Driveway Cuckold

I came in from work and found her in our room dressed to kill putting on makeup. I said "what's up"? and looking at me through the mirror with a giggle she said " we're gonna have some fun tonight, somethin' different,...kinda sorta"...she finished her eye makeup and turned around and pulled up her short little black skirt to check her stocking at the thigh on one leg to make sure it was straight, obviously on purpose she spread her legs a little to show me her panties too, knowing this would spark my interest right away. I sat on the bed and said " where we going"?,...she said "we" are not going anywhere, I'm going out for awhile and your going to stay here and wait for my treat when I get back. She stood up and walked over to the bed and sat beside me, " I won't be gone to long and when I get back",...she leaned over and breathed into my ear, "I want you to lick my pussy", she slid her tongue in my ear teasing me " do you wanna lick my pussy baby"?, cock was getting hard by the second,...I started to make a move on her and she pulled away, stood up pointing her finger at me and said, " after while,...promise"?,....I said "promise, you can count on it".
Little black skirt with black see through panties and black thigh high stockings, black halter top that ties at the neck, no bra, hair and makeup done just right, red lips and she slipped on some black come fuck me pumps she said "here's the deal my little cuck, a couple of minutes before I get home I will text you, make sure the front porch light is off but leave the side light on". I knew what she meant, our driveway runs along one side of the house back to the garage and there is a side door to the house, shrubs along the otherside for privacy. "Keep checking but don't come out okay"?...I replied with a questionable "okay"..."what are you up to, tell me whats going on"?,...she gave me that look and jokingly said, "do as your told or no fun when I get home",...she stepped up to me and reached down and ran her hand along my cock, leaned in to my ear and said, "I've been thinking about a nice black cock again and it's been a while since we had some cuck fun so I called Mayfield and asked him if he would like to get together again",...I felt pre cum leaking from my throbbing cock,...she stepped back, "we're going out to dinner and will be back later for some fun",...with that we heard a honk in the drive way,.." cool, just like I told him" she said.
My head was spinning as she hurriedly grabbed her purse and turned at the door, gave me that look and said " remember what I said, make sure your phones on!, with that she was out the door. I ran over to the window and peeked out to see, her all smiles get in the car and them backing out and driving off.
I stood there in a daze, freaking out, excited and thinking, "what the fuck"? I gathered myself and took a shower, my mind racing with all sorts of crazy thoughts, cooked and ate some food, tried to chill watching some TV,....I kept checking my phone every ten seconds,...after about three hours it finally went off, the text read "B there N about 5",...I checked the outside lights and waited near the kitchen window,...I heard them pull into the drive way and come up next to the house right outside the window. The car shut off, I was freaking out, wanting to look but waited for a minute or so, my heart was pounding out of my chest. I pulled the curtain back from the side of the window very slightly, in perfect view to see my wife leaned over and obviously sucking Mayfields cock. I could see her head moving slightly and he was leaning back looking down at her in pleasure. My little slut was going at it as she started bobbing her head in rhythm. Her skirt was riding up and he reached around to her ass and pulled it up and slid his hand down to her pussy. I could see him moving his hand in and out slowly as she squirmed a little to reposition herself so he could finger her pussy better. She raised her head long enough to kiss him for a moment and he put his hand on her head to motion her back down to his cock. She still had her panties on but it was obvious he was fingering her pussy. I couldn't take it any longer and slid my PJ's down, my cock was dripping precum and I slid my hand all around it to get me completely wet and started stroking slowly.
I looked back out to the car and my wife raised up and sat back up in the seat for a split second to pull her panties off and down to the floorboard...they were saying a few words as Mayfield did the same and lowered the back of his seat a little. Leaning back in the seat he lifted his leg and positioned it over the console, my wife leaned forward reached up and untied her halter top and pulled it off in an instance, I could see Mayfields big cock in the light now and he was stroking it watching her, all she had on was black thigh highs. She turned toward him and climbed on top, I could see them kissing each other their tongues going wild for each other. She raised up so he could suck on those sweet nipples, I could see his hand squeezing her tit as he licked and sucked her nipple, her head tilted she was looking down so she could watch. She was slowly, purposely grinding her hips around to tease his cock, she had his cock pushed down and was rubbing her pussy all over it, up and down the top of it.
She leaned forward into him a little and raised her hips, he reached behind her and grabbed her ass with both hands to spread her wide,...his cock found her pussy and she lowered her hips down and let him slide in. She threw her head back and I heard her moan with pleasure as she relaxed when his cock was in deep...I couldn't stand it any longer, I got so weak I fell to my knees with one hand on the wall for support and started cumming, moaning as I was shooting my cum all over the wall and floor...she is so fucking hot!,...for a second or two I had to check myself to make sure this was real and happening,...trying not to pass out, I looked back out the window,...
He was holding her down with both hands on her hips and she was riding his cock hard and fast, then she would grind her hips with his cock deep in her pussy and moan with pleasure. She started fucking him hard and fast again and heard both of them moaning and I knew she was cumming when she started screaming "fuck me, fuck me" so loud I thought the neighbors would hear,...I could hear both of them cumming as he held her hips and fucked her pussy hard and fast, thrusting up to give it to her,...she fell into him and he held her down hard on his cock,...I could see her welcome his cum with kisses to his neck as he thrust hard and slow into her pussy, she would bear down on his cock as each thrust filled her pussy with cum. My cock was rock hard again,...I looked back out and she was laying back in her seat catching her breathe, Mayfield was laying there breathing heavy and was stroking her body softly,...after a few minutes he was putting his pants back on and she slipped her skirt on and gathered up her other clothes,....they said a few words and had a smile or two and she leaned over and kissed him as if she was saying thank you and good night. She opened the car door and I ran up to the bedroom as I heard the car start,...I heard her come in the door and the car pulled away.
I was laying on the bed as she came into the bedroom drinking a bottle of water, dropped her purse and clothes, standing there in just her skirt and stockings, she raised her hands and said with a smile "honey I'm home"!...I said "you've been home",...she put down the water and slid her skirt off and as she came towards me she said " yes I have and I want to talk to you about that", with a giggle. She leaned over, breathed in my ear,.."did you watch?,...she slid her tongue in my ear,..."did you?,....I said " yes I did",...."did you like it?,..."yes I did",..."did I make your cock hard?,...did I make you cum"?,..."did you cum watching me suck his big cock or did you wait till I fucked him"?......she had my cock so hard and wet, she is such a wonderful slut,...." when you fucked him baby",..."mmmm, he filled my pussy full of cum",...she kissed me and swirled her tongue around my mouth and lips,..." can you taste it baby"?,..."now you get to lick my pussy",....I had forgot about that, I said "I'm not sure if I'm into that baby",...she had pulled down my PJ's and was stroking my cock slowly and softly,..."I've been thinking about this for awhile now and I want you to do it, pretty please for me, wasn't I a good slut for you tonight"?, "you might like it",..and you promised", she had my cock wet and was torturing me,..."be my little cuck and and clean my pussy baby",...with that said, in one motion she straddled my head and lowered her pussy towards my mouth,...she was cooing "your gonna like this baby, you like my pussy don't you baby"?,..."yes I do, give it to me", she lowered her pussy to my mouth, cum dripped from it and I swallowed my first bit of another mans cum from my wife's pussy,...I lit up like a firework, I loved it! She was on her feet squatted down gripping the headboard, with her pussy inches from my mouth, she let out a moan when I did knowing her pussy was dripping cum in my mouth,..."does that taste good baby"?,...."do you want some more"?..." do you wanna clean up my pussy for me"?,...."yes baby give it to me, let me lick up all that hot cum",..."here's some more baby, oh yeah",...she let some more of that hot cum leak from her pussy and I swallowed it up,..."be my cum lovin' cuck and clean up all his hot cum it taste so good" and she moaned loudly as she lowered her pussy on my waiting mouth, I slid my tongue in her pussy and cum ran all over and in my mouth, so warm, so good,....I just grunted and moaned in pleasure at the taste of both their cum.
She was saying things like, "thats it lick my pussy, stick your tongue in and get all his cum",..."his cum tastes so good doesn't it"?,..."yeah, clean my pussy good baby",...I just kept lapping and sucking, loving the taste. She postioned herself on her knees and started grinding her pussy back and forth on my mouth,..." I love being a slut for you",..."I love to suck and fuck cocks",...damn she was just blurting out some of the hottest stuff I'd ever heard her say. Her pussy was so hot and now wet again with her juices,...."my favorite, my favorite is black cock, he fucks me so good",..she was panting and moaning so fast as she fucked my tongue and mouth, she was sliding her pussy back and forth and my tongue would go from being in her pussy to rubbing her clit in a split second,... she was gonna cum,....all I could do was grunt and moan in such sweet bliss,...."I'm thinking about his black cock right now fucking my pussy",..."he fucks me hard and fast",...."he treats me like a cock whore",.... "oh fuck I love it",...she was going off the deep end, she started fucking my tongue and mouth hard, grunting at the top of her lungs, "he makes me cum so good,....I'm gonna show you how he makes me cum,..oh yeah I'm cumming for him baby!,...she grinded her pussy hard without letting up and was screaming as she poured cum in my mouth, grunting as she twitched with each wave of orgasm,..."oooh see what a slut I am, see how I love his black cock, see how good he makes me cum"!,....I was freaking out as I finished sucking the cum from her pussy,...her legs were twitching and shaking,...I never, I mean never heard that kinda shit from her or seen her cum like that....ever,...but I knew one thing for sure,....I liked this!
She fell back onto the bed beside me, trying to breathe and moaning slightly. I laid there with my eyes closed trying to remember all this and trying to breathe, I felt her move and she said " now for mine ",...she grabbed my cock and I was completly wet with precum, she started stroking slowly and deliberatley with both hands,...I thought what an insatiable little bitch,....I was at her mercy,...I opened my eyes and looked at her and she was staring at my cock with a lustful determined look and then she looked me in the eye and said with a primal a****listic voice " gimme that hot cum now",....she leaned over and swallowed my cock and started stroking me off in her mouth. I started bucking my hips at her face as she grunted and continued to jack me off in her mouth,...I couldn't take it any longer,..."here's what you want you fucking cum slut,....take it!!,...I was fucking her mouth hard and fast,...I started cumming in her mouth, jerking and convulsing with each wave of cum,.....she got a mouth full and slid my cock out and continued to stroke me as I finished shooting on her tongue, mouth and face. She was just whimpering and gasping as she licked and sucked all the cum off my cock and then used her fingers to get it all from her face and into her mouth. She just moaned quietly as she gently stroked my cock to get it all and gave it a gentle loving kiss to finish. She's the hottest slut I've ever seen and I know I haven't seen it all!!,...She eased up next to me and we both just layed there quietly in each others arms, breathing,...out of the quiet she said " I love you baby",...I squeezed her tightly and said "I love you".

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