Let's Butt Fuck!

t's Fall, 1979. My girlfriend and I are living together in a house in Texas and working in radio, both at our respective stations. Since our jobs take us to different parts of the city and we both work different hours, the time we have together, usually late at night, is precious.
"Wanna make love, Darlin?" I ask.
"I can't wait!" she answers.
"What do you want to do tonight?" I wonder aloud.
"Oh, I don't care" she replies. "As long as there's lots of dick and fingers and tongues involved" she says playtfully.
No agument from me there...little does she know what I am considering. All of the aforementioned, but with the addition of her virgin asshole thrown into the mix for good measure. We've never really discussed me penetrating her ass, although my butt was very familiar with her fingers at this point in our relationship. It never failed to excite me when I felt her slick middle finger sliding into my tight hole and, lately, she was able to put in two fingers and open me up a little farther. Commenting on it, I told her, "Who knows more about finger fucking than a girl?" Up to this point, I had never fingered her butt.
Lying naked in bed together we start exploring each other with our mouths. She engulfs my rapidly hardening cock with her warm, wet mouth and begins to suck me while I dive into her hairy cunt, face first. As soon as I part those lucious pussylips and start licking her she begins to juice up and her clit is becoming visibly erect. I pause in my licking to suckle her little nubbin and feel it grow in my mouth. She paused momentarily to give me the finger she knew I so desparately wanted and then resumed sucking my cock. I felt good about tonight and the 'special treat' I had in store...it was gonna be good! Our oral ministrations went on for a bit longer and then I asked, "Wanna fuck?"
"Baby, I am sooo ready" she said. "What position do you want tonight?"
I answered, "Let's do it doggy style...you get on all fours".
As she got on her hands and knees I got around behind her and nearly fainted from the sight of ber big, beautiful, round ass...split down the middle by a deep crack and her tight, never entered asshole.
With my cock jutting out in front of me I approached her, wondering if I would meet with acceptance or resistance. Letting my hardness graze up and down her ass crack, I said, "Honey, tonight I'd like to do something a little different"
"And what would that be, Baby?' she asked.
"I'd like to cornhole you tonight" I said.
"Cornhole me? You mean you want to...to...fuck me in the ass?" she asked.
"Yes" I said. "You've been giving it to me in the butt since we first met. Don't you want to feel some of the same pleasure that I do?"
"Well, sure...but won't it hurt? I mean, your dick is quite a bit bigger than my finger" she replied. "And it's so nasty." I could hear the apprehension in her voice.
I responded, "Not that much bigger,,,especially when you figure I've learned to take two of your fingers....and it feels wonderful, Baby! Besides, I know you like nasty".
"Look", I said, "I understand you might be a little bit scared. But it can feel soooo good, Baby...good enough that gay men do it and straight couples, too. If you let me, I promise I'll make it good for you, too".
"Okay", she said, "We can try it I guess....but if it starts to hurt you have to stop, okay?"
"Okay", I said eagerly. "I know you took a shit earlier so there won't be anything on the other side to block the way. And I stopped today and picked up a tube of K-Y...that should lube it up so it goes in easier. All you need to do is relax, and realize that I would never hurt you intentionally".
"Well, I'm on all fours...go ahead....I guess".
"What I want you to do now", I said, "is put your head down on the bed and put your ass in the air and reach around and spread your butt cheeks apart".
She reached back to spread those milky white globes of her ass and I could see her little pink pucker, just above her hairy pussylips. The sight itself was intoxicating.
Squeezing the tube of K-Y, I put a generous amount on the end of my middle finger and gently inserted it into her asshole, probing her rectum like I knew my dick would soon be doing.
"Ooooh...that feels funny" she said.
"Does it hurt?" I asked.
"Nooo...just different" she said.
"Now I'm going to put my dick up your shit chute", I said.
"I love it when you talk dirty to me when we fuck', she said.
Coating my cock with the lubricant I started to push into her. I grabbed her hips and began penetration. At first I met with resistance. "Push back out', I told her. "Like when you try to take a dump. It'll make it go in easier".
She did as I asked and, sure enough, the head of my dick disappeared past the anal ring.
I rested a minute or so, letting her hole get accustomed to being penetrated. Then I pushed forward till about half my cock was in her ass.
"Ow...ow...ow!" she cried out. "Hold on a minute".
I waited, wanting this to be good for her, too.
"Okay', she said finally, "I think I can take a little more".
I eased my dick forward, slowly, until it was completely buried in her rectum. Again I paused.
"Whew!" she said. "That's really something. I can feel your pubic hair in the crack of my ass".
"That's because your ass is filled with dick", I grinned. "Let me know when you're ready".
"I guess I'm ready now', she said. "But put another shot of that jelly on your cock so my hole is really slippery"
I squirted a liberal amount of the lube on my dick and she playfully wiggled her ass. "C'mon, let's cornhole" she said. "If you're gonna fuck that ass, go ahead and get it on."
Her asshole was so tight...like trying to push a baseball bat through a keyhole..,and I'm just a` little guy. I mean, .about 6 inches long and as big around as a quarter...not like the huge monsters I'd seen plow a girl's ass in the movies.
As I moved in and out of her the feeling was incredible. I knew I wouldn't last long. She started masturbating, thrusting her fingers in her pussy to match my rhythm.
"Steve,' she said, "This is beginning to feel really good...I can feel myself starting to cum. Fuck me harder", she cried, "I want you deep in my ass, Baby!"
"In it or on it?" I asked.
"Since this is my first time I want to feel you shoot off in my butt...this is better than I thought it was going to be. Give me some cum!"
Within minutes I was squirting my hot load of sperm in her ass...it seemed as if I'd never quit cumming. Finally, after the last jet of juice shot out of my cock and up into her ass I felt my dick start to go soft and it slipped out of her dark star.
I reached around her and put my hands between her legs, feeling for her soft 'n' curlies and encountered her hairy slit, dripping with wetness. Pulling her even closer to me, I whispered in her ear, "Thank you, Baby...I love you so much".
"And I love you, too" she responded. "Thank you for sharing with me. I was scared at first, but then it got better and better. I can see we've found something new to include in our sex life", she said smiling.
Indeed, for the next 11 years, she took it up the ass at least once a week, sometimes more often. A few years later, after I'd been introduced to 'creampie", I added licking her butt to prep her for anal and we didn't even need the K-Y after a while. I'd tongue fuck her butt in anticipation of our anal session and her hole would recognize what was happening and just open up for me. I also licked the cum from her butthole afterwards, cleaning up both our juices with my mouth. Over the course of my sex life I've cornholed quite a few women...some liked it, others didn't. But I've never had anyone so eager for me to ride the 'Hershey Highway' as she was.
94% (39/3)
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2 years ago
Titles certainly an eye catcher hahahaha!
3 years ago
Another winner. You're quite a fine writer.
4 years ago
OMG, I absolutely love to be fucked! Nothing gets me hotter. The best is after you have fucked me for a long time...I can feel your cock getting harder...and then I love to feel each throb of your cock with each stream of cum that you shoot!

I love this story!
4 years ago
very good & hot
4 years ago
damn hot story
5 years ago
Its what I've always said but fucking is great for all consonered thanks
5 years ago
I love the anticipation of preparing a lover for the penetration to cum! When my tongue inserts into her ass and her moan is so very hot! I've never cleaned the cream pie from my woman's brown eye, however I'm going to start now!!!
5 years ago
5 years ago
great story