My First Creampie

I was living in Houston and working what we in the 'trade' call "Major Market Radio". It had taken me a while to get here, but I had finally made it to the "big time." And I made pretty good money. Some of those funds, I decided, were going to finance the purchase of my first VCR. As I look back, the video recorders of that time were pretty primitive, to say the least. However, I knew that my penchant for adult material was about to become a reality. Video rental shops abounded in the city and nearly all of them had the proverbial "back room" that offered tapes featuring adults in a variety of sexual situations. I was ready to purchase a membership and sate myself on the fare displayed in the rooms labeled 'Adults Only."
Since my girlfriend had accepted a position nearly 100 miles away the videos would offer me an outlet for sex if only by masturbation. At least I wouldn't have to turn the pages of a magazine anymore while enjoying my solitude. Of course, my girlfriend and I still got to see each other occasionally. One of us would make the trip every so often so we could enjoy the pleasure of one another's company, both intellectually and sexually. This would be one of those times. I had decided to transport my newest aquisition to where she was and introduce her to the world of 'adult entertainment'. Now, let me be clear...she had seen an X rated movie in the past. She said she thought it was funny...not sexy at all. I was determined to dispel that notion and get her involved in something more hardcore that the fluff she'd been exposed to. Gathering up my offerings I headed to her house one lonely weekend.
Upon my arrival she greeted me with a long kiss accoimpanied by a stroke on my cock through my jeans. I couldn't wait to show her one of my movies. But things would have to wait as she had k**s that would have to go to bed first and it was only 7 o'clock in the evening. The minutes dragged on until finally, the little buggers were in bed asl**p and she and I could have some alone time. Crawling under the sheets with her I snuggled up close, feeling skin on skin. How nice. I was way past ready.
"So, you have a movie?" she asked. She knew I had connected the VCR to the TV in her bedroom earlier.
"Got a couple", I replied.
"Well, what are you waiting for? Put one in" she commanded.
I went for broke and put on the most intense video I'd brought with me. She didn't say anything as she watched people fucking with wild abandon. She also viewed women eating each other's pussy, men sucking dicks and cornholing one another and more cum filled cunts than one can imagine. I wasn't sure how she'd react to the same-sex scenes, but I knew she was as nasty as I was and, sure enough, she seemed okay with it. I was certain she enjoyed it because when the two men began to have sex I noticed she was fingering her pussy, obviously getting off to some degree. I knew that some guys liked watching two lesbians having sex and figured a woman might like to see the same between men. Apparently I was right.
"Whew! That was so hot!" she exclaimed.
"Do you want me to put on another movie?" I asked.
"Maybe later" she said "Right now I want that dick, right here, right now!" She opened her legs wide and held those big, wet pussylips open so I could look into her vagina. No doubt about was time to fuck!
I put myself between her legs. Then I leaned down over her. My left arm supported my body while my right hand was moving up and down the shaft of my extremely hard cock. Just before I entered her, I looked down at her and said, "Baby...I love you."
"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, "And I love the man with the best dick west of the Mississippi."
"What about east of the Mississippi?" I asked playfully.
"I'm not east of the Mississippi, I'm here with you, aren't I? Now, c'mere Silly Boy and fuck me"
It always felt strange to me...that initial penetration. I had been here many, many times was familiar territory. And yet, each time we had sex it seemed like the very first time we'd done the 'nasty' five years before. I didn't need to fantasize about a pretty woman I'd seen or a famous celebrity while we were fucking because She was the fantasy. In a way it was like 10 X 10 =100. I found I could shift my consciousness so that I was no longer a man who's balls slapped her asshole while we were's as if my mind entered the testicles and I was them for a few minutes. Or an erection, sliding in and out from between those lips lined with mind's eye was looking squarely out of my dick head...near the pee hole...where the cum shoots out of. Stimulating mental images, for me at least. I guess it's true when it's said "Guys are all about visual."
At any rate, I could feel the hot surge building up inside me...ready to unleash its fury on the walls of her vagina. Or the soft brown fur that covered those plump pussylips. I'd always given her the choice....sometimes she wanted to feel the cum inside her pussy and revel as it dripped out and down her thighs and the crack of her ass. Other times I would pull out and shoot off all over her lips and pubic triangle...she like to rub it in, like a lotion...said it was good for her skin.
"I'm cumming!" I cried. "In it or on it?"
"BOTH!" she said. Wow, I thought. She's never asked for that before. So I proceeded to fulfill the lady's request. The first two jets of cum went up her cunt and the last three went on her outer lips.
Lying back, exhausted for the moment, my body felt numbed by the orgasm I'd just experienced. In a short time I would revive and be ready for another round. Until then I...
I felt her mouth cleaning my just used dick...licking and sucking both our juices off my body. What a nice thing to do, I thought.
Suddenly, she threw her legs over my face so the we were in the traditional sixty-nine position, with her on top and, guess who on the bottom. LOL She took her mouth off me, smiled and looked at me and said,
"I'm gonna clean your clean out my pussy, Baby"
As I looked upward I could see her cunt in all its fresh fucked glory slowly descending toward my face. A rivulet of cum was oozing out and I realized I had to lick it off. Never having done this before I wasn't sure how to proceed, so I just did what came naturally...I buried my face between those outstretched legs and started to suck with wild abandon, determined to remove every trace of spunk from her protruding pudenda. Running my eager tongue up and down her slit and, finally, channeling it up inside her vagina to seek out every bit of liquid goodness in an effort to clean her out properly. I came to the realizatio that I was hooked on creampie. No matter that I was totally inexperienced in this form of post-coital play, the cum in and on her pussy was like nectar. I kept licking and sucking determined to get as much out of her and into my mouth as I could. This went on for about fifteen minutes when she announced, "Oh, God...I'm gonna cum again!"
Her body started to shudder and I knew she was in the throes of orgasm. "Cum in my mouth!" I said. Jamming her clit into my mouth I sucked it like it was a miniature dick. Licking and sucking her until her passion subsided, I noticed my flaccid member coming to life and understood I would be ready for anouther bout of intense sex very soon.
I spent the rest of the weekend fucking her pussy like a teenager and greedily eating all the cum from her after I'd orgasmed like a thirsty man goes to an oasis for water.
On the last day of my stay I told her how much I appreciated her introducing me to the pleasures of 'creampie' and she assured me the pleasure was all hers...LOL.
I inserted my key into the ignition as she leaned in the window for one last kiss. "Next time I drive down, do you need anything from Houston?" I asked.
"Just you and that fine dick", she replied. Smiling, she added, "Oh, yeah...and you might bring a movie!"
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9 months ago
Great story, reminded me of a girl I use to date. Please write more :)
3 years ago
Loved it!
3 years ago
love it!
3 years ago
Cream pies are great! :))
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
I eat my own creampie all the time, sometimes the next morning......women love it and many will tell you it's like licking their assholes.....if you do it, you own them for life and they will tell all of their friends too.......and it is fun to even eat anothers out.....
4 years ago
i love creampies and you guys should see my pile driver deep throat combo. ill upload my personal vids soon
4 years ago
Nothing better for me than eating a cream pie left by someone else!
4 years ago
Love creampies. FMF 3-some is beat, that way hubby and I both get to sample the sweetness
4 years ago
Wow! I think i either need to ask my wife if she wants me to do this or find a fwb girl that needs this!! Never done this so i need to see what all the fuss is about! Very hot story
4 years ago
Now thats what sewx is all about everybody has a great time thanks
4 years ago
It's the only way to show a woman that you're into anything. Everyone that I've run into love it and ask for more!
4 years ago
Gotta say, did this for the first time last week, my cum tastes gooooooooood.
4 years ago
Awesome! I love having my creampie eaten :)
4 years ago
I always had hair-pie but never cream-pie,
after reading your story yeah I'm gonna try!
4 years ago
Excellent...from one creampie lover to another