Late night Couple!

This is an experience I had with a couple I met on Craiglist, how lovely it was...

After chatting with his skittish wife on the phone I finally talked her into giving me their phone number. I was working night shift and it was time to go get me some lunch ;-) It was an hour drive and I barely found their place, but when I arrived I was hard in anticipation. I went up and knocked on the door, it slowly swung open to reveal a beautiful middle aged woman with nice curves.

She invited me in and we sat on the couch together. There was a air of nerveousness as I wrapped my arm around her and she told me her husband was waiting in the bedroom. She hadn't done anything like this before and her husband wanted to see is she would like it. I then started to kiss her gently on the shoulder, neck and lips as we waited to go into the bedroom.

Once in the bedroom I greeted her husband, and helped her take her pants and panties off. I then kissed my way up her sexy legs, between her gorgeous thighs and started to run my tongue up the length of her pussy again and again. Each time I would slide my wet tongue up between a different set of lips as she got all moist.

He helped her take her shirt off and started to suck on her breasts and run the tips of his fingers over her naked body. I then started to suck on her pussy lips as she gave out small moans of pleasure. Uncontrollably I sucked her clit into my mouth and began to suck on it, flicking it with my tongue at the same time. She immediatly started to thrust her hips into my face and moan with pleasure.

It turned me on so much that I slide two fingers up into her tight wet pussy and started to finger fuck her while sucking on her clit. He watched her squirm with delight. The feeling of my fingers banging against her G-Spot and lips and tongue on her clit overwhelmed her. Causing her to explode with orgasm, spraying her sweet cum allover my hand and face as I continued. Her body convulsing with each spray of sweet nectar.

I then took my shoes, pants and shirt off, laying down next to her naked. Feeling our naked bodies against one another as I played with her volumptous breasts and kissing her passionatly on the lips. She then told her husband an I to lay down, taking her husbands cock in her hand she started to suck on it frevelently. Sliding the whole of his hard cock deep inside of her mouth with every bob of her head.

She then slide over to me and started to suck on my cock, sliding her lovely lips and tongue up and down the length of it. It felt so good! Her husband then flipped her on her side with him behind her. I repositioned myself on my knees near her head and she continue to suck my hard cock as he slide up inside her from behind. The length of his cock was thrust into her tight wet pussy, bashing against the back wall. She let out moans of delight every so often as she continued to suck on my hard cock.

Not before long both he and she were moaning we pleasure as his cock exploded inside of her pussy. With all the excitement I could feel the pleasurable sensation of my orgasm building in the base of my swollen cock. She flipped me on my back at that point and started to suck as if to suck the cum straight out of my balls. I moaned aloud as I could feel the rhythmic pulses of cum being sprayed though my cock into her mouth.

She gaged on the massive load of cum being poured down her throat, but swallowed it completely before retreating to the bathroom to clean herself up. I would have loved to have been able to slide up inside her, though she said on the phone earlier that she was unsure about having me fuck her pussy so I instead thoroughly enjoyed her awesome oral skills. Before leaving I kissed her passionatly on the lips again, and have not seen either of them since.


This couple was so hot, I would have loved to be able to keep in contact with them, but sometimes it's just a one time thing ;-)

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3 years ago
very fun!
3 years ago
Hot lunch, wife here loved it...
3 years ago
a nice but short lunch
3 years ago
Very good lunch mmmmmm