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My Addiction To Tributes & Cum! Spcial Request

im addicted to tributes that u guys send me all the time. my email is discreet4rmlancaster@yahoo.com . every day after work i check my email and my xhamster to see if i got any new and ezciting tributes to rub my pussy to.

what im asking for is... can u guys send me the most creative tribute u can think of? any type really... cum on my pictures, write on my pictures, print my picture cut out a hole and fuck my picture, print my pictures out and send me a picture of it in public for everybody to see, print my pictures out and send me a picture of ur friends and buddies seeing me naked, tape... Continue»
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ive recieved numerous emails lately asking for more stories and i have so many REAL sex stories to tell that its incredible sometimes for me to remember them all. heres a TRUE story of an adult bookstore my husband took me to one day to have the gangbang of my life!

one day me and my husband wanted to check out an old adult bookstore that is right in the middle of downtown where we live. tons of guys go in there, go right to the back of the store in the private booths and jack off to porn, some even get their cocks sucked in the gloryhole. but this wasnt the reason we came to the store.

... Continue»
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so i noticed this guy out front of my neighbors house all the time and he didnt talk to many people. he was cute, i wondered why other girls like me arent already between his legs sucking his dick right.

i walked over one day and asked if hes from around here. he replied that he was a music producer from puerto rico and just visiting for the next 2 days. i said thats ashame that hes leaving because i could use a good fuck buddy. he told me that hes been trying to get laid the whole time he was here but didnt have any luck yet. i told him to come to my place, lol.

when we entered through... Continue»
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one night my husband was out front talking to a friend of his and i noticed that he kept on talking to his friends girlfriend sexually when he wasnt around. so i came downstairs, still wearing some lingerie that my husband goes wild for. i asked his friend and his girlfriend if they wanna come upstairs and hang out, i told them it was a lil cold outside, but it was august, lol.

when my husband brought them upstairs, i was in our room, laying down and watching tv. they came in and we all talked about random things and had a good time. i asked my husbands friends girlfriend if she ever had ... Continue»
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[Story] first time hubby shared me with another guy! (plz

hubby always liked it when i flashed him around the house and let him take pictures. but one day he showed me a website where girls can post their pictures and guys can comment on them. so i submitted a few that he took of me, and instantly we got hundreds of comments from guys around the world telling me so many sexual things and fantasies they had with me. it turned me on alot, and i mean ALOT! my panties were soaked and the first words out of my mouth was "FUCK ME!". but this day in particular my hubby was in a rush to buy a bottle of liqour before the store closed.

so we got to the liqo... Continue»
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[Story] real mothers day interracial double cuckold story!

as promised! heres the rest of the story! (true story that is!)...

Darien bent me over, spread my ass, and licked around and inside of me while biting on my soft cheeks. i was dripping wet when Darien told me to lay on my back.

he took off my heels and began sucking on my toes one by one taking his time to taste each and every toe. he started licking my soles from the bottom to the top, pausing each time in the middle and licking them how i like it. his tongue worked its way up to my pussy and he dove in face first! the whole time he was tellin me how much he loved the taste of asian pus... Continue»
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[Story] real mothers day interracial double cuckold story!

had a great time with my hubby on mothers day. this is a true story, my hubby loves to share me with his friends, people he meets online, and sometimes even with strangers. im young, asian, bi, and nothing turns me on then a huge black cock. my hubby knows that and he knows i havent had it for a while either.

so this year, our budget was a little low after paying off some bills we had piling up. we traveled out of town to a small buffet and had a good meal, we ordered some breadsticks and they never sent them to our table the whole night. my hubby asked the waiter if theyre were still going... Continue»
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[Story] Made my hubby crossdress and get fucked by bbc!

Finally convinced me husband to stop watching me take big cocks and to put on a pair of heels and to get fucked while its my turn to watch him!

ive always loved being a cuckold wife, meeting new people, having fun wherever it happens to be at, it really improved our marriage, finally i took it to the next step.

i spend alot of time at nights checking out mostly pics on xhamster and few videos. ive always been turned on by crossdressers, cumshots, and a few others fetishes im into. this time i finally got to see a live crossdresser fucked, my cuckold husband!

so we arranged to meet a f... Continue»
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added new pics

added some new pics. please send me some cum tributes and ill keep adding more. message me on here when theyre done or send them to me directly at discreet4rmlancaster@yahoo.com
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cum tribute my pics please & ill send more!

just uploaded some pics. looking for some people to do a cum tribute for me!! message me on here or email me the pics @ discreet4rmlancaster@yahoo.com when its done. thanks! ill send ya more pics if u want when theyre done
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