still fucking my ex girlfriend

i had this girlfriend who was alittle bit asian and thai
which was awesome until she had brought over her friend one time to drink with us, so we were drinking for a few hours then it all hit me, that the friend who had her boyfriend over aswell wanted to hook up, so i moved to the end
of the table next to her while we were close something had happened,
in a split second we went outside and started to put our tongues together kissing and feeling each other up, later on my girlfriend was in the room,
so i had to go their too,
i was hugging my girlfriend until the friend had walked in,
she sat down in front of my girlfriend and i grabbed the friend an pulled her head closer to me, making out right in front of my girlfriend and she didn' even know what was going on. but i just wanted to fuck the friend right thier and then, but would the girlfriend care, yes ,so i just made out and felt her up while my hands were also on my girlfriend. later on the friends boyfriend came in ready to go bed, so then it was dark ,nothing too see,
me and my girlfriend started to undress in our bed next to thiers but not that close she grabbed my dick with her hands playing with it and my tongue in her mouth and my fingers in her wet juicy pussy, the friend and her boyfriend started the same thing as we were hearing and seeing their shadows goin up and down. i thought it was a bit odd the the moving stop so soon. couldnt stop laughing, my dick then went right into my girlfriends pussy. just in and then i took it out to put the taste of her pussy and my dick slipping down her throught goin in and out numerous times and all yew could her was the sound of her mouth clashed wit my dick. the noise was abit to loud so i just put it
back into her pussy a fucked that pussy for awhile, and then claimed that i had finished and also tired ,sl**ptime is it, she replied "YES". i waited abit
then she was a dead to the world, my body kept moving like i wasnt tired, in my head i was thinking about shuving my dick back into my girl, but i figured i would fuck the friend right next to her man. so i creeped right next to her on thier bed she had said "ABOUT TIME BABY ,COME AND GET THIS WHILE HE'S Asl**p" i replied back "I INTEND ON DOIN THAT BODY GOOD WITH HIM THEIR OR NOT"
she was already naked and so was i with a huge cock poking up. my fingers went in to her pussy finger fucking that pussy ,her pussy was abit smaller and tighter then my girlfriends, i didn't mind my dick was headind deep down into that tight pussy, so i was fucking her slow and slow she goes to me "FUCK ME HARD BABY" so their i go making her moan ,she constantly kept moaning like she had never done, i didn't care how hard my cock went in or how loud she moan or even if her boyfriend and my girlfriend woke up. i just loved the pussy and kept fucking her in different positions and places i had her sucking her man with me in her ass fucking it good,

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1 year ago
"a little bit Asian and Thai..." you're kidding, right? Wow, among the least well-written pieces ever on here!
3 years ago
Slow down, breath, write slowly with more detail and it is easier to read if you use proper punctuation and capitalization.
3 years ago
more details