Losing My Virginity

This is a story about me losing my virginity. A man's take (or at least my take) on a momentous occasion. I'm sure it is different for a woman, but I was filled with apprehension my first time....scared and thrilled at the same time. Although it was 44 years ago, it's remarkably clear in my mind. It's not just girls...guys never forget their first, either. This account is exactly as I remember it, without any revisions or embellishments.

I remember the Summer of '66 as if it were yesterday. You see, that's the year I officially lost my virginity.
I guess I was what you'd call a late bloomer. Not that I wanted to be, you understand. Oh, I'd finger fucked a few pussies, seen and played with my fair share of tits...hell, I'd even gotten my dick sucked by a few guys on different occasions that lived in my neighborhood and were into that sort of thing. I never considered it as "engaging in a homosexual act"...after all, they were 'queer', I wasn't. That justified it in my mind at the time. Nossir, what I really had my eye set on was sinking my hard meat into a soft, squishy pussy and pumping her so full of cum it'd be running out of her ears!
Anyway, I was lying in the grass with my friend Mark in front of a trailer park...just hanging out, so to speak. As boys often do, we were talking about girls and pussy and who we'd like to fuck.
Just then, a car pulled out of the park...it was a big car, like an Oldsmobile or a Buick, and behind the wheel was a pretty blonde woman.
She leaned out the window and asked, "You boys wanna ride?"
Having nothing better to do we both said, "Sure!" Another adventure...and, as it turned out, one I'd never forget.
Mark got in the backseat and I slid into the front, next to my gorgeous driver. As this was before bucket seats were commonplace, the seat went all the way across. Closing the door I sat back and put my arm out the window, ready to go wherever she wanted to take us.
She was looked gorgeous, to me, sitting behind the wheel with her shoulder length hair blowing in the wind. Her eyes were brown and she wore a light green cotton sundress and I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra. Nice rack, I thought....about a 36D or somewhere around there. That dress clung to her like a vine on a trellis. It was knee length or a little above and I kept hoping the wind in the car would blow it up so I could 'catch a shot'', but it never did.
She told us her name was June.
June drove Mark and I all over Port Arthur. She had a cooler filled with ice and beer in the back seat and told us to help ourselves. And help ourselves we did. I think Mark and I both put down a six pack that afternoon. And June had cigarettes.. There were cigarettes on the seat, under the seat, in the glove compartment...she had cigarettes everywhere. Mark and I were chain smoking like a condemned man before his execution.
Then Mark said he wanted to go home. So, June took him home.
Now it was just her and , as it should have been from the start. I mean, after all, she did most of the talking to me, right? And it was me on the front seat sitting next to her, wasn't it? She was MY WOMAN Dammit!
Relishing my newly aquired importance I was languishing there on the seat and I felt about two inches off it. Suddenly, June burst my bubble.
"Hon", she said, 'I have to take you home now, too".
"But why", I implored.
"Because I have to get ready", she replied. "Unless you don't want to be with me later", she pouted.
"Oh...uh...I...um...Sure!" I relplied sheepishly.
She dropped me off in front of my house, but before I got out of the car, she kissed me. Right smack full on the lips. There wasn't any tongue involved but it wasn't a mother's kiss, either. I was about to learn what passion was all about.
We agreed that she would pick me up about 6 p.m.
Time to get ready! What should I wear. I guessed jeans and a nice shirt would be right. And my special pair of Beatle boots. Yep, the boots would do it. Imported from England, the hot spot of the day, I'd spent twenty dollars on them...an extra half inch on the half inch heel would make me stand even taller than my usual 6 feet and the brushed suede texture was classy, right? I sure thought so at the time. Time to shower and shave...I used my Aramis liquid soap, paying special attention to 'down there'...I mean, who knows what could happen? I might get lucky?
Right on time at 6 p.m. June was at my house waioting in the driveway for me. Little did she know I'd been ready for about 15 minutes, just standing in the living room peeking out the window to see if she was there yet.
As I got into her car and closed the door I asked where we would be going.
"I thought we might go to the movies. Is that okay?', she asked.
"Sure", I replied. "Whatever you wanna do". I was hoping she was gonna pay for it since she invited me to go out and, besides, I was just a k**, fresh out of school,, horny as hell and I only had about three dollars in my pocket.
We wound up at the drive-in, one of only two in the area, but by far the better venue.
June had brouight some fried chicken and some BBQ ribs for us to munch on...she said she didn't like the stuff at the snack bar and the lines were always too long so she usually brought something instead.
I don't remember the movie...I don't think a movie was what June had on ner mind. As soon as we got to our parking place and got the speaker inside the window, all thoughts of a movie or chicken and ribs went right out the rolled up windows.
June leaned over right away and kissed me...a long, tongue probing kiss. When we finally broke away, both of us breathing heavily, she said., "I've been wanting to do that since the first time I laid eyes on you". Then she put her hand between my legs and started massaging my cock through my jeans. "Feels like he needs some air", she commented, and proceeded to unzip me and frree my dick from its confines. True to life, my 18 year old cock was at full attention, its helmuted head throbbing proudly as she gripped the shaft. She lowered her head and took me in her mouth and the warm, wet tongue that lapped hungrily at my dick made my manhood even harder.
Suddenly, she stopped sucking me off and said, "I'll bet you'd like to see some of this, huh?" and she raised the hem of that cotton dress to show me she wasn't wearing any panties. The sight that greeted me was wonderful....just a small amount of hair where it should be...in the traditional triangle shape, obviously trimmed and dark brunette in color. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven! I just knew I was gonna get some pussy tonight. I reached down to rub my fingers up and down her slit, while closing my eyes I leaned in for a kiss. We kissed and I fingered and she jacked me for about an hour or more. I was 'hard as Chinese algebra' and she was sitting in a puddle of her own juice.
"Where can we go?", she asked.
"Gee, I dunno", I replied. I hadn't considered that I'd have to find a place to go fuck. "Lemme think".
Then it came to me. My house. My driveway. My parents usually went to bed early and, since it was afer 10, they'd be asl**p and we could make-out all we wanted to in her car in my diveway.
Pulling in very quietly, she shut the motor off and turned to me. "Are you sure about this?"
she wondered.
"Itll be fine...you'll see". I wasn't going to be cheated out of losing my cherry tonight. Hell, I'd have done it on the front lawn at noon if I had to.
Both of us crawled into the back seat. June raised her dress up to give me a close, clear view of her Magic Valley. While I stared at her fur patch I notyiced I could see her moist slit through the hair. I unbuckled my belt and unsnapped my jeans and put them down around my knees.
I moved forward for another kiss, all the while rubbing her cunt. As she stroked my dick she said, "Why don't you put this in me?"
Holy shit. The time had come. I was going to lose my virginity. Could I really do this? I had no experience other than what I'd heard some of the other boys talk about. But most of all, could I satisfy her? Even at that tender age I was concerned that she receive as much pleasure as I did.
She spread her legs for me and guided my throbbing man-muscle to her waiting love box.
As I sank into her depths it felt wonderful...everything I had imagined and more. As I moved in and out of her I noticed her pubic hair mingling with mine everytime our bodies met..And her mound bunping against mine was enough to put me on the brink.
We'd been screwing for about 10 minutes and I announced, "I'm gonna cum!"
"Cum inside me", she said.
And that's just what I did. Spurt after spurt of thick, creamy white cum went straight up her hole as I shuddered in orgasm. It looked like she was cumming, too, because she trembled, literally shook as I was filling her with my seed. She had her eyes closed for the entire incident. The trembling stooped and she finally opened her eyes she had a glazed look...like she'd just awakened from a c***.
"Wow!" she exclaimed. "That's the best orgasm I've had in years!"
"It was great for me, too", I added.
"Should you be getting home?" I asked. June had told me earlier that she was married, that he wasn't giving her "any", and that he usually finished his shift at the plant aroiuind 11 p.m. Since it was now 11:15 I didn't want her to get into trouble.
"Nah", she said. "I'm already late and in trouble and he's going to beat the shit out of me when I get home. We might as well make the best of it".
So, I fucked her twice more, She came both times, as did I. Right there in my diveway in the back seat of her car.
After the third time, she said it was time for her to leave. As I got out I realized the car reeked of sex...the smell was unmistakable, the scent that emanated from her vehicle was passion unleashed.
Unfortunately, that passion was all over the seats...cum and pussy juice literally coated both the front and back seats.
I went around to the drivers side and bent down and kissed June.
"I hope you know this was a one-time thing. We'll never fuck again and you won't see me ever again".
"Uh...June", I said. "I feel I need to tell you something. I've never been with a woman before...not in that way. You were my first", I stammered.
She looked me right in the eye and said, "I certainly wasn't disapointed. That's one fine dick you've got there".
I was thrilled! Not only had I gotten some pussy and finally, finally lost my virginity, but I had satisfied an older woman...a woman who apparently was quite familiar with the male member and she had just given me the ultimate compliment...I knew how to fuck. My very first time.
As I stood in the driveway I watched her tail lights fade in the distance as she drove away...and what she had said kept echoing in my mind..."You'll never see me again"..."We'll never fuck again"..."That's one fine dick you've got".
I went back the next day where I'd first met June but I didn't see her. And I went back the day after that and the day after that.
True to her word I never did see June again. I hope her husband didn't beat her too badly. I had gotten some of what had been his. According to her, he didn't want it so that justified it in my mind at the time.
I've never forgotten June, my fist sexual encountter onf any importance. It didn't mean that much to her, but it was ecstacy for me. At 18 years old, I'd finally lost my cherry.
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3 years ago
Excellent story, very well told/written.
3 years ago
Great story!
3 years ago
that was a great story!!!!
3 years ago
such a epic first time!
3 years ago
very hot, loved it
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very good
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This should have been your first story it was fasanating thanks
4 years ago
what more could a man want for his first time an experienced lover and in the end a very satisfied lover hope we get to hear about a few more of your conquests