Sharing a bed with mum

When my Mum, s****r and I used to visit my Aunt we would often stay for a few days. It was a good few hours drive so we would just visit now and again usually for the weekend. My Aunt had 3 rooms in her house. Her own room where she would sl**p alone, her daughters room which had bunk beds so her and my s****r would sl**p in there. That left the spare room and a double bed for me and my mum.

In the winter time it was cold and not uncommon for me to cuddle into mum to keep warm. One night I woke up in the middle of the night spooning with my mum. Completely by accident my hand was between her legs. Not right on her pussy but right at the top of her thighs and I could feel her pubic hair brushing my hand. I could feel my cock get rock hard and as we were cuddled up close my cock was pressed hard to her ass. Her nightie had ridden up slightly and if it wasn't for my pyjamas, my cock would have been touching her bare ass.

I was in complete shock and couldn't move an inch. After a while I relaxed and mums legs opened slightly as she slept. My hand slowly moved between her legs and onto her pussy. My mum started to moan and gently grind her hips. She was definitely still sl**ping because she was gently snoring. Growing up me and my s****r had experimented a lot together and with my cousin and some other friends in the neighborhood. I had touched and licked pussy many times (my s****r, cousin and some other friends roughly about the same age as us) but this was my first time touching a woman's pussy. I spent most of the night awake gently grinding my cock against my mums ass and discretely playing with her pussy. This way if she woke up she would think I was just restless and not aware of what I was doing.

The next night when my mum fell asl**p I wanted more of the same. We were lying in our usual spooning position (me cuddling into her back and ass) but her nightie was too low. I ever so gently started to pull it up exposing her nice fleshy arse. To my surprise and delight her position shifted. She was lying on her back and her nightie was up round her waist, legs slightly spread. My hand went straight to her pussy, again very discretely as if I was just moving in my sl**p. It was not long after me and my s****r had moved on from just touching and licking. Now I was fingering her pussy and we had figured out the wonders of the clit together. I was starting to learn how to pleasure a pussy properly.

To start with my hand was just resting on mums pussy but soon enough I was rubbing my finger between her lips and she was getting nice n wet. She was now restless and moaning but I couldn't stop. I slid a finger inside her and she let out a deep sigh that sounded like pure pleasure. This was before I had ever heard of a g spot and I thought a guy just rammed his finger in and out. I was so engrossed in my mums pussy that it took me a minute to realise she was squeezing her breasts.

All of a sudden I felt her grab my wrist. I froze with shock and horror thinking I was in big trouble. I was wrong. Mum literally took my hand and started rubbing my fingers on her clit. Now she was thrusting her hips and rubbing my fingers hard on her clit. She was moaning and breathing heavily. I knew when she was cumming because her legs started to vibrate just like my s****rs did when I licked her clit to orgasm. Mum rode through the orgasm with her thighs now wrapped round my hands.

No words were spoke afterwards, she just pulled me close and took me in her arms. At this point I didn't even know if she was awake or asl**p. I knew about wet dreams so it was still possible she would wake up thinking it was a wet dream.

In the morning I heard her getting up and I opened my eyes slightly so I could watch her get dressed. Between that night and the next visit to my Aunts no words were spoken about it. I had no clue whether she knew anything about it or not.......................... Till our next visit

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4 days ago
What's wrong with people don't they enjoy an erotic story
2 months ago
My sister and a male cousin and I started having sex when we were teens. See my blog about how my cousin introduced me to the joys of bisexuality.
1 year ago
Great story. I can't believe so many people didn't like it !!
2 years ago
Hot. But tell us more about your sister.
2 years ago
Very very nice story
2 years ago
next visit?
2 years ago
2 years ago
Very hot
2 years ago