Working with "R"

Working with “R”(cont…)

She pushed her ass back towards me. So that my fingers slid in and out of her pussy. My fingers were slick from her juices and that sexy-squelching noise was driving me crazy! Her soft, round tummy rubbed against my dick. She continued smoking the joint all the while. Making it even sexier as she let out billows of smoke roll out or her mouth.
I let my free hand massage her chunky-ass, roughly. She began thrusting harder and turned her head to me. “You…(ungh!!)want some more…(Ooof)?” she panted. Her eyes were so sl**py and glazed. She almost looked as if she were about to pass-out!
Letting go of her as, reluctantly, I took the joint and had a deep pull off it. I held the smoke for a few seconds then pulling my fingers out her pussy. I flipped her onto her back, fell heavily on top of her, and smothered her mouth with mine. Blowing the smoke deep down her throat and my tongue as well!
I pulled back just in time as she coughed up the smoke and threw her head back into the pillow!
I raised up on my elbow and manoeuvred my rock-hard dick right into her pussy with a deep plopping sound!
“Ungh!!” she grunted as I plunged in and out of her. Her thick, thighs wrapped around my hips and her heels were buried into mine! I grabbed her hair in both my hands and turned her face to mine. We stared into each other’s eyes deeply and “stoned”, as we pushed our bodies hard against each other! Her tongue, darted in and out of her mouth and thrust into mine whenever she felt it touch my lips. I, in turn, sucked her tongue into my mouth and held it with my teeth. Flicking it with my own for a few seconds than releasing it again. R, dug her fingers into my shoulders and I pushed my dick in even harder! I could swear on a stack of Bibles that I hit the back wall and tapped her caustic bone!
Because, just then, her hips began to buck harder into mine and I felt that rush of hot, fluid, covering my dick, in her pussy! Her teeth dug into my shoulder and I chewed on her ear and throat!
Suddenly, we both, either rose up together, or, one of us f***ed it. To date, I’ll never know. But, we ended up in the seated position with her sitting on my dick. And me, cupping that big ass in my hands as we bumped, heavily against each other!
R,’s feet were flat on the bed and she used their leverage to push hard into me. We were passionately kissing when I looked at us in the mirror on the dresser-top. Her big-white-ass looked so round and heavy in my black-hands and the way her cheeks clenched as she humped my dick was too much to handle! My balls looked as if they were going to burst as R grinded her pussy on my dick!
I grabbed a handful of her hair and planted my mouth to hers. I came just as she did, again, and neither of us wanted to end that kiss.
Even with us both having just cum. We still kissed and stayed locked at the sex-bits like two dogs in heat.
When we finally parted lips, R was red-faced, sweaty, and panting like I knew I was too!
Her lips were parted and her breath came out in slow-heavy, sighs. I reached behind me and grabbed the water bottle and put it to her lips. She swallowed loudly and some it ran down her front. I licked at the trails of water, as they rolled down her puffy-pink-tits and sucked at the sensitive nipples gently.
She cooed, and took a big mouthful of water and pulled my head to hers. She put her mouth to mine and spat the water into my mouth! I swallowed it and devoured her mouth to get more of her taste into mine.
We both fell back onto the bed. She laying into my side with her big, sexy, leg d****d over my leg. I reached over and took the half joint out of the ashtray and relit it.
“This is nice.” I said as I handed her the joint.
R, pushed it away and pointed to my mouth. I took another big draw. Held it till I felt the light-headed, rush of the smoke. Then I put mouth to hers and, just as before, blew the smoke into hers.
We smoked like that until the joint was gone. Then we started fucking some more. After I had started to fondle her pussy and ass with my hand.
R, had developed an obsession with sitting on face during our marathon fucking! I’m not complaining at all! I loved looking up at her pale-pink, fleshy body as she grinded her muff, or ass, into my face! She sometimes would grab my hair and pull so hard I thought she’d taken out a lock, or two!
Once, after I had banged her doggie-style for a good long time. She turned around after I had shot another load into her. Then giving her pussy a wipe with one of the towels from the bathroom. She stood up on the bed, and walked right over to my face as I leaned back against the headboard.
She positioned herself so that she could lean against the wall just above the headboard and slowly lowered her pussy into my face! I slid down enough so that I could see myself between her thighs in the mirror. As I licked, nibbled, and tongued her dripping-wet, pussy & pussy-lips. It was then I saw her looking over her shoulder at me doing it, too! She raised her eyebrows quickly and smiled that sl**py, totally-wasted, but still aware, smile at me and began swirling her hips like a “true-booty clapper” on a Rap Video!
I moved my mouth in rhythm with her movements and her legs suddenly stiffened and her ass-cheeks clenched! I stayed on her pussy as her her legs straightened. Holding onto that big-onion-ass for support! Then she grunted and squated down. The juices flowed all over my face in warm rush and she slowly, slid herself down on me.
“You fucking kill me.” she said as she rested her head on my shoulder. She kissed my face and tasted her own pussy-juice.
Feeling her warm body against mine and the heat from her pussy on my groin. Was making my dick get hard again!
But, I decided to take my time.
Another hit of coke was due. After that, it’d be my turn to work my fetish out on her! I had her put out a couple of lines and we got into it, again.
Just as before, only this time I paid a lot of attention to that big, luscious, ass!! I treated her to know what it was like to have her ass truly worshipped by a real-Ass Lover!!
We went the whole night and barely got out of the hotel on time! Not that we would have minded another night, but we both had lives to go back to and we’d see more of each other at work, anyway.
R and I, got together a couple more time after that. But, as with anything, that first time in the hotel would always be the best!
She got married about a year after our little encounters. Left the bar and got ready for her new life!
She wanted me to come to her wedding, but I didn’t think that was right. After all, I was fucking the bride…while she was engaged to the groom!
Did we see each other after she got married?
Hmmmm…Let’s just say; “She hasn’t lost my number and I don’t block her calls.”
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