My Freshman Year of college part 4

Daddy stood...tall and imposing, his cock still erect and throbbing, glistening with our combined juices. Daddy then slid onto the bed beside me and softly called "Sammie ", in a blur Sammie leaped onto the bed as Daddy grabbed ahold on me and without effort pulled me atop him and quickly had me positioned so that his huge cock pressed at my puckered asshole..I shuddered and groaned aloud as he gently eased the huge head in, followed slowly by inch after throbbing inch of his cock," AWWWWw....Daaaddddyyyy....ohhhh goooddddd...." I babbled as his cock f***ed its way deeper into my churning ass guts.The intense combination of pleasure and pain sent jolts of electricity from my ass and cunt all over my thrashing body as I bucked and wiggled my hips trying to ease Daddy's entry.Suddenly Sammie was between my wide spread thighs and gave a thrust forward with her slim hips and I felt what must have been a strap on dildo slipping easily into my gushing cunt, the overwhelming ecstasy of both my fuck holes stuffed full had me cumming over and Daddy and Sammie began to fuck, one in while the other pulling out I was lost in explosive orgasmic lust..and thoroughly gave in to the pounding and bucking, thrusting and uncontrollable wanton lust..."UNNNNNnnffffffff....ahhghhghghghggggg....yyyyyeeeeeesssss...." I babbled and cried out as Daddy hammered my packed ass with increasing speed, Sammie,now lying atop me drilled my greedy twat relentlessly,as she grabbed my hair with one hand,tearing my head backwards and crushing her mouth to mine,between both our heaving gasps for air she would slither her wicked tongue into my mouth, her other hand pulling f***efully at my raw,hard nipples....I lost all control it seems and let one massive orgasm after another rocket my entire being....Both Daddy and Sammie grunted and growled as they hammered my aching twat and ass relentlessly, then Daddy growled "Sammie..its your turn"....Sammie stopped,her pixie face twisted with raw lust as Daddy withdrew his hardness from my ass and as Sammie wiggled slid roughly into her ass "Unnnnfffffff....deepppppeeerrrr Daddddyyy....." she mewed ,lifting up and slightly backwards,her own "cock" still buried deep in my Sammie tugged and pinched her hard nipples I felt Daddy grab a hold of her hips and trust hard and deep, with every forward trust Sammie slammed deeper into my sloppy cunt, both Sammie and I were cumming over and over as Daddy hammered her ass...hard and fast Sammie's ass was drilled,and Daddy soon began to bellow...."NOW SLUTS.....USE YOUR FUCKING MOUTHS"....Sammie effortlessly sprang aside and was quickly mouth fucking Daddy's fully engorged fuck pole,I moving too slow for Daddy was quickly seized by my neck and chocked while being guided face first to his loins...I struggled to breath and sputtered as he told ahold of his massive cock and jammed it f***efully down my throat,his constricting hands released and I sucked in deeply, both air and cock...rising quickly so that Sammie now was cock stuffed...back and forth we both stroked furiously his throbbing cock "good fuckingggg sluttsss.....gonnna...aaahhhh....gonnnaaa....ahhhhhh" Daddy howled and with a sudden blur was now standing bedside furiously jacking his slippery hard cock with one giant hand and with the other hand yanked us both by our hair so that both our mouths were open and greedily awaiting Daddy's jizz...."AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..............." Daddy howled as his cock began to explode, spraying both of us with his sweet cock cream....and as Daddy finish he turned and strolled away as Sammie and I greedily licked,lapped and slurped off one another Daddy's jizz..."Sammie...clean the both of you up and get rested....tomorrow promises to be a most ....rewarding day..." Daddy said as her left the room...and as I gave Sammie a puzzled...she smiled and whispered..."Wait til you meet Cloe...."....(Much more to cummmmmm)
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2 years ago
we loved all four
2 years ago
Can't wait to meet Cloe!!