First time mouthfuck with my girlfriend

A couple of years ago we were in holiday in Italy, somewhere in Tuscany in a nice house rented together with friends. One day, the weather was nice and warm as usual and after the lunch my girlfriend, Veronica, went upstairs to have a nap in the afternoon. As I was always expecting something more exciting then just sl**ping when having a nap, I went with her, we undressed and went to sl**p. When I waked up one hour later, I was quite horny (as usual when I wake up) and I tried out if she felt that same. I started to caress her legs, her belly, then gliding higher to her tits, she let me doing as she likes it very much when I caress her nice small tits, my finger gliding around the nipples, then my hands were gently kneading both her tits, she closed her eyes, her mouth opened a bit and my dick started growing. Touching her tits with my dick, Veronica very much likes the feeling of it and masturbated me very often on her tits and always wants me to come on her breasts, it makes her horny to feel my hot sperm around her nipples.

But this time I wanted her mouth, so I was sitting on her, my cock gliding between her tits first, then getting higher and then I came close to her mouth. First she hesitated, then she opened her beautiful lips and I my cock was gliding inside her mouth at last. Being in her warm mouth felt like heaven, tenderly she closed and her lips around my dick without moving her head and I started to fuck her in her sweet mouth, gliding in and out.

My hands against the wall and my knees on her shoulders, I was fucking her slow and gentle first, then faster, deeper in her mouth, waow, the feeling... Very quickly, I felt myself coming close, I tried to keep control, tried not to stroke too deep as she could not move her head backwards, but the feeling of really fucking her in her mouth as was it a tight pussy, feeling her tongue and tees around my dick, and push into her throat was really great, much stronger feeling as just being sucked from her as usual. Then I exploded and all my cum was filling her mouth and flowing out of her lips. A little bit later, when I draw back my dick, some cream was dripping on her face and I smeared it with my cock on her cheek and lips. Then I licked all my cream from her glazed face and we kissed each other and she shared my cum with me, I very much like the taste of it in her mouth. I will always remember this holiday and lovely Veronica.

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2 years ago
trapped :-) indeed, story and name are both real.
2 years ago
I do'nt think this is a 'story'?
I think this happened! Lol!
Nice :)
3 years ago
Super!!! Good to remember such strong moments!
3 years ago
Love the story, especially the part about kissing her and sharing your cum!