real mothers day interracial double cuckold story!

had a great time with my hubby on mothers day. this is a true story, my hubby loves to share me with his friends, people he meets online, and sometimes even with strangers. im young, asian, bi, and nothing turns me on then a huge black cock. my hubby knows that and he knows i havent had it for a while either.

so this year, our budget was a little low after paying off some bills we had piling up. we traveled out of town to a small buffet and had a good meal, we ordered some breadsticks and they never sent them to our table the whole night. my hubby asked the waiter if theyre were still going to bring them, and he handled everything right away. just as we were about to leave, he mentioned that he knew my husband from back in the day. at first my hubby didnt really recognize him, but soon he realized and they exchanged numbers. we went on with our night, had lots of fun, and lots of drinks.

later on, hubby called up his friend and told me that he had a bottle of liqour and were gonna go over and hang out for a few. i was still dressed up from a night out on mothers day, i was wearing a tight black dress with no bra or panties on underneath, some sexy high heels i just bought, and my hair was down and straightened.

when we knocked on my hubbys friends door, we heard a voice yelling "come in". when we did, we walked into the living room to find his friends mother laying on a sofa bed completely naked, fingering herself, while watching porn on the tv. my hubby walked over and introduced himself to her that he knew her son.

i glanced over to see what she was watching, and it was 2 muscular black men pinning down a short chubby asian girl like myself. i looked over to see what hubby was up to, he was rubbing her dark black wet pussy and dropping his pants to the floor. i never seen such a sexy mature black women before, and she took good care of herself too. she called me over, had me lay down and began licking my pussy while my husband was fucking her doggystyle. i got so wet having her experienced eating skills on me and watching the porn at the same time.

while we were enjoying ourselves, lol, her son walked in. he introduced himself to me, his name was Darien. we all took a break from what we were doin. Darien told my hubby to take a shot of some liqour with him. me and Dariens mother hung out for a little while touching eachother and exploring eachothers bodies.

when my hubby and Darien came back in the room... Darien was naked, and he was HUGE! his cock was a good 8 inches long and it still wasnt hard. i pulled up my dress and bent over for him.


... please leave some comments and ill post part two of what happened next and for the rest of that day =) everything in here was a true story, and theres lots of sexy details of the rest of the day to come

always welcoming pic tributes as well, check out my pics, email me any tributes to
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10 days ago
nice more?
8 months ago
hope you are writing more so hot
2 years ago
Really hope you post more soon and not just tease us.
2 years ago
please let us hear more
2 years ago
Wow...need to hear more!
2 years ago
Very sexy. Love to hear more