boldly “what if it gets too far?. I asked “how far is too far?” We both laughed which stated to each of us, nothing was too far.
The girls had plenty of wine already and we gave them some more. The girls started talking and making sexual inuendo;s to each other. Becky said, “Lisa, remember our first time?' How scared we were to see our first peter” Or in the boys language, Cock?. My mouth dropped and I looked at Adam. He smirked. Becky looked directly at me while talking. Then she looked at Adam waiting for a response. I actually dropped the cards to the floor when she said that. I went bent down to the floor and when I looked up, Becky had the slit open in the skirt and the excess between her thighs. I then knew Adam could view her legs up to her panties. I leaned back up and Becky was smiling. She had unbuttoned two and the blouse was opening up to wear you could see the red laced bra. My cock was getting so hard. I looked to my right, and Lisa did the same thing. I looked down and could see the top of her thighs and the side of the black panties she was wearing. Not knowing what was next, Adam got up to get more wine. My suspicions of what he thought were confirmed with the obvious hardening of his cock in his slacks. Becky took a look and turned away. She knew what she had started.
I had to get pressure off my area. I reached down and quietly unzipped my slacks for room.
Lisa had to use the restroom and when she got up she looked down at me to see if I was hard also. She saw my zipper opened up. She sighed and went on. She returned and sat back down. She bumped my leg and reached under the table. She handed me her bra. That did it. I was determined to fuck her. I noticed that Adam's chair was moved closer to the table corner so I dropped some more cards. When I looked under the table, he left hand was moving up Becky's leg. She had them slightly parted. When I raised up, I felt a hand on my thigh working its way to my open zipper. My cock was ready to pop out.
I saw some wriggling from Becky across from me. I noticed I didnt get all the cards so I went back down to get them and I saw Becky wriggled her panties to her ankle and Adam had his hand next to her pussy. We were playing cards during this time and I piped up with “ I think we need a break in cards”. I think we need to talk about how hard our cocks are” Adam, do you think we should show them?' Adam grinned and agreed. The girls just looked at each other for approval and then looked at each of us. I stood up, and looked at Lisa. I said, Here is what my cock looks like”. I took it out in full extension and she stared at it. At the same time, Adam has his out. Becky looked at it and then grabbed it. She licked the end of it for him and said. “nice precum there. Very tasty. Adam picked her out of the chair , took her to the living room. He started taking her clothes off piece by piece. Lisa was sucking my cock as I watched. He lifted Becky's skirt and bent her over. He went down to smell and taste that sweet nectar she has. Then he put his cock against her and said, “ I am going to fuck you good”. Becky cried out, you better. I have been wanting this since our last trip. He pounded her pussy and I could hear the skin slapping while she cried out for more. Meanwhile I was lifting Lisa;s skirt and pulling her panties down. I could smell the heat from her. That tiny little hole was going to get fucked.
I bent her over the card table and slid it in. She loved the extra girth of my cock pounding her. She then surprised me. She reached back and moved the tip of my cock at the entrance of her ass. She paused and said, “I cant give you the pussy cherry, but I want YOU to have the only one left.”. “Please take it”.
With that I pressed inward and felt the tight anal muscles giving way. She grunted as I entered in. I let her get use to the size, and then she said. “fuck my ass”. I was stroking deep into that tight hole and looked up at Becky. Adam was taking hers as well. We all climaxed in screaming orgasms.
Late that evening it was revealed to us that the girls were talking and decided to give the only cherry they had left, to the only other two men then adored. To this day we are still enjoying each other to the max.

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